And so it began

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A girl gets put under a spell by something that is anything but angel like, but when he see's her he decides to spare her and even start a relation ship, but questions start to come up because his past is unknown.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - And so it began

Submitted: July 08, 2010

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Submitted: July 08, 2010



Clubs are not my thing, but when my best friend Abie since birth cornered me in the hallway, waving a thick envelope bearing the strange mark of a club that sat on the outskirts of our small town, I couldn't even get the words out before she was planning our outfits for the night. 

I went to my dorm pretty soon after that with an uncomfortable feeling in my gut that seemed to be building throughout the day. I had dinner, took a bath and just as it came the feeling of dread began to subside. I picked out a short black dress that clung to my body like a glove, I knew I would look better than Abie. she still had the body of a young teen, while I had the desirable curves of someone my age. Our attitudes where quite the opposite, I was always in the background while she proudly took center stage. 

I waited for Abie outside of the club for about 20 minutes before she actually showed up, she was laughing and on the arm of one of the frat guys from another house, her hair was a mess and he dress wasn't on straight.

"Kate, I'm so late, sorry we got caught up."

they both laughed, obviously drunk and we walked inside.

The club was very dark with red and black being the obvious theme, I went the bar and ordered a water, while they danced.

I sat at the bar staring at my phone for a while, before I felt eyes on me, I looked around to see if I could find the eyes burning into my back, but everyone around me was hypnotized by the music and the strong drinks.

Eventually I lost side of Abie, and I wandered around the club, I saw that on the far wall opposite the door there was a narrow hallway, I walked forward and a man appeared in front of me, his face more than partially covered by the darkness.


I nodded, I didn't even need to use the restroom, but I didn't want to be caught being nosy and I walked down the narrow hall

"Don't get lost."

He smirked and joined the masses and positioned himself near another man on the wall to keep watch.

“Go down the hall to the last door on the left.”

I walked down the narrow hallway, it was lit by red candles, that looked like little red demons, licking the walls, and dancing to a song that the devil sang to them.

There was no sign on the door and I knocked quietly.

“yeah.” A man's voice said.

His voice sounded smooth and and sultry almost like a low growl, I was instantly soothed, like his voice was sinking into my veins, calming me.


He may have only said a word but I could hear him talk forever.

The..guy told be the bathroom was this way. I sputtered quietly, my voice barely above a whisper I'm sure, but It sounded like my voice was bouncing off of every wall.

“come in.” he whispered back.

I knew I had no business going in, because even if I was looking for the bathroom this wasn't it, but I wasn't in control of my body and I walked right in, I slowly closed the door and before I could turn around I felt his chest against my back, I stepped back and he mirrored my movements, I moved to the left he moved to his left.

I turned around and he looked at me, I could feel his every movement, he was so close I could smell him. He smelled sweet.

“leave.” he said.

"I can't" I whispered feeling vulnerable yet completely unafraid.

He leaned against me gently, I could feel his breath on my neck, and in an instant he was across the room.

"get out" he said it angrily his voice barely a whisper

I opened the door and stepped into the dimly lit hallway

The man from earlier stood their creepily smiling

“Get out while you can....before he changes his mind.” 

I turned around to see the man from before still partially covered by the darkness his white teeth stood out harshly in the low light. 

He started to laugh and I ran. 

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