ShadowSky Boarding School (Novel)

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Isabelle Stewart wasn't always a trouble-maker, but when her brother died from Cancer, the only way to deal with her pain was to start hanging out with the bad kids.

Now she's gone too far. Her parents are sending her away, and they aren't thinking twice about it. Isabelle thought that her new school would be bad, but she's finally found a place that she fits into.

Isabelle has great things to think about: New friends, new places and the gorgeous James Terronto. But when she gets to know her new friends, she starts to get suspicious. Things are happening, and people are dropping dead everywhere. The reason? Drainage of blood.

The stories that Isabelle heard when she was little were suppose to not be real, but now she isn't so sure.

*Title pending. Unknown if it will be changed. Please comment and tell what you think*

Chapter 1 (v.1) - ShadowSky Boarding School (Novel)

Submitted: August 31, 2012

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Submitted: August 31, 2012





“Hurry up, Isabelle!” Jeremy called out. I chuckled softly as I held the spray paint. There was red paint everywhere on Mr Bishop’s house. Jeremy had sprayed the words ‘SHIT TEACHER’ on one side of the house, and I sprayed ‘PERVERT’ on the other.

Jeremy laughed as the lights turned on inside the house. Jeremy grabbed my hand before the front door opened. A tall, slim man came outside. His glasses sat on his nose, and his hair was ruffled. His face showed anger.

“Hey! What’s going on here!?” His voice was rough and annoyed, and I laughed at his annoyance.

He looked at me and Jeremy and saw our faces. His brows ruffled. He stepped down onto the pathway in front of the house.

“Miss Stewart! Mr Corbel!” he yelled. He had a phone in his hands. I threw the spray can at him, but it hardly reached him. He dialled three numbers, and I knew what those numbers were.

“He’s calling the cops, Jeremy.” I said, grinning wildly. Jeremy tilted his head back and laughed.

“Come on.” he said. He tugged at my hand, but I froze. I heard sirens, and I looked at Bishop.

“Shit!” I exclaimed.

“What?” Jeremy asked, alerted.

“He called the police from inside.” I growled. Jeremy’s eyes widened. He pulled my hand and we started to run down the street. While we were running, I flicked the finger at Bishop.

But we stopped. A cop car turned the street, lights flashing. I swore under my breath. We turned around, running away from the cop, but then another appeared. Now I starting to worry.

Jeremy pulled me to the side. He ran onto the neighbours’ back yard and ran to the gate. Jeremy grabbed me and pushed me up over the gate. I landed with a thump and started to run, Jeremy not far behind me.

Then more trouble began. I heard a barking. Loud and not far behind. Then I heard Jeremy call out in pain. The dog was biting him, and I started to go back for him, but he shook his head.

“Isabelle, get outta here!” he yelled, his teeth gritted.

But I didn’t get anywhere. Someone grabbed me from behind. The police were smart in this town, but I didn’t think they were this smart. The cop who grabbed me had come from behind. He was gruff and had a small beard. He was a bit over weight and he had a permanent frown on his face.

I looked around. Two more cops came in. One took care of the dog, and one grabbed Jeremy.

“Isabelle Stewart. Nice to see you again.” the man who had me murmured. I laughed sarcastically.

“You too, Chief Donavan.” I mumbled.

I looked at Jeremy, and he looked at me. He looked at me in pain, and he looked worried. I knew that this was the last straw…

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