"She studies her face in the mirror."

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A girl's life is over as she knows it. fighting who she is and what's she's become she makes a mistake that she will have to deal with for the rest of her unnatural life. As she finds a way to balance it all everything falls apart just as quickly and swiftly as it all came together.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Change.

Submitted: December 03, 2012

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Submitted: December 03, 2012



Finding herself along the way.

As she studies her face in the mirror she doesn’t recognize the monster before her. Fear and anger rip through her body and the thirst she feels deeps inside her heart can’t be taimed. She will spend the rest of her unnatural life looking for the culprit; the man that placed this curse on her life and all she touched. The burning that she felt inside her would be a permanent reminder that she was something the world at every turn was rejecting. As she walked into the sunlight she felt hope and all at once it came crashing down. As she stand in the streets soaked in her own blood a little boy cries to his mother about the monster with no soul.

His cold words echo in her mind and she looks for a way out standing in the alleyway. She sees a piece of glass and an opportunity, she scrapes the sharp glass along the inside of her wrist and as she starts to bleed; an adolescent habit that always brought her comfort laughed at her now. As she dug the shard deeper into her vein her super natural body healed it. Disgusted by the betrayal of her own body she ran through the streets ignoring the honks and curses of all the humans that get to go home to their families at the close of every day. All the way to her parents’ house where she grew up and what was left of her humanity cried out and mourned the loss of her soul

I saw the lights switch on in my parents’ bedroom and the footsteps in the hall. Although I wanted to see them to say goodbye for the last time, I stopped myself. I didn’t answer my father’s hellos. I walked through the back yard and sat by the pools edge. I dove in and sank myself to the bottom. I let out a desperate scream thankful they couldn’t hear me. After sitting down there for what it seemed like forever. I took a towel off the line and dried myself off. I heard my brother’s car pull into the driveway and I made my way to the front of the house and hid behind the bushes. I saw him kissing a beautiful girl with hair glowing the color of honey in the pale night. She kissed his neck and I could feel the blood being drawn from his body.

The needs to protect my little brother overpowered me and just as I was about to lunge at the blond tramp. I hear him tell her.

“That’s enough for tonight.” She pouts and he ignores her. She runs towards the street and into the night. My brother licks his finger and brings it to the bite on his neck, the blood clots and the wound heals, he cracks his neck and walks to the front door as he starts to unlock the door her turns around and for a moment I thought he heard me. I go back to the backyard and plop myself into one of the lawn chairs as I’m sitting with my head in my hands feeling sorry for myself. I hear the screen door open.

“You know it would be safer for you and them if you just stayed away.” Daniel said to me with his usual discontentment.

“I can be here for them while they grieve you as they wonder what happened to their little girl”. The malice fell of his tongue like rain water falling from the sky and for a second I didn’t see my brother in the face of the man standing in front of me.

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