I'm Running into Fire

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Jason

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"I was slightly startled at the thought of first love...My friends would scold me if they knew I was like this. I want this to be the first, I want to hide it, still tart like an unripe apple." (Hyuna ft. Ilhoon- Unripped Apple)


After spending another hour at the parlor, we had bought enough food and drinks to fill our stomachs to their holding capacity. I was convinced that if ate one more thing my stomach was going to burst or swell my belly to the point where it would give anyone the impression that I was pregnant.

The table top was covered with dozens of empty drink bottles and piles of plastic garbage that came with the food that we had ordered. Tiffany, Jessica, and I spent an hour talking, laughing, and joking as though we didn't have a care in the world. An outsider watching me would be under the impression that I didn't have a care in the world, but truthfully, in the back of my mind, there floated a haunting thought that caused me a small amount of anxiety when it reminded that the progression of the time that I spent outside of home I was putting myself in further turmoil with my mother.

My new step-brother had called me nearly an hour ago, warning me that my mother wanted me to come home and instead of being the obedient daughter that my mother wanted me to be, I had ignored him and even turned my phone off to avoid being disrupted. It had sounded like a good idea at the time, but I was quickly beginning to regret it and I was secretly wishing that I had went home right away when Conner had called me because now, not only was I going to get in trouble for coming home an hour late, but alone because I had went out without telling my mother or anyone else in the house where I was going.

“Alright, it's official,” said Tiffany. “I'm broke.”

Tiffany dropped her pink, wallet on top of the table in a limp motion. Jessica and I quietly laughed to ourselves recalling how all throughout the our time at the parlor, Tiffany continually insisted that she would pay for everything. Even when Jessica and I had showed her our money to prove that she didn't have to pay for us, Tiffany demanded that we put it away because she was going to be our host for the day. Tiffany was generous, a little too generous, when it came to money, probably because her parents spoiled her with just about anything that she wanted. Money was something that had little value to those who had an abundant supply of it and unfortunately, Tiffany was a victim of this concept.

“Well, hey,” I said. “We told you a hundred times that we didn't need you to pay for us,”

“I couldn't let you guys spend your money, no way! I was the one who suggested we come here,”

“Speaking of which,” said Jessica, as she began to gather her belongings together in her purse. “It's late and I should really head home. My dad will be angry if I come in late.”

I glanced out the parlor window to catch sight of a black sky that had somehow replaced the bright, blue sky that had been present when I had first arrived. I had already knew it was late, but I hadn't been expecting nightfall to come so quickly.

“What time is it?” asked Tiffany, who then answered her own question when she checked the time on her cell phone. “It's 9:45pm.”

“I should really get home,” said Jessica, rising from her chair and sliding out of the booth we were sitting in. “Do you guys want a ride?”

“Yeah, take me home.” said Tiffany. “I don't feel right being out in public and not having at least a ten dollar bill on me.”

Tiffany quickly began to groom herself, running her hands through her hair to straighten her already neat hair, as she prepared herself to step to outside into the public eye. Jessica watched her for a moment, transfixed on Tiffany as if she were day dreaming that she had switched places with her and she was the gorgeous blonde that guys seemed to linger behind. Jessica became active again in her own mind when she moved her gaze onto me.

“Are you coming with us Ailee?” asked Jessica.

“No, I think I'll stay here for another half an hour,”

“Are you sure?” Jessica asked hesitantly. “It's already dark,”

“She drove here,” said Tiffany as she rose from her spot. “There's no worries,”

“You did?”

“Yeah,” I said before I had a chance to think.

Tiffany and Jessica were aware that I had joined them at the parlor without my mother's consent, but they didn't know that I had walked here to the parlor on foot because I couldn't possibly take my mother's car without being seen. I wasn't sure why I had lied to them, but I think it was because I knew that they would refuse to let me stay at the parlor on my own and then have to make a fifteen minute walk home under a blanket of darkness.

