I'm Running into Fire

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17 year old Ailee is the least bit thrilled when her mother remarries, but she's forced to deal with her arrogant step-brother who has a secret life of his own that he's trying to conceal. As Ailee slowly begins to fall in with the wrong crowd, her rivalry with her stepbrother begins to develop into something far more meaningful, but at the same time , something that is far more dangerous.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - I'm Running into Fire

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Submitted: November 09, 2013



Isn’t ignoring and badmouthing bad guys what a real man does?...Don’t compare yourself, who is like a parrot, to me”. (B.A.P- No Mercy)

I lifted the silky poster from the card board box that had been sitting on my bed. After juggling the poster in one hand and then yanking one of the strips of tape from the rim of my lip, where I had been using it as a temporary holding place, I managed to tape the last poster on to the wall. Once the poster was securely sticking to my wall, I took a step back and allowed a deep sigh to escape from my mouth because I was finally done packing.

I positioned myself in the center of my room and found myself spinning in a small circle as I studied the surroundings of my room. The walls had recently been painted a pale, creamy color that gave the room a sunny, tranquil appearance that had the ability to reassure any who set foot in the room.

My bed was stationed in a corner of the room with my two starch white dressers on the opposite side of the room, also positioned against the adjacent wall. With the furnisher against the walls, there would have been a large empty space in the center of the room if it hadn't been for the heavy, fur rug that was covering the floor. The rug was designed with several shapes that consisted of various colors that gave this tropical feel to it. It wasn't my taste, but the rug was on the floor when I had first moved into the room and I wasn't sure if I was allowed to move it or not, so I l didn't dare touch it.

I was thankful that they had repainted the walls in my room to a color that wasn't pink. I had been against the move and the only thing that had made my agree to it was when my mother's promise me that the walls in my room wouldn't be pink like they had been back at my old house. I hated pink, it was too big of a stereotype for girls, and I tried to break free from stereotypes as much as I could.

The curtains covering my window caught my attention. I made my way over to the window and took a seat on the window seat. My room was located in the front of the house, which gave me a full view of the front yard and the driveway. I caught a glimpse of Dan's green, pick up truck parked in the center of the drive way. A second later, he lifted his head out from behind the back of the truck and was carrying two card board boxes in each hand.

Dan was a man who was in his early forties. He had rough, blonde hair that was aligned on his had in a strange manner that resembled the way porcupine wore their fur on their backs. Even from my bedroom, where I was secretly spying on him, I could tell from a far that he was extremely tall. He was a little over six feet tall and because I was barely five foot five I always had to look up at him whenever I spoke to him.

Dan had olive, tanned skin and a thin beard that gave his face this manly appearance. Dan was extremely muscular and had an athletic body, and when I say he's muscular, I mean he's one of those guys whose muscles are so large, their muscles appear as though they're going to burst the next time he flex them. I was certain that this was one of the reason that my mother had married him, but if I were to ask her this, she would insist that it was for his personality. I knew that was a lie, she was a woman and thing's like facial and physical features couldn't avoid any girl's attention, despite what they might be searching for in a man.

Dan was the Sheriff for the town police force and he was a guy that was well-known throughout our community. I felt a little strange secretly staring at him and I was preparing to look away when I caught a glimpse of my mother as she made her way into my field of vision. She approached Dan, taking one of the boxes that he was holding from him, and gave him a peck on the cheek.

The gesture made me shiver for a moment as it became a reminder that this was reality. So....this was really happening. My mother had actually remarried and here I was living in a new house with them as they were preparing to start their life together. The thought sickened me for a moment and I tried to repress the thoughts of unhappiness from my mind.

I didn't believe that she was really in love with him. Throughout my childhood, I recalled her dating dozens of men and countless times, instead of being her daughter, I would be forced to play the role as her counselor whenever she would come home crying. I would have to sit beside her and comfort her, reassuring her that everything was going to be alright, sometimes when I was as young as eleven years old. I remember some of the men she had dated had been real losers, especially this nut named Seth, but she continued to date them, and then when she broke up with them, she would start all over in her search for Mister Right in a society where he did not exist.

