That One Amazing Boy

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Dustin Lovings had a terrible life. Her dad had died when she was 4, and her days were never happy with her bossy and greedy friends. Her days changed when Lucas Werthington came to the town of Hudson. They fell in love, and were as happy as ever. But something always has to ruin the happy endings.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - That One Amazing Boy

Submitted: January 17, 2012

Reads: 164

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Submitted: January 17, 2012



I shuffle into Miss Dreary's math class. It was a bright morning for a Monday. The sunlight streamed through the windows. Annalise, Julia, and Violet Wethers called me from the corner of the room. I widen my eyes at her, and then pick up my pace.

"Yeah?" I ask blandly.

"I heard that there's going to be a new student here. I get dibs, okay?" Julia tells me.

The three sisters have British accents, and basically "rule the school" as some people say. They're short and tan, just what every guy likes. Nice boobs, butt, eyes, hair, and weight. I had some of that. I was tan. I had white/blonde hair and green eyes. I had boobs and a butt. I was the appropriate weight. I was about 5'1". Overall, I looked like a normal girl from Jensen High. Annalise and Violet had wandered off to the vending machines, like the rest of the class. Julia and I were the only people in the classroom. She flips her dirty blonde hair over her shoulder. I had never liked Julia, Annalise, or Violet. They were bossy and rude. I had no choice to be there friend, though. Nobody else would be my friend, so why not them?

"Understood?" Julia asks me with an attitude.

"Mhm," I mumble.

Annalise and Violet walk into the classroom with a crowd of people following them. Miss Dreary's crazed eyes appear behind the crowd. She was unusually tall for her age.

"Alright, guys, lets sit down and get started on our notes! Turn to page 415 please. And, I will up to the whiteboard. She will be writing our notes for us." Miss Dreary points at me and then sits down at her desk.

That's a first. Me? Getting to write notes? Inmath class?It's been my dream to do that...not. I stand up and walk to the whiteboard. I write the title of our notes on the board.

"Okay, the title of our notes will be Algebra I." I say clearly and loudly.

A new lesson. Oh boy, I bet this will be funny.

"Read the first three paragraphs to get your objective, please." I tell the classroom.

I hear groans and mumbling. As soon as everybody starts reading, I set my book down on Miss Dreary's desk.

"Miss Dreary, may I go to the restroom?" I ask sweetly.

"Why, of course, honey. I'll get started on the notes with the students as soon as they're done reading." She says.

I walk down the silent hallway towards the bathroom. Just as I was turning the corner, I notice a new bulletin board hanging on the wall. A flyer for soccer & chess are pinned to the board. I see a paper that saysNEW STUDENTS!I walk to the yellow sheet of paper. They have multiple new students. Nelly Frent, Suzanne Jenk, Lucas Werthington, Troy Quinn, Brett Catres, Wendy Mikel. They sound like my type of people. I look closely at the three boys: Lucas Werthington, Troy Quinn, and Brett Catres. Lucas Werthington has the name of somebody that's lived on a farm. Julia won't be wanting Lucas. Brett Catres sounds like a Spanish guy. Possibly one of Julia's future boyfriends. Troy Quinn is definetly the name of a popular guy. Julia must want Troy. I sigh and turn the corner. Realizing how much time I've wasted, I hurry to the restroom. I fix my ponytail, and then wash my hands. After rushing back to the classroom, nobody is in sight. I look at the whiteboard. I missed the whole lesson. I see a note written in Julia's handwriting.

At Assembly in Old Gym. Meeting New Students. Love you! ~Julia Wethers~

I skip down the hallway and enter the Old Gym. Clapping and cheering greet me. I look at the center of the Old Gym. The principal, Mr. Darby, is giving a speech about how we should always welcome our new students.

"Thank you, thank you. Now, I will introduce our new students at Jensen High!" Mr. Darby moves off to the right of the stage.

I run to the bleachers. Violet had saved me a seat next to her on the first row.

"Thanks," I whisper.

She nods in return. I listen closely to the names. Mr. Darby calls out Suzanne Jenk. Suzanne enters the stage. She had brown hair that was braided down her back. Suzanne's warm green eyes gave off a cozy and calmful vibe. She smiled brightly and sweetly at everybody. Suzanne stood closest to Mr. Darby.

"Nelly Frent!" Mr. Darby calls loudly.

Nelly walks onto the stage shyly. She has black, straight hair and light brown eyes. Her face was clear and pale. She didn't smile or anything. She just stood next to Suzanne. Mr. Darby yells for Brett Catres. Brett comes out excitedly. His blonde hair falls in front of his eyes. I couldn't tell whether he had extremely dark brown eyes, or black eyes. He lines up next to Nelly, nudging her lightly.

"Troy Quinn!" Mr. Darby says with a smile.

Troy walks out wearing a football jersey. It had to be one from his old school. He had dirty blonde hair that's spiked up. His clear blue eyes were happy. He stands next to Brett with a ridiculous grin. Mr. Darby calls for Wendy Mikel, using no enthusiasm. Wendy comes out with red hair-- literally. It was a darker red, like she had black hair before she dyed it. The clapping completely stopped when Wendy entered. She was pale, with freckles on the bridge of her nose. If you asked me, I would say that she was extremely cute. The clapping started up again, this time it was cheering and hollering. She stands next to Troy and cocks her hip. Brett mumbles something to Troy. Troy looks over at Wendy and then nods his head in agreement.

"And lastly, we have, Lucas Werthington!" Mr. Darby finished off, running a hand over his bald head.

When Lucas walked on stage, there was nothing I could do but stare at that heavenly child.

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