Behind These Hazel Eyes

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Chyana “Chai” Nolan, has always just been you typical average girl. She has big dreams and goals for herself. But imagine if you’re always being told that, you will never be anything and you have a better chance being another number added to a statistic. With a voice like Mariah Carey, looks of a goddess, and a sweet and sour sophisticated attitude to match it, Chyana is that girl. She has always been that girl that all the girls at school secretly envy and try to be like. She has always been that girl that catches every guy’s attention. You would think nothing could ever get Chyana down. But deep down behind everything, Chyana is just a lost girl that is just trying to figure out life. She wants to do things differently, after years of being abused by her father and feeling alone something has got to give. But what if this change may not be what Chyana expected?

Note – Based from a true story. This is my first time on booksie, and I know my grammar isnt perfect. But Im working on it.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Behind These Hazel Eyes

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A/N - Sorrie for the spaces , I havee no idea why it wont let me space the paragraphs out. Hopee You likee it thouqh - DarkChild2OOO =P

Chapter 1: WARNING, Fragile Heart
“So I place my heart under lock and key”
“To take sometime to take care of me”
- Deborah Cox
Rain poured down the window pane, as the wind began to howl. Chyana leaned her head against the window letting the cool air brush against her face. From the corner of her eyes she could see her mom was in a trance. During the drive from her school, to her grandparents house, to the hospital had been quiet. Which was fine with Chyana, she needed time to process everything. She heard a sigh from her mom’s mouth, as her mom slightly turned down the radio. “Look Chai, Im so sorry about what you had to witness”. “If you want some space or some time I understand, I’ll let you go over Bridgett’s if you want” said Chyana’s mom Faith.
Chyana sighed, as she continued to stare out the window. Sitting across from her, she could hear her mom sniffling drying away the tears that won’t stop coming down. Chyana’s grandfather Charles was now gone, and they where back where they started. Her hand had been shaking during the whole ride, it happened so unexpectedly so fast. Chyana felt something pour down her face, but she quickly wiped it away as she reached in the back seat to retrieve her messenger bag. Faith slowly pulled up in there old neighborhood, the neighborhood that Chyana wanted to leave behind. As they arrived at there house, within a few moments Faith stopped the car. Faith’s hands remained on the wheel, as she stared out ahead of the road. It had been a long day for Faith and her daughter, Chyana wanted just to go home, take a shower, and sleep. Faith suddenly reached in the back seat to grab her purse, and she pushed open the door while turning off the radio. Chyana felt as if the storm had yet to come, when she got out of the car her hair was starting to get wet. Chyana walked up slowly to her house, and began to knock, hoping her and her mother wouldn’t have to sleep in the car again.
“He’s probably sleep, here I have the keys” said Faith. Faith was carrying the rest of there belongings which was divided up into two boxes. She threw the keys at Chyana, as Chyana had caught them. Chyana opened up the door slowly, and suddenly began coughing. Faith walked up to the front door, and dropped the boxes by the door and ran towards the living room. “Craig get up” shouted Faith. Chyana slipped off her ballet flats. She slowly walked over towards the living room door way and leaned against it. She watched with anxious eyes, as Faith tried to wake up her husband. Bottles of Jack, Vodka, Rosé, Alize, where on the floor along with cigarette’s, empty wrappers, and old crack bottles where lying on the floor. “Craig you need to get up now look at this place” said Faith.Chyana rolled her eyes and folded her arms across her chest, as “Craig” started to mumble some words. She was sick of coming home to this every single day, spending hours helping her mom cleaning up a mess that her father made. Her father who was a grown man, Chyana flinched at the word “father”.