Though, my mother was a really good person and after years of having her heart broken, reconstructed and broken again, she had finally found a man that could treat her the way she deserved. She had dated Dan for about a year and then they had recently gotten married a few weeks ago.

I was yanked from my thoughts when I realized that Mom and Dan had spotted me. Through the glass of the window I spotted them both flash me warm smiles and they began to wave up at me in a friendly gesture. In stead of returning the gesture, I moved away from the window and took a seat on my bed.

I knew that if I would have waved or smiled back at Dan, then he would have been under the impression that I liked him. It wasn't that I didn't like Dan, because in truth he was a really good man for my mother, but I couldn't trust him because he was a man. Having been exposed to my mother's relationship and the way so many men hurt her and took advantage of her, I think this has caused me to develop a cynical generalized view towards all men that they were all monsters.

I grabbed my cell phone from off the foot of my bed and began skimming through my list of contacts. Before we had moved, I use to live right next door to my best friends Tiffany and Jessica, but the move had increased the distance between us by almost fifteen blocks. I was fortunate enough that we had moved to a house that was still in my old school district, which meant that I could still go to the same school, but I was a little heartbroken of not being able to live next door to my two best friends. We did everything together and I knew it was going to be hard to adjust to this.

There was a soft knock on my bedroom door that lured me from my thoughts. I glanced at the door and sat up on my bed, just as the door slowly inched open. My mother walked in, wearing a warm smile on her face as if she had just recalled something amusing.

“Wow, you have the room looking nice,” she said as she entered the room, scanning everything in a single glance. “It looks really nice, Ailee.”

“Sure,” I said taking my head phones from out of my book bag. “It's okay, I guess.”

My mother quickly picked up on how little interest I had in conversing with her because her smile immediately slipped from her face at the sound of my voice. She invited herself to take a seat on my bed next to me.

“I know this is hard to adjust to but I-,”

“I'm not complaining mom,” I said interrupting her almost immediately. “I haven't utter one bad thing since we came here.”

“You don't...,” my mother's voice trailed off and he glanced at the floor as if she were searching for the right words. “You don't look happy.”

I couldn't help the way I reacted because I was doing all of this for my mother and here she was trying to control the way that I was feeling.

“Fine,” I said allowing annoyance to surface in my voice. “I'll pretend to be happy.”

For a second, I threw on a forced smile and then rolled my eyes as I shoved my earplugs into my ears. My mother frowned at me and she was preparing to say something else when her voice was interrupted by the honking of a horn from outside. We both glanced in the direction of the window for a moment and when our eyes met she smiled at me.

“That must be Conner,” my mother rose from the bed and headed for the door. She froze and glanced over her shoulder at me. “Aren't you coming to meet him?”

“I don't really care,” I said glancing at my phone.

“Ailee,” my mother said taking a disappointed voice. “This is the first time that you're going to meet him. Come down and do it properly.”

“He'll meet me when he comes up,”

“Ailee,” said my mother while taking on her authoritarian tone that she didn't use that much. “You may not realize this, but you two really do have a lot in common. I want you two to get along..”

“Fine, we will.”

Dan's voice called my mother from somewhere downstairs. She glanced over at me, telling me to come downstairs and meet Conner, and then she made her way downstairs. I sighed, turning my music up to the max, using that as an excuse for not coming. I didn't have any intention of meeting Conner because I knew that we were going to be living in the same house, therefore us meeting was an encounter that was inevitable.

Throughout the entire year that my mother and Dan had dated, I had never once met Dan's son. I had been told by my mother that we were roughly the same age, seventeen, but I was older than him by five months. I was thrilled to know this much because that meant that I would be the one who was in charge of our relationship. We had never really met in person because whenever my mother had tried arrange a date with all four of us as a group, I would make up an excuse to get out of it and several times when I had been willing to meet him, Dan would come alone and tell us that Conner had other obligations.

