The Fan Club

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Tangy's Feelings

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After Sabrina's unhealthy outburst she attempted to continue the meeting only to pollute the once joyful atmosphere of the fan club with her tensed bottled frustration that she was attempting to conceal. There wasn't any point in her trying to act calm because we could all feel her anger, despite her saying that everything was okay now, because she was obviously very covertly upset over the entire speculation of T.K. Henry and the pop star YoKi Rivers. To make things ten times worst, the small oven in the back of the classroom was spewing out heat waves that were adding extra moisture to the unsettingly environment.

Shortly afterwords, she decided to end the meeting early and when I say shortly after, I mean that five minutes literally elapsed and she realized that she couldn't go through with it and called the meeting to an end. As we gathered our possessions together, I caught a glimpse of Sabrina sadly shoving the few belongings she had into her back pack. There was a sad, almost distant look in her eyes.

“Summer,” she said drawing my attention towards her. “Sorry that the first meeting had to turn out like this. It's usually not like this.”

“That's okay.” I said. “I'm sure it will be better next time.”

She smiled weakly and then the four of us exited the classroom. Once we stepped out into the empty hallway, I quickly denoted that it was empty of students and teachers as most had escaped the school the second the dismissal bell had rang. Sabrina and Melanie said their goodbyes to us and then walked in the opposite direction of Tangy and me causing me to infer, from the brief exchange of words I heard from the pair earlier, that Sabrina had promised to give her a ride home.

Tangy walked alongside of me with an awkward silence lingering between us, so to remove that feeling I seized the opportunity to have a conversation with him.

“That was weird.” I said referring to Sabrina's violent outburst from earlier.

“Not really. It was pretty normal. Sabrina loves that guy and she gets very protective over him.” said Tangy. “I probably shouldn't have brought that article, but I thought she would get angry if she knew I was holding back information.”

“That article you found,” I asked. “What exactly did it say? I didn't even get a chance to look at it because...well you know, she ripped it to pieces.”

“I have another copy,” said Tangy, pausing in the center of the hallway. He reached his hand over his shoulder, into his backpack, without removing it from his back, and after stretching his long arm into the bag, he retrieved a wrinkled paper the was identical the one's he had passed out during the meeting. “Feel free to keep it, just don't let Sabrina catch you with it.”

As we walked, I quickly skimmed over the four paragraph article that gave a brief description of both T.K. Henry and YoKi Rivers' background and then went on to describe how a journalist, who had been eating lunch with a co-worker, spotted the pair in a reserved part of the restaurant eating lunch together.

Before he had a chance to snap a photo of the pair with his cell phone, they had allegedly sneaked out of the building through a back door. Despite the journalist's eye witness account of the pair, he when on to state that the company label that both T.K. Henry and YoKi Rivers where under, denied the allegation that they were on a date and went on to say that both were simply co-workers and nothing romantic was going on between the two stars. In a sense, it was all just speculation, but it did bring to light the possibility that both stars could be secretly dating.

I probably should explain who YoKi Rivers is to you. YoKi has a story that is similar to T.K. Henry's. She was a teen prodigy that quickly gained popularity thanks to the work of the media and her many talents that caught the attention of a nation wide audience, including her breath taking voice that can hit pitch on the vocal melody chart. She was well known for her music style and her appearance because it contracted the typical idols who have long blonde hair and wear dresses with heels.

YoKi is the exact opposite of that, since she is constantly wearing strange, bizarre outfits that look different, but at the same time cool. I recall once time admiring an outfit that she wore which was a long dress, with pink and black stripped fabric that began at her neck and covered her entire body until it draped over her ankles, forcing half of the dress to be dragged along the floor as she walked. She was typically seen in public wearing these strange outfits that caught your attention and as a result people loved her for her choice to be unique, instead of conforming with the rest of society.

Though, the main point to YoKi's appearance was her hair. She always, and I mean always, wears her long light brown hair in a long pony tail that hangs crookedly on the side of her head. I remember when I was in middle school and she first became and nearly half the girls in my old school imitated her hairstyle.