It wasn't that it was dangerous, especially since there were very few crimes reported in our town of Babyville, but movies and books had created enough superstitions about being out alone at night. It didn't matter where you live, you could live in the country where the nearest house was five miles away, but for some odd reason movies had painted the image that being out alone at night was dangerous no matter where you were at.

Jessica and Tiffany would never let me put myself in that type of danger, but I knew that they were ready to leave and it didn't feel right to have them wait for me, especially when it would risk putting them in trouble with their parents. I already knew my mother was going to be angry with me and the last thing I wanted to pass my misfortune on to my friends.

“I'll be fine,” I said reassuringly. “You two go ahead and head home.”

Jessica watched for me for a second, worry hidden in her eyes, and was preparing to say something, only to be interrupted by Tiffany.

“Don't worry about her Jess,” Tiffany winked at me. “Ailee is a fighter. She can take care of herself. Now come on, let's go.”

“Text us later,” said Jessica.


Tiffany grabbed a hold of Jessica's arm and tugged her in the direction of the door. I watched them until they exited the parlor and disappeared outside into the darkness. I quickly scanned the parlor, denoting that there were still a few teens stationed in different booths that were spread out across the parlor. For the most part, the tiny restaurant was close to empty and wasn't as full as it had been when I had first arrived here. I didn't recognize any of the faces because most of them were college students that didn't have any ties to the generations that were younger than them.

I leaned back in my chair, glancing out the window into the darkness. I knew that my mother was going to kill me when I got home,which is why I was trying to stall as much as I could. I didn't want to return home, if I could even call it that since it wasn't really my home, because I wasn't ready for the new life that I was going to have to share with Dan and Conner. I knew it was a selfish way to think, since my mother’s marriage to Dan made her happy, but how could I be happy for her when I felt miserable myself?

For several minutes, I stared out the window into the darkness, losing myself in my thoughts. As I began to reflect on my life and everything that I had been through, it was as though I were floating away from the environment that I was in, not taking into consideration time, the people leaving the parlor, or even the sudden silence that had chosen to occupy the nearly empty parlor.

The parlor didn't technically close until eleven, but it was usually empty around this time of night because most of the teens had to be home by a curfew. I was so deeply invested in my thoughts that I didn't pay any attention to the young waitress as she cleared my table off, wiping it clean with a towel, and then she swept the floor around me, without making a single sound or breaking me from my train of thought.

My thoughts were shifting in all directions, from my mother, to Dan, to Conner, and then without my consent, into the past. I had probably been sitting so still, in a statue like state for close to fifteen minutes, when I was eventually dragged from my mind by the sound of a person sliding into the seat across from me.

I jerked, a reaction that was motivated by the startling realization that there was someone had taken a seat across from me without me even noticing, and I stared anxious at the unfamiliar face that was sitting across from me. The guy looked a little older than me, but not too old, he was probably in his early to mid-twenties at the most. He had dark black hair, that was slicked, intricately behind his ears.

I'll admit that the guy was a little attractive, he had square shape head, that added to his manly image, and bright blue eyes, that were hypnotizing when you looked into them. The young man was dressed in all black, with the exception of his blue jeans that were in the darkest shade of blue that existed. He wore a jacket and the atmosphere around us became polluted by the aroma of the heavy cologne that he wore.

“Sorry, I didn't mean to startled you,” he said quickly. “I just noticed you were sitting alone and thought you might like someone to join you.”

“Oh, no, it's nothing,” I said quickly putting on a heart warming grin, while consciously fixing my hair to make sure that there's was nothing wrong with my appearance. “I was just thinking that was all,”

“That's good, most people now a days don't spend enough time with their thoughts anymore,”

I watched his eyes closely, they were locked on me, then for a split second I caught him looking me up and down from across the table. My heart rate inclined as a flashback dragged me into the past to the day I was I had first met Seth and he had sat across the table from me in the same manner, looking me up and down from head to toe. I was reminded of when Seth had looked me up and down, which was completely inappropriate because at the time he was an adult and I was barely a teenager.