Faith looked up at her daughter, in an apologetic look. “Im going to go do my homework” Chyana said flatly taking one last look at Craig. Faith began to shake Craig one more time before finally giving up, “Err . . . lea. . . Ve. . Me’z be woman” Craig mumbled shaking Faith off. Chyana slowly walked up the stairs with her shoes and her messenger bag, while her mom began to clean up. She slammed the door behind her. Chyana then, walked over to put her shoes in the closet. She then took of her coat, and placed it on her desk chair. Chyana walked over to her bed, and completely collapsed. Chyana wanted to go to sleep and forget she was living this messed up thing called life. She wanted to forget how she and her mother, as well as her brother Nick always found themselves back here. Chyana wanted to cuss herself out, for not saying anything. If she would have said something, they will still be at her grandparent’s house. She slammed her head in her pillow, it was all her fault. She started to cry, allowing her pain and the rain to comfort her. She was scared she felt alone. She feared that the worse has only had yet to come. She closed her eyes, she was afraid to but she was tired. Within a few moments, she was sleep and the nightmare began to play.
Chyana was sitting down comfortably on the couch, as she slowly began to sip her cherry soda. She was watching Tiny & Toya, with her grandmothers Crocker spaniel Coco and her little cousins Tanya and Daniela. Chyana could here her uncles, Nick and his friends outside playing spades, and domino’s the air was warm cool but Chyana could tell it was going to rain soon. But that never stopped her uncles or her brother when it came to money. Chyana, heard her aunts Valarie and Sierra, her mom, and her grandmother Marie where laughing in the kitchen humming along to an old tune. Chyana never thought she could one day live the fairy tale life but here she was living one. She loved it when her aunts, her mom, and her grandmother started singing there voices together reminded you of angles. As Chyana started scoot over on the couch to keep her comfort her aunt Valarie walked into the room. “Hey Ladies, dinner is almost ready Chyana why don’t you go check on papa Charles for me see if he ready to eat” said Valarie. Chyana smiled at her aunt and hopped of the couch, “Sure thing Aunt Val” she said as she began to walk up the steps. Marie and Charles owned a very old house, so when Chyana would walk up the steps they would often creak. When she got to the top of the steps, she can hear boxes being thrown. She walked into her grandparent’s room, as she saw Charles looking for something. “Grandpa Charles” she called out. Charles looked over at his grand daughter and quickly threw a weak smile, “Yes baby”? He said as he finally found what he needed. Chyana watched as Charles pulled out a belt and swung it at his hand. ‘Aunt Val said dinner is almost ready” Chyana said. She stood there frozen not sure what to do, her grandfather wasn’t acting like his normal self. “Okay, umm . . . I’ll be down in a minute” said Charles. Chyana stood there, as she watched her grandfather stumble around the room. He stepped on the chair which was positioned right in the center of the room. Chyana looked with horror and in shocked “GRANDPA WHAT ARE YOU DOING” she shouted. Charles looked at his grand daughter his favorite grand daughter, “Baby grandpa is doing what he needs to do, Im sorry” he whispered. Chyana started to call out for her grandmother, until before her eyes her grandfather hanging from the ceiling. “GRANDAMA GRANDMA GRANDMA!!!!!!!! “ Chyana shouted.
Chyana quickly opened her eyes. When she woke up it was still raining outside. She let out a soft groan, as she heard things being tossed around. Chyana layed down motionless, staring into space. “Where is my money, damn kids” she heard “him” muffle from Nick’s room. Chyana looked at her cellphone which she saw was flashing. She quickly grabbed it from her dresser and flipped it open. It was 9:15, she got home at 8. So she had only been sleeping for a little awhile. Chyana placed her cellphone next to her on the bed, just as her door swung open. Chyana quickly sat up and her eyes met his. His eyes where red with anger, wary and they where lost, he stood there frozen not sure what place to start. He stumbled inside her room, searching around frantically. “What the hell are you doing” Chyana shouted. He slowly walked over towards her bed and brooked his head.
