The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Guest Starring The Doctor

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The Doctor comes as a guest on the Daily Show to discuss his new book that predicts trouble for the human race.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Guest Staring The Doctor

Submitted: April 18, 2014

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Submitted: April 18, 2014



The world needs more people like Jon Stewart.”-Daisy Ink



“ paper...check...” I read a loud while reading off a list of things that I was suppose to confirm that were in place. “...pen...,” I peered around the corner of the hall that led onto the broadcasting set to see if the pen was stationed on the desk. To my dismay, the blue paper was present, but the pen that my boss was known to clutch in his hand while speaking was missing.

“No pen,” I said uneasily.

I flipped through the several papers that were stapled together on my clip board, searching for the name of the person who was responsible for providing Jon with his pen. I slide my hand down a long list of names that listed each person's responsibility and I was surprised to learn that Jon was the one responsible for his own pen.

“Looking for something?” I heard the well known voice say from somewhere behind me.

I turned around just in time to see Jon Stewart making his way down the hallway. It was Jon Stewart, I mean, the Jon Stewart. I had been his personal assistant for nearly three months and it was still hard to believe that I had been chosen to work as his assistant, making sure that everything he needed for his show was in place.

Jon was a man of average height, about 5'7 feet tall, and he towered over me by several feet. He had soft, crystal blue eyes that appeared to light up his face. His eyes were slightly sunken in his face, allowing his eye brows to create an intricate lining over his eyes. One thing that always caught my attention about his eyes was the fact that it did not matter whether he were smiling, laughing, or frowning, his eyes always appeared to have a sincere, heart-warming look in them.

Jon's black hair had several traces of gray merging together, providing him with the look of a well-defined man who had the experience of a wise, older man, but at the same time, he still maintained his youth, two privileges that not many people were able to possess.

He approached me, fixing his blue stripped tie that seem to stick out when compared to the color of his noticeable black suit that had become his uniform for the show over the years. Jon walked to the edge of the wall, peering around the corner at the audience that was waiting for him to come and begin his daily taping of The Daily Show.

“Mr. Stewart,” I said quickly, trying to inform him that his pen was missing from his desk. “You're-”

“Seems like a large audience tonight,” he said while still peering around the corner. “I hope Colbert isn't disguising himself again, wearing a black mustache and a hat. I had to keep from laughing, the entire filming of the show the last time he snuck in.”

“Mr. Stewart,” I said. “Your pen is-,”

“It's right here, Emily.” He said taking it from one of the pockets of his jacket. He brandished the pen in front of me for a moment, allowing me to see it, and then stuck it back into his jacket pocket. “Let's get this show on the road.”

Jon Stewart shook his head and shoulders, reminding me of the way a dog shakes water from themselves, and then he made his way from the hallway, stepping out onto the stage, causing applause to generate from the hands of the hundreds of eager fans who greeted him and were delighted by his presence. I ran my hand through my short black hair and peered around the corner as Jon walked in front of the audience, preparing to answer questions, before the taping was scheduled to start.

I was a big fan of Jon Stewart and his show in general. I had spent most of my teenaged years watching his show and he had unknowingly inspired me to become a reporter. I had graduated from college a few months ago, and I had sent out several letters to request an internship at various locations to gain some experience.

I wasn't expecting to get accepted, but I wrote a letter to Jon Stewart's staff, mentioning how I was a big fan of the show and the impact it had on my life, and then I wrote about how I was looking for a place to intern. I was overjoyed when, several months after sending a letter, I received a response by Jon Stewart himself, inviting me to come and work for him. It was a great honor to shadow the hero that I admired and loved.

I watched as he spoke for several minutes to several fans in the audience, causing the crowd to laugh instantaneously at the comedian's jokes. After several minutes elapsed, he made his way over to his desk that was centered on the stage and several producers and cameramen hurried by to prepare for the commencing of the taping of his show. The show was tapped at precisely six o'clock on the dot, but it never aired on television until later that night around eleven.

Within seconds, the audience became quiet, allowing the producer to count down for when the show would begin taping.

“3... 2...1.”

In the background the show's theme song played for a moment. I averted my eyes from the audience to Jon Stewart who was leaning, hunched over on his desk, frivolously scribbling on one of his blue papers while the audience began to cheer loudly, nearly bursting the ear drums of everyone who wasn't participating in their screaming.

Jon Stewart looked up abruptly at the camera as it began to panel in on him and he said in a loud voice. “Welcome to the Daily Show, I'm Jon Stewart! Today we have a really good show for you. Later on, we have a guest star, who is here to promote his new book. He's the doctor of all doctors, it's The Doctor.”

The audience began to clap, overjoyed by the fact that the doctor without a name would be here today to promote a new book that he had been writing. I flipped through my clip board, until I found an image of The Doctor. He was a peculiar young man who had a strange scientific ideology that resembled fiction.

Jon and a bunch of the other writers wanted to invite him onto the show to listen to him talk about a new book that he was writing about these strange creatures that he predicted would invade the Earth. He called them, “The Dalek” and to be honest, it all sounded fictional, but unbelievably, the strange doctor's books were flying off the shelves, causing drastic reactions from people across the country.

Stewart and several of his writers decided that it was important that we invite the man, who only went by the name “The Doctor”, to the show to get to the bottom of his book and question why he was so determined to get the people of our country in an uproar.

Author's Notes:

Lol, okay I have no clue why I decided to write this, but lately I've been watching a lot of the Daily Show and I just wanted to see what it would be like to actually write Jon Stewart as a character because he has such a great personality. So I randomly decided to write him, to practice writing characters, and for some reason I decided to make The Doctor from Doctor Who go on his show. LOL!! Two fan fictions in one. Anyways, I love both of these two, so I'm trying my best to write them as accurately as I can. 



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