Chapter 1: The Day America Vanished

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 1: Did we find Asia?

Juan De Medina took a long swig from his flask and gave a throaty burp. Rubbing his aching muscles he glanced out over to long empty landscape of water. The boat lurched up and down chopping every which way. Juan had never liked the water, he had found it powerful, strong, and incredibly intimidating. However, Juan had dreamed of adventure, discovering a new way to Asia, returning home heroes, forever remembered.  Perhaps, he fanaticized, a famous painter would do a portrait of him, standing in rich silk garments, looking strong and rough. He was however broken from his reverie by a swift kick in the shins. Rodrigo, another older sailor glared at him.

“What’d you think use a doin?” He yelled pushing Juan forward towards the ropes. Rodrigo’s breath smelled of beer, and his callused hands scraped Juan’s wrists.

“Go on. Work ye sailor!” Rodrigo spat spit in Juan’s face and spun away, his boots clacking down the ships deck. Juan adjusted his sleeves and began to fix the twisted ropes, the wind kicking up from a rustle to a gale. Juan suddenly was very cold and lonely. Muttering curses under his breath he labored on as the wind turned into a howling furry.  When it began to pelt rain in humongus fat globs Juan turned and peered around the deck. He didn’t spot anyone, particularly Rodrigo, and he headed down into the ships belly. It smelled of unwashed sailors and mold. The blankets lay in a tangled mess, and the so called “beds” that lined the walls were as fragile as a flower petal. The only difference was that the beds stunk to high heaven.

“Good lord.” Juan muttered under his breath.

“Why did I do this?”

Juan walked over to the small table were a group of sailors sat around a large container. It was something that barely looked like gruel tonight, pale in color and sticky in consistency. Juan piled some into a musty bowl a sailor handed to him and ate with his fingers. He missed silverware.  Suddenly a large bloated sailor came hurrying down the ladder with a bottle of beer and a finger pointed at Juan.

“Aptin says ye are on for shift.” He growled poking Juan in the chest.

“The est of us!” he held the beer of above his head.

“Get to ink eer!” The sailors laughed and cheered as he poured them all beer. Juan grumbled profusely and climbed up the slippery ladder. He hauled himself up onto the deck, which was as wet as water itself. Water from the ocean was spraying up from the under the boat to on it.  One of the larger men pointed at the steering wheel.

“Ye re doing the steering.” He shoved Juan forward.

I deserve a bloody medal for this.” Juan thought to himself as he stumbled ungracefully to the wheel.  The rain was pelting the deck in icy torrents and Juan’s shirt was of a thin cotton that offered no warmth. The sea and sky met in a solid black cloud, he couldn’t see a thing.  Suddenly, a huge blast of white light fell out of the sky and went hurtling along towards the boat.

“What it gods name?” Juan yelled, gripping the wheel and desperately turning it away from the approaching flame, or whatever it was. He lurched the boat to the left and hoisted the sail. The winds were against him and they fought, pulling the boat in the opposite direction, up towards the light, not away from it. By now sailors, already half drunk came stumbling up from below deck, swearing in thunderous tones. Rodrigo was charging towards Juan, the captain was coming from his quarters, Juan was hollering, and the white light hit the boat.

Suddenly, the ship was no longer there.

Submitted: November 09, 2014

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