Suddenly, Chyana was leaping up from her bed because he had grabbed a fist full of hair. “Where’s my money Chai” he hissed. Chyana looked at him; she had no idea what she was talking about. She glanced around her room and saw how half of it was torn apart. He wasn’t giving up this easy, which was something she could already see. “I know you got my money bitch, I need that money” he sneered pulling her hair tighter. Without sudden warning, he pulled it tighter and pushed Chyana on the floor. Chyana’s head had hit against the wooden floor and she slowly felt a headache approaching. Chyana began to wrap her hands around her legs. Clothes, Shoes, Purses, Jewelry started to fly around the room.“Buying you all this damn shit, but can’t get me no money” he shouted. Suddenly Chai saw him get up. He turned around and looked at her. He sighed, as he slowly started to approach her “Chai, Sweety sugah daddy promises not to hurt you if you tell him where his money is” he said. Chyana sat there frozen. She was scared, she felt like a little girl all over again. Tears streamed down her face, he wasn’t trying to hear anything other than she took his money. Her hesitation and her tears excited him. “Well?” he asked slowly lowering his voice.
“I don’t know where your money is dad” Chyana said slowly. Just then, he walked over to the wall and punched it, and started to reach out for Chyana. “What the fuck did I tell you about calling me that huh?” “Do you really think I wanna be your fucking father, huh?”“Raising you and that damn boy you aint nothing but a fucking hoe bitch” he shouted at her. In horror, Chyana slowly started to watch as he clenched his fist. She quickly ran to grab her jacket and phone. He was desperately trying to catch her. By the time he exit out of her room. Chyana was down the steps. Faith suddenly came in from outside, leaving the door wide open for Chyana to escape. Craig slowly started to climb down the steps, as Faith shut the door. Faith looked at her husband with wide eyes, “What the hell do you think your doing”. Craig ignored her as he went straight towards the refrigerator. Faith wrinkled her nose in disgust, as she dropped the bags on the kitchen counter. She had gone down the street to the grocery store to pick something up for dinner to try to clear her head. She watched as Craig grabbed a beer and went straight towards the living room completely collapsing on the couch.
Meanwhile, Chyana kept running. Rain continued to pour down on her fur hood jacket. Her legs stretched as far as they would go. Her heart was beating in and out of her chest, as more tears streamed down her face. She reached the end of the block, and started walking. She was too upset and lost to worry about the comment guys where shouting at her. Or the looks that the girls gave her as she continued to walk down the street. She was headed towards her best friend Bridgett’s house. She needed someone to talk to, someone who would just listen to her. And she knew after all the years they have been friends, Bridgett was the right person to go to. She sighed and looked up at the sky as a raindrop fell down on her eyes. She quickly teared it out while knocking on the door.
Just then Chyana’s best friend Bridgett had opened the door. “Hey girlie, come on in” said Bridgett. Chyana walked in and started to take her coat off, “You okay” Bridgett asked. Chyana sighed, as she slipped off her ballet flats “He tried to kill me again”. Bridgett shook her head, as she started to walk towards the kitchen. Chyana followed Bridgett to the kitchen, as Bridgett pulled out two Coke’s for them. They both sat down on the stools, Bridgett was frowning as she popped open the soda can. “What happened?” Bridgett asked. As soon as Chyana was getting ready to explain what happen there was a knock on the door. “Stay there, I’ll be right back” Bridgett said walking out of the kitchen. Chyana took slow sips out of her cola; her breath had finally caught up with her after running. She sat there quietly, as she looked in the hallway to find Bridgett and her mom Amanda entering the kitchen. “Hey Chai, how are you?” asked Amanda. Bridgett and Amanda could be easily passed off as twins. “Im doing fine Miss. Santiago” Chyana said looking down at the table.
