Chapter 3: Just an utterly, completly, entriely, normal day, Really

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 3: Just an utterly, completely, entirely, normal day. Really.

Lenore Mazy stepped out of her bed, brushed a hand through her frizzy brown hair, and walked into her kitchen. Living in her shoebox of an apartment certainly did have some perks and advantages. She turned on her keurig and got dressed into her stewardess uniform. Today she was going to have one of the most dreaded flights, London to New York. It was almost 7 hours of riding and crappy people, and screaming toddlers, and everything that people could do that was annoying. Groaning, Lenore grabbed her coffee and pulled on her wool coat. It was going to be another long day.

She arrived at the airport and boarded her plane, stealing a couple of peanuts from her tray. The other stewardesses, Jennie and Vivian looked as thrilled as she did. People noisily clattered onto the plane, and within two minutes the first baby was crying and a mother was out of her seat, looking for a long lost toy.

“I’ll get it,” Lenore said standing up and walking out to the young woman.

“Excuse me Ma’am.” Lenore remarked. The young woman whipped around and gave her a glare.

“What?” She snapped in a heavy American accent. Lenore drew up to her full height.

“The areoplane will be lifting off shortly. You must go back to your seat.” The woman gave her a death look.

“No. My jimmy will not sit here for 7 hours without his SpongeBob. I must get it for him.”

“Miss, you can fetch it for him after the plane has lifted off. Now, you must sit down. NOW.” The woman grunted but, to Lenore’s surprise sat back down and fussed about with her baby. Lenore gave herself a happy smile and walked away.

The flight was, as expected a long one, and Lenore was ready to tear her hair out when a portly German man asked her for a prime rib. When the pilot announced over the speakers that the plane flight would be over in exactly 30 minutes Lenore practically did a happy dance. The  flight was going smoothly until Jennie ran up to her, looking extremely worried.

“Come quick. Now.” Lenore hurriedly poured a British man his cup of tea and follow Jennie to the cabin.

“What is it Jen?” she asked once inside. Jennie didn’t respond, instead she simply shoved Lenore towards the planes window.

Where the city of Seattle should have been, there was only forest. Beyond that, there too was only forest.

America, was gone.

Submitted: November 10, 2014

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