“Could you please not do that?” I asked.

“Do what?” he asked, baffled. “Looking me up and down, it really bothers me,”

After saying this, I immediately began to curse myself out in my head. I was finally able to get a hot guy to talk to me and I went and blew it by saying something stupid. I was half expecting him to get offended, call me a weirdo, and walk off, but to my surprise he actually sided with me.

“Sure, thing. Sorry,” he said nervously, running a hand through his hair. “It's a bad habit I guess. I was just about to leave and I noticed you were sitting here alone. I thought, 'Why is someone so pretty alone by herself?'”

If it were an extremely ugly, older male, who had said something like this, I probably would have been creeped out and a red flag would have gone off in my head, warning me to take off running, but instead, the stranger in front of me was extremely handsome and within my age group. His acute interest in me, had suddenly intrigued me, slightly causing me to let my guard down as I became wrapped up in the fantasy that someone so handsome in appearance might be interested in me.

“Oh, I was here with my friends, but they had to head home early,” I quietly laugh. “So to be fair, I started off here with people,”

“Nice,” he said nodding. “I'm Jason,”

“Ailee,” I said with a warm smile, trying hard to fight off the urge to blush, as he locked his heart-warming gaze upon me. “Sorry to ask, but how old are you?”

“Me? I'm twenty-two,” he then reversed my question. “How old are you?”

“I'm seventeen,” I quickly added. “But I turn eighteen in a few months,” Hoping that this extra information would compensation for the fact that I was still legally a minor.

Jason began to laugh in an amused way as he leaned back in his chair. He had such a beautiful smile, it was the kind that made you mirror his smile because it had the ability to make you happy.

“I'm just thinking about how freaked out you might be, talking to someone four years older than you,”

“What? No, way. We're just talking. What's so creepy about that?”

“No clue,” said Jason. “Aren't you scared though, being out here alone at night?”

“Why would I be scared?” I said slightly leaning forward as I began to take on a more flirtatious demeanor. I continually began to run my hands through my hair. “What's to be scared of?”

“I don't know,” he said raising an eyebrow. “It's dangerous outside at night.”

“I'm a dangerous girl,” I laughed immediately after saying this, as I began to think about how foolish I probably sounded. Jason quickly shared my laughter with me for a moment and it felt really good to laugh, especially with all the drama that was taking place at home.

“If you don't mind me asking,” said Jason, “What do you like to do for fun?”

“Well....anything,” I shrugged, unable to pinpoint a single activity. “I like to sing, run, skate...just anything, I guess,”

“From what I've seen, you seem pretty down to Earth,” he glanced over his shoulder at the few employees that were cleaning up the parlor and then leaned across the table to whisper in a tone that was only audible for my ears. “A lot of the people in this town are nuts,”

I leaned back and began to smile, laughing the comment over to myself. I was preparing to say something when my cell phone began to ring. I internally sighed, quickly checking the caller ID to realize that my mother was calling me from her cell phone. Jason watched me for a moment as I clicked ignore and shoved the phone back into my purse. I'll admit it, I felt slightly guilty about ignoring my worrisome mother's phone call, but it wasn't every day that I came across an attractive guy who was willing to have a conversation with me.

“Not going to answer it?” he asked.

“It's just my mom,” I said slowly. “I really should head home. She's probably worried and it's at least a fifteen minute walk,”

I quickly regretted mentioning that I was going to have to walk because a second after I said it, I already knew what Jason was going to offer me.

“Feel free to say no, but if you would like, I could give you a ride home,” offered Jason. I began to hesitate so he quickly added. “I mean, you don't have to, I know most people know better than to take rides home with strangers,”

“No thanks,” I said gently. “It's not that I think you're a rapist or anything...it's just I think better when I'm alone, but thank you for the offer.”

“No problem,” he said nodding respectively.

“But thank you, so much,” I said as I rose from the table and began to gather my purse. “It was really nice talking to you too.”