Bridgett started to empty the brown paper bags, Amanda was caring. “Good, are you hungry I got Chinese and pizza” asked Amanda. All Chyana could do was nod, “Mom, Craig is tripping again” Bridgett said without warning. Chyana looked at Bridgett as she gave her that “As if she didn’t know” look. Amanda was quiet for a few minutes, she started to pull out plates and she looked at Chyana. Bridgett was right; Amanda figured Craig must have been acting up again. The Santiago home was a second home to Chyana, when things went wrong. Faith was her best friend since high school, and Chyana has always been like a daughter to her. She hated that her best friend and someone who was like her daughter were hurting. Amanda sucked her teeth and sat down at the table, “What happened sweety?” she asked.
Over dinner, Chyana explained everything that happened. Once she finished she was practically in tears, Bridgett put her plate down and reached over to give Chyana a hug. “Ugh, I hate Craig he is such an asshole, so are you staying over here tonight?” Bridgett asked. Chyana wasn’t sure if she should stay over for the night. She didn’t want to leave her mom alone with Craig, and suppose Nick came back from wherever he was at. Whenever Nick was in the house, Craig knew better to try anything.
“I don’t know I’ll call my mom to see how she feels about it” Chyana said leaning back against the couch. The three where eating in the living room, watching Stomp the Yard one of Chyana’s favorite movies. “Okay sweety, if you want I can call her for you” suggest Amanda. “No, that’s okay” Chyana said. Bridgett started to reach to the table for seconds, “You want some more?” she asked looking over at Chyana. Chyana shook her head no and looked down at her nails. Hours passed, Bridgett and Amanda where doing there best to cheer Chyana up but it didn’t help.
“I think Im going to call my mom now” Chyana said as she got up. “Okay” Bridgett said smiling. Chyana placed her plate down on the table and pulled out her cellphone. She went through her call list, and pressed MOMMIE. She clicked the green button, and waited for someone to pick up. After the fourth ring, a fimilar voice had picked up “Chai?” the voice asked. Chyana’s mouth dropped as she realized that it was her Aunt Twanna, “Aunt T?” Chyana asked back. “Yes girl its me, where are your mother is worried sick about you” Twanna said. Chyana could sense a panic attack ready to come on, by the way Twanna was speaking. “Im at Bridgett’s” Chyana said. Twanna paused for a moment, and then reappeared back on the phone. “Okay, babe are you coming back home though or are you going to go to school with Bridgett?” Twanna asked.
Bridgett playfully bumped Chyana and smiled “Girl you know you can roll with me in the morning if you want to” she said as she took another bite out of her chicken. Chyana giggled, “Um, yeah but Im going to need to get my clothes”. “Don’t worry your brother is on his way, I figure you say that I made snacks and stuff so you’ll find it in your douffle bag” Twanna said. Chyana smiled, Twanna had a way of making everything better. Once Chyana and her aunt clicked off the phone, Amanda smiled brightly at Chyana. “Chai, you know where always happy to have you over anytime”. Chyana nodded her head, as her and Bridgett started laughing.
She felt right at home whenever she was over the Santiago house. Bridgett of course was her best friend, even though she had other friends Bridgett was an original. Amanda was like a second mother to Chyana and Chai looked up to her. The girls cleaned up from dinner, and while Chyana and Bridgett where in the kitchen there was a knock at the door. “I’ll get it” Amanda called out. Within a few minutes later Amanda started to squeal, “Nick, Oh my god look at you”. Chyana and Bridgett ran out the kitchen, and Bridgett instantly began to blush. “Hi, Miss S” Nick said opening up his arms for a hug. Amanda hugged Nick, and led him towards the living while Bridgett and Chyana slowly followed.
“Boy, I haven’t seen you since you were elementary school with the braces” Amanda said laughing. Nick made a face, and started to laugh “I know”. “How are you sweety?” Amanda asked. “Actually Im alright” Nick said smiling, then his face went to serious “But, Im pissed because I have to come home and hear how my dad is acting like an ass”. Nick was 17, and he had recently joined the Marines. That was his way of trying to make things better for Faith and Chyana. He was right now doing training, and would sometimes pop in to check on Faith and Chyana. Amanda frowned and shook her head in disappointment, “I feel so bad for you guys, I told Faith Craig aint nothing and never will be anything.” “You should have seen the way he would act in college”. Chyana shook her head, and then looked at Bridgett. Bridgett’s eyes where on Nicks chest. Nick was wearing a white long wife beater and black pajama pants. Chyana laughed, she couldn’t believe he actually stepped out the house dressed like that.
