THe Realm Of Faedus

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Think Lord of the rings with my own special twist

Chapter 1 (v.1) - THe Realm Of Faedus

Submitted: October 01, 2011

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There is an ancient myth; One that extends back thousands of years - back to the days of "Bl'ythe Broga Spelenté" (An ancient tongue forgotten by many, Remembered by few that translates roughly to "Blood of Brothers Spilt") and the founding of the Abyssal Treaty, Which speaks of a weapon of unspeakably dark, old and chaotic magic. This weapon, In the hands of its master, could single handedly bring an end to the realms as we know them today - And cover them in a second eternal plague of darkness.

It began with the forging of the 5 abyssal portals at the plains of Gar'Tul in the realm of Faedus. Back then there was 6 dominant races; Mankind - An extremely young yet extremely versatile race, The earthern - A race dating back to the great forging of Faedus itself, The DragonKoid - A race of orcs magically gifted with the properties of dragonsblood, The Mist Elves - A race of deadly archers who spent their days hiding amongst the enveloping mists of Zah'Mynthia, The spirit trolls - A race of trolls who have become so close to their ancestors, They themselves have the powers of the elements and the Zephyrs Of The Eternal West - A race of cursed air elementalists who have became almost the same of that which they spent so long trying to control...

Unfortunately the realm of Faedus was running short on space... Natural resources were beginning to dwindle, Races tresspassing upon the borders of other races in an attempt to capture land for themselves - So eventually. The war of "Bl'ythe Broga Spelenté" broke out - As each race fought valiently for their life in Faedus.

For almost a year this war waged on, Untill out of desperation the 6 races eventually came together to hatch a plan to erect portals linking to the elemental planes - And eventually upon the plains of Gar'Tul - The 5 abyssal portals was forged.

Mankind would remain on Faedus - Cursed to live with the atrocities committed upon its plains...

The Earthern was banished to the Stonelands - Cursed to remain as patient as the neverending rocky cliffs and creatures which dwelled there, The DragonKoid , Now corrupted with an unquenchable thirst for blood, was sent to the realm of the "Rageforge" - A vast fiery chasm with creatures of untold anger, The Elves however, Unhappy with the bloodshed, happily departed for the realm of the Serene Ocean - A realm of extreme peace, The trolls, wanting to become even closer to their ancestors, departed for the realm of the "Soulwell" - hoping to perhaps find their ancestors of that they've learned so much from. As for the elementalists - they was sent to the Realm of the Almighty Gale - Hoping to free themselves from the curse the realm had so freely inflicted upon them.

By Co-Inciding within these realms, Peace was once again brought to the Realm of Faedus. However this angered an ancient corrupted god known as "Cha'Zeenth" - Who fed upon the chaos the war had inflicted. For when he had absorbed enough ... He could summon physical form and bring never ending plague to the inhabitants of the 5 realms. To accomplish this - He devised a plan to bring about "The Darkness" - A war of unimaginable chaos, sorrow and bloodshed. However - In his weakened state nothing could be accomplished. So in his weakened state, for thousands of years under Faedus, He waited... slowly attepmpting to regrow his power.

Thousands of years slowly passed - And Cha'Zeenth had slowly mustered more and more power - But still not enough to summon physical form. However, He had just enough to project his voice into the minds of the unfortunate denizens at Faedus. And he did exactly that.

Cha'zeenth infected the mind of a powerful human lightwarden (Mankind worshipped the restorative qualities of the light) known as "Grand Bishop Nul'Zalah" and slowly injected his dreams of voices and visions of never ending agony.

Eventually the Bishops mind cracked, and he became insane... Striking down and killing the fellow priests and trainees of the monastary of which he operated from. He then , Slicing a knife down his hand, swore eternal allegience to Cha'Zeenth and, Corrupted with the powers of the plague, raised the corpses of the monastary as his own personal henchmen. He cast his old name aside - He had a new purpose upon the realm now. Nal'Zulah had now become "Zul'Haran - Right Hand Of The Eternal Plague". He had now, empowered by the plague, become the most powerful mortal being in all existance; Feeling no remorse; Expressing no mercy and stopping at NOTHING to carry out the will of Cha'Zeenth.

His orders was simple. Enter the 5 abyssal portals and drain power from the mystical cores within - Empowering Cha'Zeenth even further. However , Unbeknownst to Zul'Haran, this was opening a link for Cha'Zeenth to take full control of Zul'harans body - And finally taking physical form upon the realm of Faedus...

One by one the 5 realms fell to the power of Zul'Haran - Their denizens given the choice to serve in life, Or be murdered by his vast army - and serve in undeath. Zul'Haran (And Cha'zeenth)s' power quickly began to grow more and more - Sending more and more settlements into servitude.

Eventually -The 6 races of Faedus rallied together under one banner - And a final battle was fought against the never ending legions of Zul'Haran and Cha'Zeenth, And just as victory seemed near... A mighty tremor shook the foundations of the ground the troops fought on. From the distance - The body of Zul'Haran could be seen suspended in the air - Radiating dark light ... and for 10 minutes the fighting stopped - Alliance and Undead alike untill suddenly a shriek of pure agony could be heard and a mighty explosion rang through the air.

Cha'Zeenth. Was back. The sky turned red, and the nearby volcanoes erupted in rage. In Physical form - Cha'zeenth was about 12 ft high.... His dark diamond body was radiating dark light whereever he stood, And he had piercing purple eyes - eyes that struck fear into even his own troops.

Instantly he entered the fray - Wielding a mace of pure evil. This mace had the essences of the 5 realms interwoven within its dark structure. With this mace, Singlehandedly, Cha'Zeenth dismantled the alliance - Half had flee'd the battlefield ... Forsaking their honor ... And the ones who opted to stay behind was swallowed by the dirt beneath their feet.

In pure desperation ... The 6 leaders of the 5 realms hatched a plan. Afterall, Cha'Zeenth controlled the 5 elemental realms - So it would take the power of the 5 realms to destroy, or at least weaken, him.

The lords of the 5 Abyssal portals began to call upon the primal elements... and began casting simultaneously - Encasing themselves and Cha'Zeenth in a prison forged by the combined raw elements themselves.

Cha'Zeenth. Bane of the 5 realms and bringer of The Darkness. Was defeated. For now. But unfortunately - Corruption will always find a way to survive.

High Lord and Lightbringer Sar'Gal, who could only watch as he had no control over the elements himself, retrieved the mace from the motionless frozen hands of Cha'Zeenth himself. Not knowing the corruptive powers that the mace could bring, He summoned a mighty dragon forged from stone - And rode away into the distance, Believing himself to be the most powerful being in existance.

He was wrong.

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