Infectious Act 1 Chapter 1

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I awaken to hell that no human should ever see bodies are strewn on floor, with dried blood. They must have been killed by someone. I look for the murderer or suspicious person lingering around. I see nothing but the past of carnage that I have the privilege of not becoming a part of. I try to stand and get my bearings. But my knee buckles and my head is pounding. I can hardly keep conciseness as try to think of what happened before I went out. The pain is unbearable as try to remember anything, what happened? Where am I?...
I shudder as I realize what I don't know: who am I?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Infectious Act 1 Chapter 1

Submitted: March 12, 2013

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Submitted: March 12, 2013



Thump thump…. Thump thump ….. Thump. Thump

What’s that sound? It’s very close. What’s going on?

I know what is now it the beating of my heart, but this pace is too slow. This can’t be. This would mean that I am slowly dying. I check myself for any signs of illnesses or serious wounds. I find no such things on my young prestige body. I need to check my face but where could I find a mirror in this strange color less bright place I wonder. Then a bright light comes out nowhere and blinds me, I turn away from it only to find …. darkness. Pitch black darkness so black it chilled my very soul. Thinking I rather be almost blinded by light than walking through the darkness with God know what in there, I turn around to find not a shining light but a door. I walk towards it curiously, where’d the light go and where’d this door come from? It was a huge metal door that looks like it’s to keep something out or something out I thought then saw a strange square blue light coming from one side of the door. A closer inspection proved that is was some mechanical devise – a part of the door. It had a hand in the middle of the mysterious square. It must be for decoration for this strange but interesting place. I try prying the door open since I see no handles but door doesn’t give. I take a couple steps back, conflicted I try to think of another way in. I could try to bash my way through but the door looks like it’s made of tons and tons of thick metal and wimpy looking muscle don’t stand a chance.

Angry with myself I look around for another exit or door of some kind. Nothing. Zippo. Nada. I glance across the blue square again and it’s black hand filling it. Maybe there’s a reason there’s no handles. Maybe if I put my hand right there I can open the door. I drew closer with anticipation. Please open or I’ll be trapped in the horrible strange world all alone. My heart beats faster as I slowly place my hand on the blue square trying to match mine with the creepy illustration, I fear it will suck in my entire arm and decapitate it. I hope not, placing my handed firmly on the black hand I see, sadly it doesn’t fit. I collapsed on my knees, bawling like an infant I curse my predicament, this place, and my existence.

I cry and shout curses as hot tears spill from my eyes. I’m trapped here for the rest of my life. Angry at the stupid blue square trying to make my hand fit, but it doesn’t. Desperate I push harder; my eyes closed, and scream “What do you want from me?” My screams echo this this strange world as more light blinds me. My eyes start to adjust after the light dies down a bit after a few minutes and then I realize that the door had just opened right before me. I race to the door thanking the strange kind blue square and asking it for my forgiveness. The blue square doesn’t respond. Still happy the door finally opened I rush through it before it could close on me. I take a few strides and the door closes behind me and I seem to have found another strange room.

This room is different than the last one, it’s covered in mirrors I approach it but the mirrors don’t show what I expect. The reflection is all blurry and disfigured, trying to wipe it with my hand, I reach for it and as my hand touches the mirror parts of my skin starts to flake off, which is way bizarre since I’m way too young to be flaking like some old geezer. Then the flaking process speeds up before my eyes and it travel up my arm eating my skin away leaving my arm colorless. Like the walls of this stupid room my arm is colorless. The flaking continues as I desperately try finding another mirror that like that one. My efforts bare no fruit as see my chest swallowed in the siege of colorless domination along with my clothes, great now I’m going to be entirely white and naked. I continue on looking, searching for a mirror that’s not as crazy as the ones before, all they show of me is me slowly being consumed by the colorless wave and being disfigured. Running around gasping for breath I search for it; the mirror that can reverse it, there just has to be one, it just has to be. Tired, I slump next to one walls shuddering in fear as I wonder what could happen next; what horrible things will happen to me next? I, for the second time in this world am crying. I began to regret opening the door to this stupid room. I looked at my feet; my entire body must be consumed by now by whatever that was. I stare off into space for what seem like millennia and then a strange shadow grows beneath me; I turn to find a huge mirror. Like everything in this world I’m in, everything seems definitely wrong and things magically appear. I take a closer look as I’m shocked to find my face expressionless; there no eyes, no hair, no lips, and no noes. Rage and despair claim me and clench my fist and assault the mirror. Blow after blow the glass shatters and glass cuts into my hand but I don’t care, I carry on because it feels good, because it feels right. A huge piece of glass about the size of my entire body narrowly misses me. I wish it hadn’t, it could of ended my suffering right there, right now. I can barely look at it as I see the colorless monster I’ve become and then something captures my attention, something’s behind me.

I turn to find a person with their back towards me: it’s a girl with blond curly hair and a faded frilly dress that looked as old as time and black shoes that are sparkling clean. I shout “who are you?” But she acts like she doesn’t hear a thing until she turns around very slowly. She must be the big kahuna, the big cheese in this strange place, whatever I don’t care. I just need a way out of here. “Is there a way out of here” I ask. But she still doesn’t respond, come to think of it I didn’t hear anything before I saw her. The large metal door behind should have made a loud noise just as they done before. “How’d you get in here?” I asked. I remember my appearance and think that she must be afraid of me, of what a total freak I am. “It’s fine I won’t hurt you, just tell me you came from.” I said. She does nothing until her arm rises slowly and points to something; something past me. I turn to see where she could be pointing at. I only see the huge mirror from earlier, only it’s completely fixed like my attack had no effect on it and it healed itself. I’ve had enough of these stupid tricks, I am pissed. “What’s going on? How’d you even-“I began to ask only to be shocked from her disappearance. She was gone like she never existed in the first place. I wonder if I’m starting to lose it. The huge which should be still smash to pieces remain prestige; a little angry I look at my new monsterific body. I nearly jump out my skin as my reflection is the girl I just saw. Stunned, I began make expressions that the girl seemed to time perfectly. I took a look at my body without the mirror and I was wearing the same clothes she was and most of all I had color.

Before I could even process these chains of events I hear a growl of monster somewhere within the room. I realize that it’s coming from the mirror I’m standing in front of. My reflection is a tad bit different. Okay it’s a lot different; the girl is still there but she pale as if she’s been dead for a very long time and she’s got dark blood pooling out of her mouth. I check myself to see if I’m bleeding but I don’t taste blood in my mouth. Then a hand shoot the mirror and grab my throat, I can hardly breathe as the evil version of myself is squeezing the life out of me. She pulls me towards her and bites hard on my right shoulder.

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