“Thanks,” I said while folding the article into a perfect pocket size shape and then I slid it into the depths of my pocket. I suddenly felt like treating Tangy like an orange, and squeezing him for information since he was familiar with everything and everyone at this school. “Tangy, you obviously don't care for T.K. Henry, so why are in Sabrina’s fan club?”

“Hey, that's not true. He's an okay singer.”

“Mhmmm,” I said. “Maybe you joined because you have feelings for a certain someone.” I joked while playfully elbowing him in his arm.

“No!” his mouth blurted out, but his body betrayed him when his face flushed red, revealing his true feelings.

It's amazing to me because whenever a person lies, it doesn't matter how convincing their words may sound because their body will betray them with the truth every single time. Tangy refused to look at me as his face made it's transformation from it's natural olive shade into a bright red, tomato color.

“Don't worry, your secret is safe with me.” I whispered.

“ what.” muttered Tangy. “If joining the club gets me closer to Sabrina then why does that matter?”

“I just think it's cute.” I laughed.

“Ugh...,” he said looking awkwardly at his feet as though he were trying to remove himself from this conversation.“...change the subject...”

“Alright,” I searched my thoughts for a different subject and once I found one that was similar to it. “So...what's up with Melanie? I doubt she has any interest in the fan club.”

“Melanie is ten times worst.” explained Tangy. “She lives about ten miles from here on the rural side of town, but because her house is in our residence, she still has to attend school with us, even though she lives very far away. Her parents don't own car, so she has to make a two hour walk to and from school each day. That's four of walking five days a week. One day, Sabrina offered to give her a ride if she attended the fan club and she's done so ever since so-”

“So she can get a ride to and from school each day?” I finished his sentence as it began to make sense to me and then I said. “So Melanie is basically using Sabrina.”

“Aren't we all?” Tangy then abruptly changed the subject. “Wait, I remember Sabrina saying something about you being new to our school. Where did you move from?”

“Just up state, nowhere special.” I began nervously fidgeting with my book bag strap as Tangy began to ask personal questions regarding my background. I had yet to reach the point where I was comfortable with talking about myself to others, especially when my family was enduring a sensitive time that I refused to speak about with strangers.

I was relieved when we reached the doors that led out of the school. Tangy and I walked to the edge of the long walkway and I paused for a moment causing him to stop abruptly, revealing his impression that he thought we were going to walk home in the same direction.

“Do you need a ride?” he asked.

“No, my brother is going to pick me up soon.”

“Would you like me to uh...wait with you?” he asked this with uncertainty as though he lacked the social skills to know whether or not it was appropriate for him to volunteer to wait with me.

“No, thanks.” I said smiling politely. “He should be here in just a few minutes.”

“Alright, suit yourself. See you later Summer.” he then turned his back and headed for the parking lot.

I stood frozen for a moment and the second he disappeared from my line of view I took a seat on the last of the stairs leading off the walk way. I had originally told Zach that I would stay after school for an hour, but Sabrina had ruined my schedule for him to pick me up, after she released us early from the meeting. I quickly texted Zach and he replied five minutes later saying that he would be here to pick me up in ten minutes.

Great, now I just have to sit on the stairs, outside the school, and try not to look like a loser whose brother forgot to pick her up. 

I kept myself occupied with my phone, pretending to text someone, despite only having my brother's named saved in my phone. I wasn't really one of those people who constantly played games on their phone or texted everyone that they knew, so I didn't bother pretending to be invested in one of those “phone games” because I fit in more with those people who carried their phones around with them as social security blanket to use in order to make themselves appear less awkward.

After scanning the area, I confirmed that it was simply a desolate of everyone single person,except for myself and I relaxed a bit and dropped my phone into my bag and allowed myself a moment to reflect on how the day had went.

My first day had actually went very well, but I was under the impression that there were a bunch of strange people at the school, and when I say “a bunch of strange people”, I mean Sabrina. I was convinced that her heart was in the right place, but she was obviously among the group of people who obsessed over celebrities. I wasn't sure what her impression of me was and I didn't have any ambition to ask her.

