The Fan Club

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - The First Meeting

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Sabrina practically dragged me through the hallways with a iron grip locked on my forearm. As she spoke about the club, I was literally fighting to get a word in to remind her that I needed to call my brother to inform him that I would be staying late. She didn't appear to notice and for some odd reason I felt as though I was being abducted as she dragged me down the hallway and a majority of my peers walked right pass us as though this was something that Sabrina would typically do.

I was relieved when we were close to the classroom because she loosened her grip on me, allowing me a moment to text Zach to tell him that I would staying an hour late to join a club. He responded immediately, texting. “Cool. C U then.”

Soon the hallway was nearly empty of everyone, except for Sabrina and myself. I wasn't sure how much further we had to walk and I was slightly caught off guard when I realized that we had arrived because Sabrina slide open a door of a classroom that was stationed at an odd angel.

With a gentle nudge, the way a parent pushes their uncertain child into a group of strangers, Sabrina slightly pushed me into the classroom. I walked into a classroom that was most likely an Art Room because there were traces of art supplies stationed on wide tables in the back of the room and there were several paintings, sketches, and decorations covering every inch of the walls in the classroom. There were orange curtains that covered the windows, providing the room with this orange, gloomy color. The aspect that made the room slightly different was the fact that the desks were gathered in a circle, facing one another in a round shape, which contracted the typical row and column structure of most classrooms.

As I stepped further into the classroom, I noticed two things that caught my attention. The first thing was how unusually warm the temperature of the room felt. My eyes were drawn to a small stove in the back of the classroom that was most likely used for the art students when creating pottery. The second aspect that caught my attention were the two other students in the classroom.

The first person was a girl who was lying on top of one of the empty, long tables towards the back of the room. She was lying on her stomach, with her face pressing against the surface of the table and her arms and legs danging over the edges. She was thick in regards to her body composition, but I personally wouldn't classify her as being over weight. She had long dark hair with frayed edges that were a clear sign that she was either constantly twisting her hair by the roots or chewing on it to feed a nervous habit. She had a round face that was inflated like a balloon and showed no signs of life, with her eyes tightly shut closed and her body lying motionless on the table.

The second person actually surprised me, not by their appearance but because they were a boy. I was under the impression that each of the members in this club were female. The teenager was obviously among the group of nerds and geeks based on his appearance. He was sitting on the rim of one of the desks, but quickly slid off the desk onto his feet upon our entrance.

The boy was a tall, lanky teen with dozens of pimples scattered across his face. It was as though his skin began with a single pimple and then that one pimple decided to form a colony until it successfully converted every trace of visible skin on his face into a bright red bump.

The boy's hair was parted in the center, allowing his thin brown colored hair to hang over the edges of his scalp. To top off his facial construction, he wore glasses that were pressed firmly against the bridge his nose. I glanced over his shoulder and quickly denoted that he had a green army patterned back pack strapped firmly to hi back.

“It's about time.” said the boy, obviously speaking to Sabrina. “You tell us not to be late and then you show up late.”

“Sorry,” said Sabrina as she stepped into the classroom, closing the door behind us. “I had to grab our newest member.”

Sabrina stood beside me and smiled a dazzling grin that revealed her perfectly white teeth. She then gestured her hand toward each of the students as she introduced them to me. “The girl in the back is Melanie and the guy is Tangy. They're both Juniors like us.” Sabrina then turned to me and slightly rose her voice as she introduced me to ensure that Melanie, who was definitely dead, could hear her. “And this is Summer. She's a fan of T.K. Henry just like us.”

“Hey,” Tangy said who stepped awkwardly forward and shook my hand with his moist palm. “Nice to meet you.”

“Um, hi,” I said smiling politely and then wiping my hand on my pants leg. I turned to Sabrina with raised eyebrows and asked. “Is”

“What do you mean?” she asked baffledly.

“I mean...are you three the only ones in the club?”

“Oh yeah! There's plenty of other people in our school who like T.K Henry, but they're just too busy to be a part of our club because we meet every day and they have other clubs, but it's still pretty cool, trust me, you'll love it.”

I tried to smile, but in my head I was battling some indecision. I wasn't sure why I was expecting this club to be full of dozens of people, probably because Sabrina spoke about it as though everyone in the school was a member of it.

Sabrina walked through the circle of desks and approached Melanie in the back of the classroom and began to shake her abusively.

“Wake up, we're about to start the meeting. We have a new member.”

Melanie attempted to roll over on the table, but she couldn't complete the turn because the table was pressed against the wall. She slowly began to come to life and sat up rubbing drool off her face and pushing messy strands of her black hair off her face.

“Uh...I'm tired you should have just let me sleep.” she mumbled.

“You can sleep at home. Right now, we have the meeting.” said Sabrina while crossing her arms over her chest to show that she was serious.

“Are you still giving me a ride home?”

“Yes, but you know the rules. I only give you a ride home if you stay for the entire meeting.”

Melanie rolled her eyes and slowly began to climb off the table while glancing at me without saying a single word. Sabrina then walked to the front of the classroom and ordered for us to take a seat at one of the empty desks. She explained to me that the principal allowed them to use the classroom for their club, but they had to keep it clean and avoid moving things out of place or the teacher in the morning would complain. As long as they were able to abide by those rules, then they were allowed to use the classroom.

“We begin each meeting by watching T.K. Henry's first music video.” Sabrina explained.

I nodded to show that I understood and Sabrina logged onto the computer in the front of the classroom which automatically turned the overhead projector that was attached the ceiling on and she began to play one of the singer's very first songs that was released two years ago.

The song was called “Day and Night” and the lyrics were about a man who was obsessed over his ex-girl to the point where all he ever did was think about her day and night. As the music video played, I quietly thought to myself how young he looked even though the video was only two years old.