Nick and Chyana looked extremely alike. Each both had hazel eyes, chinky eyes that drove guys and girls crazy. Plus they where around the same height. “Well I knew that from the gecko, well I just came to deliver your bag big head’ Nick said throwing Chyana her bag. “Aunt Twanna made cookies and cakes and bought your favorite chips and candy”. “And then there are some clothes, towels, you know basic stuff” Nick explained. Chyana nodded and stuck her tongue out at Nick; He smiled and walked over to give his little sister a hug. “Aunt Twanna and I are going to be staying over for awhile to help mom find a place.
So I’ll still be at the house when you get back from school tomorrow” Nick said winking at Bridgett. Chyana rolled her eyes, and then smiled at Nick. “Okay” was all she could say. She was sooo happy that Nick was now back home. That meant for once, she can get a break. “Alright, Im out Chai don’t be starting any mess” Nick said looking directly at Chyana. “Im not, you know me better than that” Chyana said. “I thought, I known someone else better than that too” Nick muttered, as he walked out the front door. Bridgett looked at Chyana, and then back at Nick. Amanda escorted Nick out the door, while Bridgett snucked Chyana upstairs. “Come on” Bridgett said, as she led Chyana up stairs. When they got to Bridgett’s room, Bridgett smiled and fixed her lips into a smirk. “Oh no, what are you up to” Chyana said flatly. Bridgett grabbed Chyana’s bag from her and sat it down next to her bed, she then disappeared into her bathroom. Chyana collapsed on Bridgett’s bed while grabbing the remote from her dresser.
Just then, Bridgett came back in with her makeup kit. Chyana’s eyed widen as she looked at Bridgett with horror. “Ah come on girl, you look horrible”. “You need to start going back to yourself and Im going to help you” Bridgett explained. Chyana looked at her, and thought about it for a moment. It was strange how the topic was being brought up but Bridgett was right. “Okay, Okay” Chyana said slow. For the rest of the evening, Chyana let Bridgett make her over. They talked and laughed, shared memories about there elementary years. “Oh my god he use to stalk you all the time” Chyana said breaking out laughing. Bridgett started to apply grease to Chyana’s hair, and she began laughing as well. “I know showing up to my house and locker bringing flowers its amazing how people change.” “Now he all grown up looking as fine as ever” Bridgett said giggling. Chyana giggled as she focused her eyes on the Television, making sure to sit still so Bridgett wouldn’t burn her. “Yeah it’s amazing how people change” Chyana thought to herself.
Bridgett was flat ironing Chyana’s hair, and making half braids. She hated to see her friend so down, so she figure the make over could help her let lose a little. Chyana must admit that she was feeling a little better. She missed those days where she would hang out with her friends. Chyana and her friends would go to the mall, amusement parks, parties you name it. Now it seemed all Chyana ever did was mop around, and wish about things that could never happen. “Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.” “Live a little sweet heart don’t be afraid of what life has to offer you”. “The outcome could always be something sweet” Chyana’s grandfather’s voice stuck to her. Live a little, do what you gotta do. “So you are you still feeling Joshua?” Chyana asked snapping out of her trance. “I dunno, we been kicking it sometimes but that flunky chick Anasia keep stalking him. “And you know me I aint down with no drama” Bridgett said pursing her lips together. “I know that’s right” Chyana said. She bit her lip, and thought for a moment. She needed to go back to having a life. She needed to go back to being a teenager again. She was going to start doing her even if it killed her, something had to give.

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