I was dragged from my thoughts at the sound of footsteps approaching me from behind. For some odd reason, I didn't turn around and I remained frozen in place, staring straight ahead until the footsteps moved closer and closer. The person walking quickly reached me, even pausing on the opposite side of the long stair that I was sitting on for a moment. During that brief pause, I allowed my eyes to travel up the shoes of the owner of those footsteps and it was a long trip, but when my eyes finally reached the eyes of the person I quickly unidentified the person as no one other than Sketch Walters.

I couldn't help the gasp that escaped my mouth at that moment of shock by his presence because if I had known ahead of time that he was coming I would have straightened my hair a bit or gone through some drastic measure to get him to talk to me. Sketch paused on the stair and based on his darting eyes, he was scanning the area, searching for something in the landscape. He acted as though I was invisible, refusing to waste a precious glance on someone as worthless as myself.

Sketch then lifted his foot from the stair and began walking. I quickly rose to my feet and courageously followed after him a feet paces before stopping and calling out to him.

“Um...hey Sketch!” I shouted as loudly as my voice could rise.

Sketch didn't answer me and I was beginning to question whether I had even shouted anything to him because he didn't show any indication that he had heard me and walked off the school grounds as though I hadn't said a word. I allowed my shoulders to slump downward in a defeated kind of way and then picked up a nearby rock and through it as far as it could sail.

What kind of jerk pretends not to hear people?

I rolled my eyes and began to question why I was interested in him when he acted like I didn't even exist. Those types of guys were the worst, but ironically it was those types of guys that lured the most girls to them because it made them desperate for their attention. As I thought about it, I was unconsciously shaking my head, reminding myself that I would do everything that I could to avoid becoming one of those girls who ran desperately ran after men. I needed to have some self respect and if that meant forgetting about a guy that ignored me then that was what I would do. Despite this empowering conclusion to my conduct, I couldn't help thinking that I wouldn't follow through with what I had said.



Zach arrived about five minutes later and honked his car horn at me to notify me that he had arrived, drawing attention to himself, even though I had seen him and I was already walking toward the car to him. I quickly jogged down the long walkway to the car and climbed into the passenger's seat. Zach had the radio blaring, but once I was situated in the car he turned the volume down to low until it was nearly inaudible, so that he could talk to me.

“So how did your first day go?” he asked as he pulled out of the parking lot and onto the empty street.

“Pretty cool.” I lied. “I even made some new friends.”

“That's good...that's good.” I immediately detected something dreadful lingering in Zach's voice as he spoke.

“Zach...what's going on?” I asked.

“Well,” he paused as though debating over whether or not he should tell me.”...while you were at school...Mom called.”

My heart immediately began to punch it's way through the walls of my chest. I stared at Zach for a long moment, trying to understand what my mother's phone call could have been about. I hadn't spoken to her in several months since she had sent me to live with Zach and I couldn't help wonder why she had chosen to call us out of the blue.

“Did she say-”

“She didn't say anything over the phone. She wanted to talk to you, but you were staying after she said she would call back.”

“Do you think it's about the divorce?” I asked anxiously. “Or maybe her and dad had another fight.”

“I don't know what it is.” said Zach, while changing lanes. “She just said she'll call back later.”

I stared out the window trying to guess why my mother had chosen to call me. It wasn't like she had sent me to live with my brother and had intended to cut off all contact with me, but after not hearing from her in several months then that was what I had grown to expect. Maybe she was calling to tell me that she had found a new place for us to live. I couldn't know for sure, but the anxiety in the pit of stomach made me feel as though it was something dreadful.

A mixture of relief and confusion developed at the sight of something outside the moving car window that caused me to take my mind off my mother for a moment. Zach had driven passed an open grassy field that led into a large forest with luscious trees that touched the sky.

The image that caught my eyes was quickly captured as we drove passed the forest I spotted Sketch Walters walking cautiously into the forest, looking over his shoulder, almost as though he were trying to avoid being seen.  



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