Eventually, meeting became impossible because Conner had been selected to go on a trip to Rome with his class for a few months and as a result we had never met and he had missed his father's wedding to my mother. Conner and Dan's life hadn't really been affected by the move because we were moving into their house. The only thing that had changed was that they had received two new roommates.

I had never met Conner, but based on everything my mother and his father had told me about him, I was under the impression that he was some type of a genius. I had created the image of him in my head ans he was this dork guy, who wore glasses, had teeth that were the size of a horse's, and he had freckles scattered all over his face copletely distorting his appearance. He would certainly feel intimidate by someone like me because I was gorgeous to the eye.

I wasn't worried about our relationship because I already knew that I was going to be the one in control of everything. I flipped through a list of songs that had been programmed into my phone and began to listen to Teen Top's “Rocking”. I had managed to listen to the song about three times, since I had it on repeat, until I was interrupted when my bed room door flung open.

I sat up immediately, expecting my mother to enter, but I was caught off guard when a random teen I had never seen before entered. The teen was extremely tall, but the thing that caught my eye right away was his face. He was extremely handsome, sharing a face that belonged to those hot models and actors that made girls go crazy.

The teen had heartbreaking blue eyes and jet black had that was aligned intricately on his head. He had a round shape head and thin eyebrows. I couldn't believe it, but I had nearly gasped at the sight of him. It was strange to see someone so handsome in front me because a majority of the guys in Babyville were on the ugly or average side when it came to appearance.

He entered the room casually, scanning the walls and furnisher as though they were his own and had been moved in some odd way. I wanted to say something to him, but for some odd reason I found myself quietly, studying him the way most girls do when they're checking out a potential mate. He paused in the center of the room, locking his eyes on my rug for an unusually long time, and then looked up from the rug, forcing his eyes to lock on me. He was wearing a frown on his face that revealed his disapproval of my presence.

“You completely ruined a perfect room, don't you think?”

“Excuse me,” I said swinging my legs over the bed.

“This room..,” he said while studying the walls and the rug again. “It use to be mine...but they gave it to you when the new one was added down the hall.”

“Wait...,” I said nearly gasping from disbelief. “You're...Conner?”

The teen nodded at me and smirked in the process probably because my expression revealed that I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The image of the dorky younger stepbrother had completed been contradicted by the presence of the real Conner Bangtan.

“That's right, and I know you're going to be living here and all,” he said coldly. “But try to stay out of my room, I don't need you coming in screwing with my stuff. I never had any younger siblings so I shouldn't have to baby sit you.”

A flood of emotions quickly overwhelmed me because one minute I was awing over his presence and now he had the nerve to insult me as though I were some trouble making little child.

“What's your problem?” I said angrily, rising to my feet.

Conner towered over me by several feet forcing me to look up at him. There wasn't any doubt that he was Dan's son because they both shared the same height. I suddenly felt short and small in his presence, but I didn't let my height make me feel inferior.

“You don't have to lecture me about any of that,” I said angrily. “I wouldn't go into your crummy room, even if you asked me,”

“Just try to stay out of my way,” he said as he narrowed his eyes at me. “I don't need you to come in and interrupt my life,”

Before I had a chance to respond, Conner abruptly turned around and made his way for the door. He based for a moment in the door way, glancing at me and then the rug that I was standing on, and then he made his way out of my room.

For a moment, the sent of his strong cologne lingered, leaving proof of his presence because, to me, it didn't seem real. I couldn't believe it but...my new step brother was a real...jerk.

Mom had said we were just a like, but it was a comparison that I didn't seem to make any sense when we didn't have any similarities in us. Our first encounter had gone poorly and I wasn't just going to let him insult me and get away with it. There was going to be some pay back.


Author's Notes:

Hey guys, I know the first chapter is a little slow, but I really hope you'll stick around because I plotted this entire novel out in my head and there's a lot more twists and drama to come and it really is more than just another romance story. Also, this novel is a fictional creation of my imagination, but motivation for writing it was inspired by the Korean drama called “Playful Kiss”. Thanks :):)

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