The Sisterhood

Status: Finished

The Sisterhood

Status: Finished

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The Sisterhood

Book by: darkangel143

Genre: Fantasy


Book by: darkangel143


Genre: Fantasy



Faith, Violet, and Amara are the closest friends anyone at Towering Crows High has ever seen, they're also freakiest. Not many peole choose to associate with these girls, after all who in their right minds wants to befriend a witch, let alone a whole coven? No one has ever really been able to confirm the rumors that the girls have actual powers but everyone has their suspicsions. What the school doesn't know is if it weren't for them the school would be hell on earth...Litterally!


Faith, Violet, and Amara are the closest friends anyone at Towering Crows High has ever seen, they're also freakiest. Not many peole choose to associate with these girls, after all who in their right minds wants to befriend a witch, let alone a whole coven? No one has ever really been able to confirm the rumors that the girls have actual powers but everyone has their suspicsions. What the school doesn't know is if it weren't for them the school would be hell on earth...Litterally!

Author Chapter Note

Faith, Violet, and Amara are the closest friends anyone at Towering Crows High has ever seen, they're also freakiest. Not many peole choose to associate with these girls, after all who in their right minds wants to befriend a witch, let alone a whole coven? No one has ever really been able to confirm the rumors that the girls have actual powers but everyone has their suspicsions. What the school doesn't know is if it weren't for them the school would be hell on earth...Litterally!

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Submitted: December 29, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 29, 2011



Chapter 1

"Goddess of light here our call,

Tonight angels did fall,

Fill us with your spirit light,

Strengthen our powers so we may fight."

We chanted in unison as the candles around us flickered in the darkness.

"God damn, that always hits me so hard!" Violet said, standing up to blow out the candles.

"I don't know, I guess I got use to it," I said grabbing the rock salt from the circle. Usually that would break the circle seeing as we didn’t close it first, but because it wasn’t a physically casted circle of magic it was no big deal. We usually just put a circle of salt for protection purposes.

"I like the feeling," Amara giggled in her normal, creepy, little girl way; and twirling her black shoulder length hair the fire red tips flaring up as she spun them around her fingers.

"How can you like it? It's like an electric shock!" Violet stared at her like she was completely demented.

"I know it feels like I'm being electrocuted again!" Amara mused as she helped us clean up the circle.

“Please stop talking and, hand these to Faith” Violet handed her some candles for me to put away.

Amara was electrocuted twice as a child; the first when she purposely put a butter knife in a toaster, and the second when she also purposely put a fork in an outlet plug. Truth is she use to be somewhat sane before we got our powers. I’ve always thought our magic made her lose it even more, like her already damaged mind just couldn’t take all the power within her. Some people at school say she's completely crazy, but I know Amara and she's only slightly insane. The funny thing is she’s scarier when she isn't being her insane self. If you saw her though you’d think she was an ordinary teenager with an extraordinary style, and nothing more. She's only sixteen but her wardrobe is the most sought after in school, and it's all her own making. Not to mention her snake bites, and hip piercings which fit well with her tongue ring, and both ears pierced entirely down.

"You scare me sometimes," Violet said, obviously nervous of Amara's attitude

Although Amara was mostly known as the princess of darkness, she has a bit more of a girly flare than Violet; but that’s because Violet is more of the sexy casual of the coven. She could wear jeans and a well fit tee, with some cleavage and turn plenty of heads. Her hair is a little longer than Amara’s; it’s what we like to call mid-tit length, mine was a little bit longer than hers. Her hair is a bit brighter as well; a fire red all the way through almost too bright to be a permanent coloring. Her nose, belly button, and whole left ear pierced. Though her attitude and appearance give no hint she's barely sixteen.

"Aw come on Amara not scary, she's just a little insane you know that," I laughed.

"So how is the packing going?" I asked putting everything in our coven trunk.

"Dad still isn't happy about it," Amara chimed in handing me stuff.

"Well I didn’t even think either of you were going to be able to get out,"

"I think my family know if they didn't I'd just run away," Violet smiled as she went around my apartment turning on lights.

“Well it’s for his own safety, and ours. If any demons found our families they wouldn’t hesitate to kill them; we can’t continue to put them in danger,” I pointed out as I changed for bed.

“I think that’s why our families aren’t fighting us on this one,” Amara said as they both joined me I my room.

