I'm Running into Fire

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Tiffany and Jessica

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We can’t see an end but the future is bright, there are many chances because you are young. Let’s love each other, scream louder, FREEDOM! OH MY FRIEND! OH MY FRIEND! I will be your friend forever.” (Big Bang- Oh my friend)


When I arrived at the ice cream parlor, I entered the building that was typically crowded with teenagers and young college students. Ever since I could remember the town's local ice cream parlor had always been a hang out for the youth of our town. A majority of the adults avoided the parlor since they didn't like the idea of being surrounded by teens who were undergoing puberty and channeling desires that would be viewed as socially acceptable if they were acted upon. In other words, whenever their was a mob of teenagers, there was always trouble or drama which is probably why the adults didn't venture there too often.

The parlor was a small shop, with pale magnolia tile aligning the floor, matching the pale walls that gave a festive feeling to the shop. The tables were relatively small, since the shop had originally been designed half a century ago when small families were more common than the larger ones that had become more common in today's modern standards. Each of the chairs and tables in parlor were brightly colored, ranging from various shades of either green, pink, yellow, purple, or baby blue.


The air condition was always set to full blast, and even in winter the interior of the building was cold, e trying to maintain the cold temperature that was associated with deserts. Whenever I was at the parlor I always felt like it was summer. It didn't matter what the day of the week it was or what time it was on the clock, the parlor always had an atmosphere that made people feel as though the time was set in the middle of a summer night.


The second I entered parlor I was recognized everyone inside either from school or from somewhere in the community. I greeted a few familiar faces as I wandered through the crowded shop until I spotted Jessica and Tiffany sitting at a light green table in the corner of the parlor where we always sat every time came here. The table was cluttered with a tray of steaming chocolate chip cookies, several cups, and two bowls of ice cram that gave the impression that the pair had been here for awhile.

“Hey guys,” I said as I approached the table, sliding into my seat near the wall beside Jessica.

“Oh my goodness, Ailee! Oh my goodness...oh my goodness...oh my goodness,” said Tiffany in an ecstatic tone.

“What?” I asked with a warm smile. “What happened?”

“You're what happened,” said Tiffany, playfully shoving my shoulder with her long arm from across the table. “We were waiting for you so we could talk to Owen Daniels and his crew.”

“No, we weren't,” said Jessica bluntly. “Tiffany just kept saying over and over that she was going to go over there and talk to them, but we all know that when she does find the courage to walk over there , she's just going to walk pass him and go into the bathroom the way she always does.”

“Hey!” cried Tiffany. “I'm serious, I'm really going to do it this time,”

A grin that was formed by my amusement over the situation began to spread across my face as I recalled the many times Tiffany had done just as Jessica had said she would do. It was strange that I had two best friends that were completely different from on another. Tiffany was a tall, slim, girl with starch, blonde, wavy hair. Her complexion was constantly altering from pale to tan, choosing its shading depending on the temperature of the environment that she was sitting in. Her complexion's current state had caused her face to flush pink, due to the air conditioning that was freezing her into an ice statue the way it usually did when we were at the parlor for long hours.

She was on the gorgeous side, appearing to be a real life barbie doll, with the exception of her average height. At times she acted like a little kid, but her personality could best be described as zany and she always appeared to be energetic as though she had drank hundreds of cups of coffee all at once.

Jessica was the opposite of Tiffany, slightly more reserved and thought filled. She had long, dark curly hair that hung down from her head to her waist like a curtain she could wrap around herself at any time she choose. Jessica had large, blue, lucid eyes that always appeared to studying things with great intensity. She was average when it came to looks, probably being categorized as the least attractive person in our group, however I did think of her as being pretty.

When compared to Tiffany, Jessica was the one I went to more when I spoke to about personal issues and Tiffany was the one I went to when I wanted to have a really fun night.

The three of us had a really strange friendship. I was the mood maker of the group, and I needed to be present for the two to have any kind of fun. Usually when ever Tiffany and Jessica hung out together, they were less likely to be themselves and would sit in awkward silences even though they were suppose to be friends. Without me there to balance them out, their friendship with one another wouldn't be able to last because I was the one who held us all together.

I took one of the half empty drinks Tiffany had been drinking from and began to finish it off as Tiffany talked for awhile about how badly she wanted to go out on a date tonight. Whenever she was single, dating was always her typical topic of discussion. I listened to her as she spoke, though at times I found myself scanning the parlor, searching for the owner who I usually greeted whenever I came here.

The parlor was run by an elderly man named Dok, who had enough wrinkles in his fresh that made it appear as though it sagged from his skeleton and his skin were a baggy substance that we was wearing on him, resembling the way people wore clothes that were too big for them. He had starch white hair that was neatly folded up over his head to conceal the bald spot he had gained through years of hair loss. Dok was often working in the back preparing the orders with fellow employees. He was a friendly old man who, even though he would be labeled as an adult, a title that most teens didn't trust, was pretty popular among the teens in our town.

Dok only hired teens, which explained the reason that half the staff at the parlor were teenagers that I went to school with. I was scanning the staff, searching for anyone familiar when my attention was drawn back to Tiffany and Jessica who had mentioned my new step father

“So I heard Dan had a son,” said Tiffany.

I glanced over at Tiffany to find that she was staring at me, waiting for some kind of response to her remark.

“Yeah, we moved our stuff into their house today,” I then allowed a sly grin to slide across my lips as I quickly added. “And I sort of snuck out,”

“Your bad,” Tiffany joked, while taking a sip from a long straw that was in her in drink. “Your mom is going to go nuts,”

I laughed, slightly shrugging Tiffany's remark off as though it were of little importance to me. Jessica was quietly staring at me, as if she thinking of something that pertained to me, and a flash in her eyes revealed that she was preparing to reveal what was on her mind.