T.K. Henry had natural starch blonde hair that revealed traces of his California upbringing. He was extremely tall and this observation was based on the images that I've seen of him with other celebrities and based on the information on his fan page that listed him as being 6'4 feet tall. He had a manly face with thick eyebrows that contributed to his handsome appearance. T.K Henry was known for his warm smile and his heart breaking blue eyes that could melt any girl that glanced at him, but the aspect of his physical appearance that drew the attention of most girls was his muscular body and full biceps that revealed evidence that he loved the gym.

Sometimes it was hard to believe that he was only eighteen years old because he had accomplished so much in the two years that the media had built him up, into the star that he was today.

As the music video that I had seen hundreds of times before in the past played, I flashed a few glances over at everyone else while they were watching and from my brief observation it became clear who was truly interested in the fan club. Melanie sat in a chair that was the closest to the back and she was staring down at her phone while appearing to be the least interested in the music video or T.K. Henry. Tangy sat one seat ahead of me and he wasn't paying any attention to the music video either and instead he was staring at Sabrina with a look in eyes that most guys have when they secretly fantasize about being alone with a girl.

Even I wasn't watching the video and I was a fan of the song and the singer, but my lack of attention was due to familiarity with it while the other two members apparently had their own reasons for being a member of the club. Sabrina sat at the front of the classroom in the teacher's chair staring motionless at the screen with tears twinkling in the corners of her eyes, almost as though she was secretly wishing that she was the girl that T.K. Henry was singing about.

When the song was over Sabrina spun around in the teacher's chair to face us and said. “Okay, the next order of business of the meeting will begin. Since Summer is new, we have to assign her a role.”

“A role?”

“Yes,” said Sabrina, while folding her hands on top of the desk. “Each member gets a responsibility. I'm the president, so I organize everything, Tangy is the information clerk, so he brings any new information about T.K Henry to the group, and Melanie is responsible for tracking any new uploads on his youtube account or tweets from his twitter page.”

I caught a glimpse of Melanie rolling her eyes in the back of the classroom, but Sabrina appeared to ignore it as though it was typical of her to respond that way.

“How about we make her the...,” Tangy paused for a moment as though thinking to himself and said. “The assistant. Sabrina, you're always saying how you need help organizing things, so maybe she can be your assistant.”

“Great idea Tangy!” Sabrina cheered enthusiastically causing Tangy's face to flush bright red. Sabrina turned to me and said. “You'll work along side me Summer and if we need anything else, then you can take that role.”

“Um, sure,” I said unsure of what was really happening. “It sounds fun.”

“Okay, let's begin with the discussion. Melanie, did T.K. Henry upload anything new?”


“Anything new.” Sabrina repeated. “Pictures, stuff like that.”

“I don't know. I haven't checked yet.” Melanie muttered while glancing at her finger nails.

“What's the point in giving you a job if you don't follow through with it?” said Sabrina, sounding slightly disappointed.

“I'll check later.” Melanie sighed while rolling her eyes.

“Fine,” Sabrina then averted her eyes to Tangy with a warm smile on her face. “Tangy, any news?”

“Yes,” he said and then reached into his backpack taking out several sheets of paper. He rose from his desk and then made his way to the three of us, handing us one of the papers. As he took his seat he said. “I found an article that said T.K. Henry was caught at a restaurant with that pop singer...YoKi Rivers.”

The second those words left Tangy's mouth you could literally see an emotional break down beginning in Sabrina's face. Her smile dropped from her face leaving a dead serious frown and her eye brows lowered and in a brief second, and I mean that it was literally a second, I could see a flash of anger, hatred and everything evil about mankind flash through her eyes, but she quickly recomposed herself and said in a shaky voice.

“You can't be serious.”

“Who the **** is YoKi Rivers?” asked Melanie.

“You know,” explained Tangy. “The 17 year old pop singer who always wears her hair with the pony tail on the side. They're from the same company. I read an article that said a reporter caught them at a restaurant together.”

“It's not true.” said Sabrina as she slowly rose from her seat. “It's just gossip.”

The room became quiet and there was tension suddenly being generated from Sabrina. For a moment, I suddenly felt frightened because she was giving off a vibe that felt like heart break and anger forming together into a twister of emotions.

Tangy suddenly began to slump down in his seat as though he became aware that he had unintentionally said something that caused Sabrina to become upset, when I was certain that this was the least of his intentions. Melanie was probably the only one who seemed to be insensitive over the issue of T.K. Henry possibly dating a fellow celebrity because that would explain what she said next.

“Oh boo whoo, he's dating another celebrity. I don't know why everyone is getting all worked over this. It's not like he's ever going to date any of you.”

“Stop it!” Sabrina shouted with anger building in her voice. “He says he loves his fans and would never date anyone when he has us.”

“Well duh! He's probably just saying that to get your money, you can't actually believe that-”

“SHUT UP!!” Sabrina shouted and slammed her fists into the surface of the desk, quickly silencing everyone in the room. Her face was burning red with furry and as she slide her fists from where she had punched them into the surface of the desk, there was a small indention visible on the surface.

I felt several emotions, but the main one I was able to identify was fear. Everyone was quietly watching Sabrina while she stared down at the desk. She kept her head bowed for several minutes, allowing her long hair to form a curtain over her face and then she slowly lifted her head up revealing a calm look that people get after they get over something terrible.

“It's not true,” she said crumbling up the article that Tangy had handed her. She then made her way around the classroom, snatching each of the articles that Tangy had distributed and ripped them to tiny shreds over the garbage can while wearing a look of anger and frustration on her face while she did it.

“It's not true,” Sabrina repeated as though she were trying to ensure herself. She pulled her hair out of her face and met each of our eyes as she said. “He loves his fans and no one else.”  



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