“Well I got a three bed room apartment so we can be closer to each other in a time of need. We are more vulnerable living apart than we are living together,” I knew them moving into my apartment was the safest option at this point. We all noticed the attacks were growing more frequent and being separate was not exactly a smart idea.

“Well, I think my parents were madder about us not being able to pay the rent on our own. They just kept yelling about the amount of money they were putting in OUR bank account, and how if we were responsible we would get a job,” Amara continued as she changed as well.

“My parents didn’t complain about that too much after I explained we were trying to focus on graduating before we complicated thing farther with jobs. They were actually very pleased to hear I wouldn’t be letting my demon fighting career get in the way of me having a ‘successful future’ as they out it,” Violet said plopping down on my bed.

“Really my mom just kept joking about how I should start talking to my bosses about getting a salary for putting my life in constant danger,” I laughed as Amara and I joined Violet on the bed.

“Yeah, cause your moms Wiccan and actually understands. You lucky bitch,” joked Violet

“Have you heard from Jake?” Amara asked probably sensing the increasing hole in heart.

“Not since the last time….About a month ago. I just miss him so much,” I said as my eyes started to water.

“I know sweetie,” Violet hugged me, “but it’s not safe to have him around. You know that,” she continued rubbing my back. I laid my head in her lap and began to cry.

“He would never hurt us. He fought by our side before he left,” I continued to cry.

“But he left because he was losing control. He did what he thought was best in order to keep you safe, to keep all of us safe.” Amara said lying down, and cuddling up to me.

“I know, but I need him here with me. It would make everything so much easier to handle, if I could come home to him every day. To have him here to hold me whenever I start to think I just can’t take anymore,” I sobbed

“I know sweetie, someday he’ll be back. You two were made for each other, you’ll find a way to be together.” She continued.

I must have fallen asleep soon after that, because the next thing I knew I was waking up, curled up alone in my bed. I got up and got a glass of water stopping by Amara and Violet’s rooms to check on them. They were fast asleep. I pulled the covers over their shoulder and closed their doors behind me. They always said I had a tendency to mother them, but I guess this was the first time I really noticed it myself. I went back into my room stopping by my vanity to put down my glass of water. I stopped and stared at my reflection in the mirror. Taped to the mirror was a picture of me and Jake taken two weeks after we started dating, His short, black hair spiked up his hazel eyes so deep staring at the camera, and his muscled arms wrapped around me, keeping me safe. I always loved that he was tall enough to rest his head on the top of mine as he did in the picture. My gazed bounced back and forth between the picture and my reflection. I had changed so much since then. To think that was in the beginning of my freshman year. I was a thirteen year old human, Wiccan in training to be in my family coven. I had no piercings, had my natural hair color, and had just met the sweetest sophomore guy in the world. Now I was a half witch half wolf junior living in her own apartment with her two best friends fighting demons, and wondering every day when she’ll get to see the love of her life again.

I stared at my reflection once more. My midnight black and electric purple hair cascaded down to my breasts my eye browel, lip, and nose ring shining in the reflection. The girls had always said I had a good body but I always felt my breasts and ass could have been bigger. Yet standing I front of the mirror in my fitted tee and short shorts I was pleased with my body for the first time in years. Tired of thinking about my old life I removed my jewelry sighed crawled into bed and thought to myself. Who was I kidding the person in that picture was dead. She died a long time ago. After all, that girl would have never had the scars on her wrists that I obviously did. There was no hiding that. This was who I was now, and as much as I tried to think of all the good in my current life something deep inside me wanted so much to be that happy naïve girl once again. But Goddess knows that was no longer possible.

A couple hours later I was fast asleep and dreaming; at least I thought I was. Standing in an ally all alone, I look down and I’m dressed in a pair of tan shorts and a tight black tank. I turn to leave but it’s a dead end. I hear something ad turn, but there’s nothing; other than some dumpsters and rats. There’s that sound again.

“Who’s there?” I yelled knowing I wouldn’t be getting an answer. I reach down and grab the knife that’s usually strapped to my ankle; but it’s not there. I stand up slowly, very aware of my surroundings; feeling the wolf in me rise up, I could sense something wasn’t right here. Tapping into my hyperactive hearing I listen closely...There! I lung to the right two knives appear in my hands, throwing them before they can fully take form. I’ve pined my opponent against a wooden building. Another knife taking form in my hand I place it against his throat.

