I'll Love You Forever *sequel to Is This True Love?*

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: December 15, 2011

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Submitted: December 15, 2011



Reagan and I hang out after school at Starbucks. After getting out drinks we find a table and talk. I think I found a new best friend. \"So, you look to me as if you're troubled by something. What is it?\" \"It's... It's nothing really.\" \"Aiden, it's best to share things that are troubling you. It can sometimes get rid of them.\" \"Talking to you about it won't bring him back.\" I mumble. \"Talking about... Who?\" Reagan leans towards me. I sigh. \"Blake. He's my boyfriend... At the end of July he had to move away. He lives about three hundred miles away now. I haven't seen him since then.\" \"Aww, Aiden I'm really sorry. Is he going to visit you?\" \"Well, we're both sixteen, so he can't drive yet. So he'd have to pay for the train and the buses, as well as saving his money up for getting to college every day-\" \"Ah, I see. So, he can't afford to visit, and you're heartbroken?\" I press my lips together, fighting back tears.

When I arrive home, I pick up my phone that I had left this morning. I have a new message. Blake<3: Hey baby! Good news, I found some money under my bed and I bought a webcam. Go on Skype as soon as you get this message! I love you and I miss you so much, Aiden! I wish I was still there with you <3 xx Immediately I turn on my laptop. As soon as it loads up, I get on to Skype and call Blake. There he is. His beautiful face... I wish I could kiss it. \"Blake!\" I cheer \"Aiden!\" Blake brings up his beautiful smile. \"Oh my god, I miss you so much!\" \"I miss you too. I don't know how I've survived without you.\" \"Aiden...\" \"Yeah?\" \"Nothing, I... I wish you were here with me. I want to kiss you. I miss you unbelievably. My new school is boring without you. I want to go to college with you. I want to live in Emberwood again. This place sucks.\" \"Blake, you don't look so well.\" Blake's eyes are ringed with grey. His beautiful blue eyes look dull, so much that it almost hurts. \"Sleepless nights. I'm just really tired.\" he replies. \"Why can't you sleep?\" \"Well... Every day that I've not slept over at your house, I haven't been able to sleep. I manage to catch maybe a few hours of sleep every night.\" \"Aww, Blake! I miss you too much.\" A female voice calls from what sounds like the downstairs of Blake's house. \"My mum wants me for something, I gotta go.\" \"Bye, Blake. I love you.\" \"I love you too, Aiden. So so much.\" Blake's face disappears from my screen. Oh my god... Blake's missing me more than I'm missing him! He can't even sleep because I'm not there. A webcam isn't the same. I can't feel his hair, I can't hug him... I can't kiss him. I wish I could. I desperately want to. But I can't. I just can't. I can't see my boyfriend in person, I can't kiss him. I've been seperated from him, and that hurts too much. I need to relieve the pain. I make my way to the bathroom and take a blade from a razor. I push it down a little into my skin, move it a bit and pull it out. The flesh bleeds a lot. With each drop that emerges, the pain of Blake and I being apart is relieved. I push it down into my skin again, then again. I have three slices in my flesh, bleeding crimson blood. I wrap some first aid bandages around my wrist and take the blade into my room. I'll be keeping it here, where it is secret and safe.

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