Louder They Taunt

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Felicia Boudreaux battles life alongside her soon-to-be boyfriend, Chance Kritsonis, and her distant friend, Casandra Dugas.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Louder They Taunt

Submitted: November 22, 2012

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Submitted: November 22, 2012



She could feel them screaming louder in her head. "Eat, eat, eat, eat, eat! You must eat! You can't starve yourself for too long, Felicia. You know you get hungry, darling!" Felicia felt her head spinning into confusion. Felicia needed that thigh gap, she needed the little arms and hipbones to stick out. Of course, the thought of food made her sick anyway. She would end up vomiting. It was almost too much to bear. Cruely the food was sitting on her plate. As if she would actually eat. "I refuse," she whispered softly, exiting her zoned out stage.

"What was that honey?" Her father said.

"Nothing. Everything's fine. You know, I actually have some homework to do. I honestly am too full from lunch today." Felicia answered swiftly.

She tried making a quick escape, but her dad's girlfriend, Willa, stopped her.

"Felicia, honey, dinner is family time. What would dinner be without family?" Willa said sweetly.

Felicia felt the hint of attitude and jealousy in Willa's voice. She did nothing but despise Willa with a burning passion.

"I'm fine for tonight." Felicia replied, pursing her lips.

Felicia's father nodded and let her proceed up the stairs. Felicia got about halfway up the stairs until she stopped to watch. Her father stood to retrieve his wallet and patted Jacob on the head.

"Dad, stop, I'm fifteen. I don't need to be pat on the head. That's bullshit." Jacob said.

"Jacob Boudreaux! I did not raise you that way!" Felicia heard Willa yell.

You didn't raise us at all. You don't know us, sweetheart. Felicia thought. How she wished she could rid of Willa immediately. Willa was a spoiled rotten brat, using her father's money for everything. Willa uses her father's money to buy clothes and accesories. It was revolting, the thought of it at least. But then again, what to Felicia wasn't revolting? Felicia proceeded to make her way to her room. When she reached it, she turned the knob slightly, trying to not allow the door to squeak. Felicia slipped inside her bedroom and sat on her bed. She layed down and rested.

She awoke to rocks slamming against her window. Felicia knew what that signal was. Chance needed to speak to her in the forest. Felicia rose and walked to her window. She propped it open and saw Chance. He had no facial flaws. He was beautiful, actually. Felicia could stare at him for days if she could. Felicia instead gave him the signal and he slipped off into the forest. Felicia jammed her window down with a loud bang.

"Felicia? Honey, you okay? Your father, Jacob and I are going out for ice cream to celebrate his first A in college. Would you like to join?" It was Willa. Felicia thought about eating ice cream, but then felt disgusted with herself. How could she eat at a time like this?

"No, I'm meeting Chance somewhere. Next time, maybe." Felicia replied uneasily.

"Well, okay. Don't be out too late." Willa said, and Felicia could then hear her retreat downstairs.

Felicia slipped her thin jacket on and waited for the front door to close. It soon closed, and Felicia made a beeline for the backdoor. She sprinted downstairs and out the backdoor. Felicia walked quietly on the gravel to not alert her neighbors. Felicia hurried as soon as she could see Chance walking ahead. She ran up behind him and hugged him. He gripped her tightly at first, then relaxed.

"You shouldn't startle me like that, Felicia. I thought I blew our cover." Chance said in his soft and caring voice. That's what Felicia admired most about Chance.

"Sorry. I couldn't wait to see you." Felicia answered, suddenly feeling bubbly and happy inside.

"I missed you today. Hannah beat me again." Chance said, his green eyes piercing Felicia's brown ones.

Hannah was Chance's foster parent. Hannah and her boyfriend, Trey, were only teenagers, merely older than Chance. They loved partying and inviting random people over to party with them. Chance was always stuck in the middle of the problem. He would go into the kitchen to get a sip of water, and Hannah would be making out with a girl. Chance, however, had never done anything of the sort. Never had a girlfriend nor a first kiss. He believed in "the right one is the first one" method. Felicia felt sadness wash over her once again. It reminded her of Casandra, her best friend. Casandra had no friends beside Felicia. She adored Felicia with a passion.

"I'm sorry Chance." Felicia said.

Chance never got a break, it was always beat, cut,  party, screamed at, cut. Felicia was there all 46 times as he tried committing suicide. She helped him through life.

Felicica was one of the few people who knew that boys do cut too. They do it silently and in private. They don't like being open about it.

When boys cut, you know something is wrong. They want to die.



Sorry it's so short! It's late and I have school! Let me know what you think. Critiscism is appreciated, as well as praise.

Thank you! Xoxo

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