“Who says it has to end?” said Jason. “If I had your phone number, we could talk to each other again.”

My heart began to palpitate as Jason rose from the table, closing the short distance between us so that he was standing directly in front of me. He was taller than me and as he stood beside me I felt like he was an umbrella whose shadow was covering me. My thoughts began to race around in my head as I attempted to make sense of what it was that he was saying.

He was obviously interested in me since he wanted to keep in touch with me. As I watched him, I began to weigh the dozens of pros and cons that suddenly began to surface in my mind in a matter of a few seconds. Jason didn't seem like those perverted guys that you see in the movies that then stalk vulnerable girls around that they meet in bars or diners, but at the same time, I wasn't the least bit comfortable about giving my phone number to a random stranger.

“I don't know,” I said hesitantly. I barely know you,”

“You don't have to if you don't want to,” he said quickly. “I just thought you might like to keep in touch, in case we ever choose to meet again in the future.”

“How about this,” I said, reaching into my purse to grab my cell phone. “Give me your phone number instead and I'll call you whenever I feel ready,”

“That might actually be better,” said Jason.

He quickly recited his phone number and I programmed it into my phone, feeling much more comfortable having his contact information, rather than giving him mine. I felt as though I had a little more control over the situation, since I had his phone number and he didn't have mine. He didn't seem like a bad guy and to be honest, I was quickly infatuated by him and secretly wanted to stay in contact with him.

“You'll call me, right?” he said as we made our way toward the parlor doors. He held the door open for me and I made my way outside.

“Well,” I said looking up at the ceiling to create the impression that I was thinking. “I might...but only if I'm really, really, really, really, bored,”

Jason laughed as we stepped outside, into the embracing darkness, and we paused in front of the parlor's doors as the swung shut behind us. The temperature had dropped since earlier, causing a sharp breeze to flow through the air. Jason fixed his hair, while I adjusted my purse over my shoulder. We stood in front of each other for a moment, quietly staring at each other, not in a romantic kind of way, but the way you stare at someone who you know is going to have some type of impact on your life.

“Well, hopefully you'll get really, really, really, really, bored soon,” he glanced around, “Walk home safely,”

“You too...I mean...have a safe drive,”

“Thanks, your sweet,”

Jason began to walk toward the parking lot, glancing over his shoulder at me, and then he vanished into the parking lot. I didn't move from my spot on the side walk, until after I spotted his vehicle pulling out of the parking lot .The headlights bunched off the building, then onto the road as he drove pass me. I waved to him as he pulled off down the street and watched as his vehicle quickly became a tiny dot in the distance as he sped off.

I placed my hand over my jacket in the area where my heart was located and startled by how fast my heart rate was accelerating. It was strange because it had been a long time since I had felt this way about someone. There had been a lot of loser boys in our school that I had dated, but no one had ever made my heart race the way it was currently accelerating.

The hum of night time, a melody that was created by the wind and barely audible noises made by the crickets, began to fill my ears as I made my way down the sidewalk. My thoughts were on Jason and I was trying to figure out when would be the best time that I should call him. He was charming and even when I had accepted his number, I knew that I was going to be calling him soon.

As I walked down the side walk, I noticed that there was a vehicle driving down the street at an unusually slow speed. I paid it no attention, trying to ignore it as I recalled every movie I seen that foreshadowed something dreadful when a vehicle drove, slowly along the street at night time. I kept my head down, watching my feet, as if this gesture concealed in someway from the approaching vehicle.

I was caught off guard when the vehicle came to a halt in front of me. I was preparing to run, when the window rolled down and I was greeted by a familiar face.

“Get in the car,” said Conner Bangtan, angrily, as he glared at me from the driver's seat. “You're in so much trouble, right now,”


Author's Notes

Hello, my loyal readers, I'm sorry, for the major gap in the chapter posting process. My resolution for this year was to write more often, so hopefully I can update this novel reguarly. Enjoy!  

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