Is This True Love?

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Aiden Oxley has never been in a real relationship, so even at 15 he doesn't even know his sexuality. When he meets Blake Williams, everything becomes clear. Is it to last, or will fate not be on their side?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Is This True Love?

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011



Hi, I'm Aiden. I'm sixteen, and I don't even know if I'm bi, gay or straight. I've never had a real relationship. Just the kind that primary schoolers and twelve year olds have. The ones were they're not really serious, they're just fun. I'm in my last month of year eleven, then I'll be out of this place, finally.

Sam, my best friend, and I leave the village of Emberwood on the bus, creeping down the road. Even though Emberwood is right next to Newhaven, the town our school is in, it's still a long way to walk. That's why this bus is always cramped. Plus, it's the only one that goes from Emberwood to Newhaven that isn't at a ridiculous time. The little beads of rain are dotted all over the window like shards of glass. Behind them I can see green luscious trees that hide the rivers and the forest. I turn round and see Sam texting someone. \"Abby\". Another girlfriend? Sam is always with a different girl every week. What a manwhore. I know how it works; Sam will hook up with some hot girl just for the sex, then he'll dump them before they get too clingy. He's always been a good friend, though. He just doesn't know how to treat girls. I mean, they have strong feelings, emotions, self consciousness... And boys always play them. Sam's brown mop of hair falls over his face, a sure sign that he can't see me reading the texts. Abby: Hey baby!x Sam: Hey Abby, what's up? Abby: I just got to school, I'm at the lockers. Meet you there?x Sam: Sure. Why?x Abby: Well, I have nothing to do tonight. What about you? Sam: Same, nothing to do. Abby: I think we should do something tonight;) talk about it at the lockers?x The poor girl's gonna be heartbroken when Sam gets bored of her. Well, they all are. I wait a couple of metres away from Sam and Abby. I can't hear them, but Abby is obviously being flirty. Sam starts to walk my way when Abby shouts to him, \"See you at eight!\" I shake my head at Sam. \"Dude, no offence but you're horrible.\" \"What are you talking about?\" Sam says as if he was stupid as we turn the corner on our way to english. \"One of these days you'll realise how much you hurt these girls. You're just using Abby for sex, then when she gets boring or you find something you don't like about her, you'll end it.\" \"C'mon, Aiden. I'm sixteen, I'll do what I want.\" Sam walks off to his English classroom as I open the door to mine, followed by a few classmates. Eventually, everyone here. Until one more person walks through the door, who I've never seen before. Who is he? I have no idea who the heck he is, but something fascinates me. He looks like a really cool guy. His hair is a black straightened mop, similar to mine although I have red tips. His eyes are a shade of blue I've never seen on anyone before. The kind of blue my art teacher would be all over. I so want to hang out with him. It's like when you see someone who seems really cool, and you just think how much you would want to be their friend. Or... Am I liking him? No, that's crazy. But... Why is it crazy? I don't even know my sexuality. I've never liked a dude before! But I've never liked anyone before in that way. GAH! Me, stop arguing with me. The new guy gives Mrs Goulding a note. \"Oh, everyone, we have a new student today!\" she exclaims, , \"Go and sit over there next to Aiden. I think that's the only spare seat.\" Oh. Shizz. The new kid, the one I think is really cool, even kind of attractive, is coming to sit here. Next. To. Me. Wait, it doesn't mean anything that I just said to myself that he's attractive, right? I mean, girls know what a pretty girl is, so guys know what a hot boy is...? \"Hey,\" Oh wow. His voice is deep and it sounds kind of sexy, \"I'm Blake.\" His name suits him. \"H-hi.\" damn you, stutter, \"M-my name's Aiden...\" \"Cool. Hello Aiden.\" He says. Blake talks in such a cool relaxed way. \"So, um. Why'd you move here?\" \"My dad had to move here because of his job. He was transferred here, and I've never even heard of this place.\" \"Well, w-welcome to Newhaven!\" I talk so nervously. He must think I'm a loser. \"Actually, I'm living in Emberwood. Y'know, the village near here?\" \"Oh my gosh! Me too!\" I smile. He smiles back. Oh my... His smile is just... Words can't even describe it. Yeah, this guy was one of the coolest people I've ever met.

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