Metagore, The Battle For

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Darius receives a shipment from the kingdom of Ajia.

Chapter 59 (v.2) - Flashing Fever

Submitted: April 27, 2017

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Submitted: April 27, 2017



With the war raging on and having no knowledge of the status of his knights, Darius revisited the forge deep in the iron veins of Mount Dumas. Though he wasn't the one constructing the behemoth weapons he had envisioned, he was still determined to make sure they were built to his prints correctly. Any obscured changes could be catastrophic and would delay the completion of the weapons---wasting the workers and Darius' time and money.

"I still don't see the point in havin' these vessels so large," the forgemaster spoke to his lord. "We will soon have to start movin' the parts that we've already made to Farshaddow so that we can finish with their completions."

Darius glanced over the ironworkers as they banged away on the metal, then turned his attention to the cyclops. "It's not your job to grasp the concept of my weapons. It's your job to oversee and make sure that they are made to my specifications."

"I understand, m'Lord, but-"

"But nothing," Darius scowled. "And what's this talk about moving the weapons to Farshaddow? I want them created here, close to the kingdom."

"I am aware, m'Lord," the forgemaster grumbled as he wiped the sweat from over his lone eye. "We would have more room to work in Farshaddow, and less traffic. I have already secured a piece o' land just before ye reach the docks---maybe a half day’s journey on foot, quicker on horseback."

Irritated at the potential delay in his plans, Darius accepted the fact that there was little that he could do about the situation. His red eyes squinted in exasperation as he nodded. "Fine, do what you have to. Just know that I'll deduct a gold piece out of everyone's pay for each day that you all are set back."

"I understand, m'Lord."

Darius left the veins and headed back towards his manor. While he walked the dark, stone streets of the city, his marquess found his way to him.

"My Lord," Lucius greeted him. "Three Ajirian ships are pulling into the docks as we speak."

Darius glanced towards the eastern wall of the city as a smile grew on his rough face. "So Princess Abelia has finally arrived."

"Was you expecting her, my lord?"

"Aye," the large demon responded as he looked back at his marquess. "I sent word to her queen for the need of some resources. Now, we mustn't keep her await."


Darius and Lucius made their way towards the docks in Parele, just east of the city. As they approached, three large ships could be seen sitting in the port. The vessels were mostly hollow with a giant sail in the middle, topped with a purple flag with an insignia of a golden cross. Two of the ships were weighted down with a shipment of clay jars, while the other was the size of the first two combined, and was the royal ship for the queen of Ajia and her family.

Approaching the two demons was a young dryad surrounded by ten men. Her body looked withered and fragile---not holding any beauty that Darius had imagined the Princess of Ajia to have. To each of her sides there stood an incubus---their wings raised to shelter her from the scorching sun---and in their hands, they waved large leaves, trying to keep the princess cool. Walking in front of her---one on each side---two elves held large urns as they splashed water onto their princess' cracking skin. Leading the dryad and her servants were four ogres dressed in light armor and carrying large spears.

"Princess Abelia, it is an honor to meet your acquaintance," Darius greeted the dryad.

"Lord Darius," Princess Abelia said with a sniff of disdain. "We bring a thousand containers of osami ess from our queen."

"May we have a look?" he asked politely, while the princess just rolled her eyes as she motioned for them to go on towards the ships.

Lucius followed his lord onto one of the smaller ships, staring strangely at the clay jars. "What's osami ess?"

"Translated it means 'flashing fever,'" Darius answered as he opened one of the containers. He stuck a few of his fingers inside the jar---feeling the dense, oily liquid inside. He pulled his hand away from the pot and sniffed the potent odor on his fingertips.

"I'm not familiar with any flashing fever," his marquess spoke in a confused state.

Darius closed the jar, then glanced at Lucius. "You don't have to be familiar with it. Just know that it will help win this war---and many more to come."

Lucius continued to stare uncertainly at the jars, then back at his lord. The two demons exited the ship and made their way back to the hideous princess.

Growing unpleasant from the heat, Princess Abelia spoke, "Let's talk about payment. My queen has set the price at a yellow chip per barrel of osami ess."

Lucius' eyes grew wide from unbelief. "That's ten dragon pennies!" he exasperated.

With a slight bow and a subtle tone of voice, Darius responded, "That is fine."

"My Lord," Lucius bluttered as he placed his hand on the back of the large demon.

Darius' brow furrowed, and his nasal cavity flared up. "That is fine, Lucius." The demon lord turned his attention back to the feeble princess. "The coins are at my manor for the pay-"

"Then what are we waiting for?" the dryad hissed. "I want to get out of this wretched heat."


Once they had arrived at Darius' manor, he went to gather the coins, while Princess Abelia and her servants waited in the hall accompanied by Duchess Ky.

After retrieving the dragon pennies, Darius returned to the hall where Ky and Abelia were sitting across the table from each other---both wearing a face of discontent. Darius tried to lighten the mood as he approached. "I see that you have met my duchess."

"I have," Abelia stated viciously. Her eyes narrowed as they focused on Darius' scarred filled body. "She mentioned that you two were going to have an offspring."

"That we are."

The snobby princess scrunched her nose in disgust as she crossed her arms. "Mutts and bastards are frowned upon in Ajia."

Darius grew tense, trying to keep a professional composure. He took a quick glance at Ky, then back to the dryad. "Good thing this isn't Ajia," he said in a spiteful tone.

"Maybe for your seed."

Darius stood firm before the princess. His whole body slowly numbing from the tenseness. Gritting his teeth together, he slammed a cloth sack---which he had brought in with him---onto the table. "Here's your queen's pay."

The dryad opened the bag and check the coins before handing it to one of her guards to carry. "Queen Aerea will be pleased...We will leave the cargo ships for you as a token of our appreciation." She turned to her servants. "Let's hurry and leave this scorching wasteland before we catch a plague from it," Abelia sassed as her servants accompanied her across the hall to a set of double doors, where two Senturian knights stood guard.

As they exited the room, Darius spoke loudly, "One of your fan serfs needs to make sure to sweep up your withered bark off of my floor on the way out."

Abelia's jaw dropped open as her head twisted around towards the demon lord. "I beg your pardon?"

"This is the princess of Ajia you are demeaning," one of her guards spoke, trying to protect the namesake of the royal family.

Darius' posture and attitude quickly shifted from professional to sinister. "This is Sentries---and here, I am lord, and you all are foreigners," he spoke in a backbite. "I'm just glad that you all don't look like your hideousness. Otherwise, I would think that somehow I got lost in Black Rain Forest with all of those rotted trees."

"And yet you chose to remain in this desolate hellhole with your pregnant whore," Abelia responded, still in shock by the outburst from the filthy being in front of her.

"Honestly," Ky chimed in, unable to sit quietly any longer, "I'm glad that my mutt of a bastard child will be becometh and won't bring shame and ill fortune to us---unlike you for your incestual parents."

"The nerve you have-" one of the princess' guards began but was interrupted by the large demon.

"Guards! Remove these disrespectful afterlings from my kingdom."

The two guards closed the doors to the hall, and---accompanied by four more guards---escorted the Ajirians to their ship.

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