“Oh I like it rough,” he said teasingly. I lowered the knife looking into his eyes; he grabbed my wrists and rolled me against the wall switching our places, leaving me defenseless. I can feel his breath on my cheek and just as my heart begins to race he kisses me so intensely it took my breath away. His tongue so soft and sweet as his lips pressed against mine. He bites my lip, pulling my lip rig with him as slowly pulls away, my eyes roll back as I enjoy every minute of his body being pressed against my own.

“We got to stop meeting like this” he said with a teasing half grin.

“You scared me. I thought you were a dream demon,” I whispered as his lips linger inches from mine; our nose barely touching.

“I noticed, you almost impaled me,” He said turning away from me.

“Well this isn’t your usual choice setting for our little visits. Although, I guess I should have guessed from the tomb raider outfit,” I giggled wrapping my arms around his stomach resting my head on his back, and I heard him chuckle a bit. He grabbed my arms and turned toward me, our fingers intertwining he stared down with a pained look on his face.

“It’s good, means you’re prepared,” he seemed so worried yet so distracted.

“Jake? What’s wrong?” I asked trying to meet his gaze.

“I love you and I can only be with you in your dreams!” he said through gritted teeth obviously trying to fight back his quickly rising anger, I could hear it in his voice. There was something he wasn’t saying.

“It doesn’t have to be that way! Come home! I have my own place now...With the girls, you can stay with us!” what wasn’t he saying? I had to know, I knew he hated it when I read his thoughts, but at this point I didn’t really care

Maybe this was a bad idea” I could believe that’s what he was thinking

“Damn it Faith! You know I hate that! I can’t come back! You know I can’t!” he yelled pushing me away a little too forcefully and I hit the wall. I didn’t hit the wall hard but the tears came anyways as I slid down to the floor.

“Oh my god!” he slid down beside me and pulled me to his chest.

“I’m so sorry baby! I didn’t mean to hurt you, I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” he cupped my face in his hands.

“I told you I can’t come back; the demon in me is too strong. He’ll hurt you, and if anything ever happened to you, especially by me, I’d ever forgive myself.” He said fighting the tears in his own eyes, he kissed me softly

“Besides, we both know Amara, and Violet would never approve; I’m a demon you’re meant to kill me, you-”

“Your part demon! You didn’t choose this!” I said my tears turning into those of anger.

“Why can’t you see how much I need you?!?!?!?!” I yelled trying so hard to change his mind.

See what the movies don’t tell you are that demons can be created by three different methods:

  1. Two demons create a spawn
  2. Someone surrenders to evil and lets the demon suck out their humanity
  3. Or the demon sucks out your humanity forcefully by reaching into your heart with his hand/claw

This does not apply to werewolves. In my case it’s pretty standard to your typical wolfman movie; a bite and every full moon you go all grrr. But I was just scratched, which left me with some of the wolf’s abilities. Jake is another special case, he was saved before the soul sucking process could be finished, leaving half human half demon constantly fighting off his evil half. Believe it or not I used to be normal too. Hanging out with my friends, and boyfriend; completely oblivious to the existence of demons, and other creators that go bump in the night. Until the night everything changed, we were attacked.

I was raised in a Wiccan house hold. I’ve followed the religion my whole life, but as far as I knew the whole flying in the night sky and curses were just for movies. My parents weren’t home; the girls and I got a hold of a book we thought was just a bunch of bull shit for people who wanted to learn to turn people into frogs or something. Violet was going through it and laughing while I was on the phone with Jake and Amara was painting her toes.

“They’ll be gone all night,” I said to Jake on the phone, “No! My parents would flip if they knew you came over, I told them it was going to be a quiet girls night” I giggled, “Okay, fine but you have to be gone by morning.”

“Looks like Jakes coming over” Amara smiled at Violet.

“I’m shocked” Violet giggled sarcastically

“Okay bye I love you too!” I blushed as violet and Amara made joking kissy faces at me. “You guys are so immature” I giggled hanging up the phone.

“So how long till he gets here?” asked Violet turning back to the book.

“About ten minutes” I smiled

“The fastest man on three legs” Amara said winking at me

“You’re so bad! It’s not even like that,”

“What no handcuffs tonight”

“Whatever, that was an isolated incident, and it wasn’t what it looked like,”

“I’m sure come on Faith; we all know you’re a little kinky masochist,”

“Cause you have so much room to talk Amara; or should I say little miss tie me up, bite my neck, and tease me more” Violet laughed coming to my aid.