“Wait, Ailee,” said Jessica as she focused her intense gaze on me. “Didn't your mother mention Dan had a son?”

"Oh, yeah,” said Tiffany. “That means you have a new step-brother. Have you met him? What's he like? Is hot? How old is he?”

Tiffany began to bark dozens of questions at me the way a sergeant barks orders at a solider. The only gesture I was able to perform was my feeble attempt to open my mouth to answer her, but only to be silenced when she asked her next question. Her entire body slightly jerked as she eagerly asked each question. I held my hand up as though it were a stop sign and I attempted to silence her.

“Calm down Tiffany, let me answer the first question before you ask the next one.”

“Okay, answer them,”

Tiffany leaned forward placing her elbows on the table while resting her chin in the palms of her inclined hands as she stared at me eagerly awaiting for me to answer her questions regarding my new step-brother. A look into her eyes revealed that she was probably hoping that my new step-brother shared a resemblance to Prince Charming so that she could possibly date him. Tiffany had dated half the boys in our school and I was certain that she was searching for someone new to play the role of the lover in her life.

“So what's he like?” asked Tiffany, refusing to blink, perhaps from fear that she might miss something important.

I glanced from the eager Tiffany to Jessica who watched too, however her expression consisted of one that revealed curiosity instead of lust.

“Well, he's-,”

I glanced down at the table for a moment, trying to figure out the best way to describe Conner. I didn't want to emphasize too much on his appearance, out of fear that Tiffany would try to find some way to date him if she knew how attractive Conner was. I didn’t want her to come in contact with Conner because from what I knew so far, he was an arrogant, jerk and the last thing I wanted was for Tiffany to attempt to pursue someone like him when she needed someone who could treat her better. I decided to focus more on his personality when I described him to them.

“Well, he's a real jerk,” I quickly added. “He's kind of arrogant and really annoying.”

“A jerk?” said Tiffany. “What's his name again?”

“Conner Bangtan.”

“Conner Bangtan,” Tiffany repeated the name while glancing up at the ceiling, searching for something up there that only she could see. “I know the last name because of his father, but how come I don't know him. I've never even seen him at school.”

“Because Tiffany,” said Jessica with her eyes closed, while taking a long slurp from her drink through a straw. Tiffany and I patiently waited for her to swallow her drink and then she opened her eyes to complete her statement. “He's a genius, right? So he's probably in Region 1 at school. Those two sides don't mix, so of course we don't see him.”

The school we attended was Henry Lau High school and it was a school that was segregated, not by race, but instead by intelligence. The high school was divided into two parts, one side for the average and academically challenged and on the other side were the over achievers with high intelligence who had potential to enroll in universities such as Harvard or Yale. The school was divided in a way that made it difficult for students of opposite of intelligence to interact with one another, therefore a majority of the students didn't associate with the others.

Tiffany, Jessica, and I were in Region 2 at the school, where the other average kids took their classes, and had we never really met anyone from the smart side which was Region 1. I had never really thought about it until now, but it certainly explained why I had never encountered Conner before.

“Oh,” said Tiffany, “That's probably why, we've never seen him. What does he look like?”

The question caused my heart to sink for a second, catching me off guard since it had been the main topic that I had been trying to avoid. Tiffany stared across the table at me, blinking patiently, waiting for me to answer her question. I could have easily lied to her and Jessica, with little difficulty, but it wasn't in my nature to lie to my friends. We were extremely close and lying to them would be a gesture that would later haunt my thoughts.

I was opening my mouth, unsure if I were going to tell the truth or a lie, only to be silenced by the ringing of my cell phone. The melody from one of my favorite songs began to play, luring my attention inside my purse. I shuffled through the items in my bag, taking my phone out, causing the once muffled melody to become louder as I brought my phone out into the open.

“Who is it?” asked Jessica.

“I don't know,” I said as I scanned the caller ID, unable to recognize the number. I answered the phone, greeting the mysterious caller with a, “Hello?” that sounded as though I was uncertain whether or not it was appropriate word to use when I addressed the stranger.

“You're mother is really getting on my nerves, she wants me to go out and find you,” said a familiar voice. “She wants to know where you are and she wants you to come home,”

“Conner?” I said a loud, causing Tiffany and Jessica to lock their gaze on me. “How did you get this number?”

“It doesn't matter. You just need to get here, she's really getting on my nerves.”

Tiffany leaned over the table, causing the hem of her blouse to dip into her drink as she attempted to eavesdrop on my conversation.

“Don't talk about my mother that way,” I said angrily.

“Then get here and I won't have to,”

“You're-,” this was the only word in my comeback that managed to escape into the phone when I was greeted by the sound of the dial tone.

“He hung up,” I said while exchanging eye contact with Jessica and Tiffany. “That jerk!”

Tiffany casually lowered herself back into her seat, appearing disappointed that she was unable to listen in on the conversation.

“Why did he call you?” asked Jessica.

“My mom wants me home,” I turned my cell phone off and slide it back into my purse. “I think she's mad that I snuck out,”

“Come on Ailee,” said Jessica as she rose from her seat, preparing to leave. “We can walk you home,”

“No way,” I said, smiling mischievously. “I'm not ready to go home yet. Let's stay a little longer.”

“Alright, Ailee!” Tiffany cheered. “Our good girl has gone bad.”

Tiffany and I exchanged twin giggles while Jessica watched us hesitantly.

“Are you sure?” asked Jessica. “Won't your mom be mad?”

“I don't care,” I said while thinking about how she had married Dan without my consent. “I just want to have some fun,”  



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