The Endurance tests.

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Alphon has been chosen by his parents to participate in Endurancity, where people any age from ten to fifteen compete in stages, to put their survival skills at the test. Alphon is only thirteen, chances of him surviving are slim. Seventy-five other participants will be forced to endure the five deathly stages.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Endurance tests.

Submitted: June 19, 2013

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Submitted: June 19, 2013



I wake up on my ripped couch, the cool breeze blows in from the window. I rub my eyes and make my way around our family's trailer. I hear cars and horns coming out from the city. I live in the outskirts of Salt lake city, Utah. My family is extremely poor and unaware if my parents were forced to choose a kid for Endurance. Endurance is where one poor family is forced to choose one child from there household to go to Los Angeles and participate in a survival test, where there is five different stages they have to Endure without death. Seventy-five kids will be competing this year. Olivar, the head of Endurance has declared that only three kids will victor in this years Endurance. 

I hear a few steps occuring on the left hallway of the trailer. My parents appear out of the hallway. "Alphon, we are going out to town. Watch over the trailer." My mother spits out, breathless, for an unknown reason. I quickly nod my head and turn back to the window. I can't help but think "What if my family is chosen for Endurance?" Most parents call their children, usually saying "we need to talk to you.." If I was chosen for Endurance, my life would be screwed. Last years Endurance was disturbing enough, two ten year-olds have died from a wolf attack, the wolves have seemed to scattered across the map with body parts. Other competitors had found legs, arms, toes and fingers around the map, one participant has found a part of an eyeball and has passed out. But most deaths in Endurance are from natural disaster or traps. They are mainly bloody and gory, unless the competitor dies from a natural causes. After thinking of all that, I think my worries have gone up a lot more..

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The Endurance tests.

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