“Hey! I’ll admit I’m a kinky bitch” she laughed.

“Wow! I think this conversation has gone a little too far” I laughed.

“Okay, well you guys have to check this out,” Violet said looking at the book

“I don’t want to get up,” I groaned

“Yeah she got to conserve her energy for Jake” Amara giggled

“Your just jealous cause I’m actually getting action” I teased, “What’s it say?” I asked nodding toward the book.

“It’s a “spell” to give you superpowers” she laughed then before I realized what she was saying and doing, it was too late she read it out loud.

“Goddess of the night

Shine on us your loving light

Give us the gifts of your purity

We will be your angels for eternity

Fighting for your light forever

Hell demons may rule never”

She read as I sat in awe. She had no idea the consequences of reading that out loud, but I did. The lights went out and we all screamed.

“What did you do!” I stood up grabbing the book for her

“I just read it to you guys! What happened to the lights?” she asked as a sudden chill went down our spines and she grabbed the throw blanket over her shoulders; suddenly I heard a glass shatter.

“Did you guys hear that?” I asked

“Yeah, what was it?” Amara stood up as well

“I don’t know, but it came from down stairs” I said grabbing the pocket knife clipped to my boot and opening. I opened the door and slowly crept down the hall the girls behind me. I could hear footsteps.

I slowly crept down the stairs and quickly rounded the corner into the living room, it was empty. But whoever was in the house was definitely in the kitchen, I really wished I would have remembered to lock the back door right about now. I reached behind me and grabbed Violet’s hand and as we approached the kitchen door slowly my heart began to pound almost out of my chest. Standing in front of the swinging door I closed my eyes took a deep breath and kicked the door open. I hit the intruder with the door; he hit the ground and jumped on him. Straddling him I held my knife to his throat.

“Jesus babe a little kinkier then I’m use to with you but okay,” Jake said no doubt a little startled by my ambush.

“Jesus Christ Jake! You scared the shit out of me!” I said still sitting on him.

“I can see that, now can you please remove the sharp object from my jugular?” he said reminding about the knife I was pushing into his throat.

“Oh shit! Sorry baby,” I closed the knife and the minute I did he grabbed my wrist and rolled, switching our places.

“Gotcha!” he smiled

“Rawer, a girl could get use to this” I teased

“Eh hem” Amara coughed reminding me they were still in the room. For the first time since the attack Jake noticed their presence and got off and helped me up.

“So about those lights...” Amara said closing the awkward silence.

“Oh yeah! Very funny you ass!” I slapped Jake in the arm

“Ow what’d I do?” he said holding his arm as if I’d just broken it.

“Cutting the lights to try and scare us real original” I said sarcastically

“That wasn’t me, they were off when I got here that’s why I came around back I thought maybe your parents came home early so I came in through the back, and when I couldn’t see I knocked over the glass. I tried to clean it up but, someone hit me with the door and tackled me to the ground.” He looked at me accusingly. I smiled up at him in that ‘you know I love you’ sort of way.

“Sorry” I kissed him.

“Wait....If Jake didn’t cut the lights.....Then who did?” Violet pointed out.

Suddenly three guys appeared out of smoke, I thought I was crazy. I stood there in utter shock, I couldn’t fucking believe my eyes. One of them threw and energy ball at me and knocked me against the cabinet, doing the same to Violet, and Amara next. I pulled myself to my knees looking up at the strangers, as another one seemed to run impossibly fast to Jakes side. Picking him up by the neck he looked at his fellow intruders.

“What do you think? New recruit?” he growled

“Mallic does need more followers” the other hissed

“Let me do it! I’m hungry!” said the third

“No!” I shouted still on my knees, the first one sniffed

“Well, what do we have here? Anthony get her!” he said talking to the second one.

“Don’t touch her!” Jake yelled as best he could

“Shut up! James get the other two!” he said to third one. Anthony came grabbed my wrist and held them behind my back while James grabbed Violet, and Amara who were just starting to come to.

“I swear if you hurt anything I’ll kill you, even if I have to come back from the fucking dead!” Jake fought to loosen the leaders grip on his throat.

“Is this what I think it is Anthony?” he said staring at Jake with disgust, Anthony sniffed me, and seemed to enjoy whatever sent he was picking up.

“Young love, how cute” he said patronizing us as if we were naïve kids.

“Hey sweetie, do you what happens when you get scratched by a half demon half werewolf?” said the obvious ring leader. I looked at Violet and Amara as they struggled against James’ hold, then at Jake was fighting as hard as he could to get free.

Anthony held both arms with one hand he held the other in front of my face and I watch his nails grow and his arm got hairy. I would have fought back harder but I could barely stand let alone fight back. He took his claw to my throat and scratched me just enough to draw blood.

“No! Damn it!” Jake yelled as Anthony threw me to the floor and all the veins in my body began to sear as if my blood was boiling, I lay on the floor screaming at the pain as Anthony made his way to Jake. He thrust his claw into Jakes chest and Jake screamed in pain as a white light started to flow from his chest into Anthony’s arm. Just then Violent screamed.

“NO!” when she did a burst of wind knock all three down. James let go of them and disappeared in a puff of smoke the leader and Anthony stood up and disappeared as well, leaving us there on the floor bleeding and confused.

The searing eventually stopped. We cleaned up got out the first aid kit and slowly pieced together what exactly happened. One by one we all discovered our powers doing everything we could think of to know what powers we had. With a little research we discovered Jakes demon side and my werewolf side. I blame myself everyday for the partial loss of his soul, and I thank the goddess everyday that Violet discovered her power in time to save what’s left of his soul.

“I need you too, but it’s not safe!” he said tears escaping his eyes.

“I don’t care! I can’t live without you! I won’t, not anymore, I’m done,” I said calming down, slowly losing grip on my own mental stability. He grabbed my forearm tightly holding me against the wall.

“Don’t you ever talk like that again!” I could hear the anger in his voice but I didn’t care I sat there silently, stone-faced. He slammed me against the wall again.

“Do you hear me? Answer me!” he yelled as his anger increased

“Do you think for one second you’re going to stop me, from doing anything? You never have before?” I said pushing him away and extending both arms for him to see my scars spelling his name. “You’re never around!” I yelled, he clenched his teeth turned away and tightened his hands into fists.

“God damn it!” he said in anger through his teeth and punched the wall right next to my head making me throw my hands up in defense and flinch. I put my arms down and he put his hand on my shoulder holding me against the wall.

“Damn it faith! What were you thinking? Are you that stupid or are you trying to fucking kill me?” he said boiling with anger

“I’m thinking that you promised to be by my side through every challenge, and then you up and left me here to deal with all the bull shit by myself! I’m thinking that you say you’re so in love with me yet, you don’t seem to have a problem not seeing months at a time!” I said definitely. He stared down at me still looking angry when he wrapped one arm around my waist and placed the other on the back of my head and kissed me hard and passionately.

When he pulled way his eyes had softened into the one I had gazed into a thousand times. Those hazel eyes I had fallen in love with what seems like so long ago.

“How could you possibly think for one second that it’s easy to be away from you? Don’t you think I miss you every day? Not one night goes by when I don’t wonder if you might be better off if I just disappeared forever. The only reason I haven’t is because of my own selfish needs to be with you, be near you. If I thought for one second I bare to never see you again I would have already left, and let you live a normal life,” he said as his breath lingered on my cheek

“Normal life? You’re kidding right? I was there that night too; my life is just as screwed up as yours. The only differences is anytime you need me, or need to see I’m there because all you have to do is jump into my dream; but when I need you I have to hope and pray that’s the same night you’ll be there. I’ll ever have a normal life again and you know that,” I said avoiding his gaze even though I could feel his eyes locked on me.

My arms hanging by my side I felt his fingertip grazing the scars on my arm, as the warmth of his breath lowered to linger on my neck. I could feel the guilt radiating from him, and I knew the battle I had fought for almost a year now was almost won. I turned to meet his gaze, putting one hand on the back of his head the other on his shoulder and kissed him.

“Come home,” I whispered against his neck

“I can’t,” he said his gazed never leaving the wall behind me

“Then you’ve made your choice,” I said closing my eyes and willing myself to wake.

I woke just an hour before my alarm clock was to go off. I must have laid there in bed at least twenty minutes replaying everything that had happened. Did I just break up with Jake? I don’t think I did, it wasn’t my intention. I just wanted him to see how bad he was hurting me; I wanted to change his mind, to hurt him a little. I don’t want to lose him, but I needed time to process his decisions. I mean why can he not take my thoughts in to consideration at least? Isn’t that what you do in a serious committed relationship? Who was I kidding; it wasn’t the same as a typical relationship. Far from it, but did that change all the typical rules?

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