The Outcome

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This unfinished story is about two vampire twins who are being followed by 3 mysterious "demons." Through out this story they try to find out who and where there from. Their are minimal if not 2 swear words. Hell. Maybe fuck or pissed.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Outcome

Submitted: December 17, 2012

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Submitted: December 17, 2012




The sun was barley shining. The snow rustling as the wind pushed it here and there. About three miles away from Elysia, the mountains barely in view. The trees naked from the loss of leaves.  The air had a morosely taint to it. Something that usually wasn’t there. The town was barely insight. There where footsteps. Freshly made. They travelled into the forest and disappeared up a tree. Retracing the path of footprints it led towards the town but not just there yet. There was a trapdoor with a strange symbol on it. The symbol was a blood red. There was an apprehensive feeling going all through the door. Coming from the woods there was a loud snapping sound, as if someone had snapped a branch in half.

Two middle teen kids jumped down from the tall tree. One a boy and one a girl. The boy had a confided face chiseled into his skull structure. Tall but skinny. His skin as pale as the snow falling from the sky. Long black studded Tripp pants. His hair long and jet black. His eyes as blue as the river that has been frozen solid years ago. Bewildered the girl just looked around like she had just woken up from a deep sleep. Her bleach blonde hair flowing in the wind. When the wind finally subsided, her hair showed its true length, all the way to her mid chest. Teased all over. The girl took out a box, a box like no other. She was concealing the box in her handbag.
The bag was bright with purple and red. Its appearance just indignated the boy as he stared at it. She slowly reached her hand over top the box. The boy just shook his head in a quivering motion. The boy watched the girl as she slowed down towards the other end of the box. His emotions subsided. The girl had a profound look on her face, as she stared at the boy’s reactions towards the box. The boy switched to an entraced appearance before the girl could recognize what his emotions were towards the box. The two teens just walked away towards the trap door on the ground and slowly escaped the real world.


They slid down the old dirt path till they reached an enormous bright light blinding them as they went closer and closer towards it. They stopped sliding, got up and walked forward until the brightness subsided. They reach the end of the light to see a dirt wall. The girl closed her eyes, cleared her thoughts, and placed her hands on the wall. These mysterious white patterns appeared on her arms. They where glowing brighter and brighter. They have finally reached the brightest they could possibly get, while the boy finally joined her in the meditation looking activity, his arms began to glow. Abruptly before his arms could have gotten as bright as the girls, the wall faded into a mist. They walked through smiling to see all of there family waiting for them to finally return to there hive. A middle aged looking woman came up to them. Her long blonde hair in curls as big as an index finger bouncing around. The two teens get bashed into the ground with a tackle of a hug. “Where were you?!” She exclaimed.

The girl in the blonde responded “We were just walking in the woods.” A smile danced on her lips in an animalistic grin. “I promise.” She added. The boy just looked at her with fear in his eyes.

“I don’t care; you should have at least told us you were going to be gone. I for one have been worried sick.” She said in an unsettling tone.

“Mom its ok…” She reassured. She then looked at the boy next to her telling him with her eyes to get up. The boy understood and got up.

“Kristoff and October, you two need to be more careful I was about to send the council after you…” The mom tried to scare them but they just looked at her and walked away. Then Kristoff and October both walked down the dirt path looking road. Foot tracks everywhere most leading straight but some turning into buildings. They stopped in front of a tree that wore black lines bold and dark all over the tree. Curving and running through the creases of the bark. The two walked to the tree and sat down facing the tree. They both relaxed their bodies, straightening their spines and placing their hands on the soft grass. They stared at the remarkable tree. The two teens eyes started to fade to a bright white color. A color brighter than the whitest clouds. They stared, deeply into the tree. The trees bold black lines where starting to glow, one by one. Kristoff looked over at October seeing her in total concentration. He then looked back and started to stare blankly at the tree again. October stood up slowly and walked forward towards the tree, she then reached out to touch it with her pointer finger. She went to go poke the tree but her finger slid through the bark. She then smiled and walked towards the tree, slipping her body through until she was completely invisible. Kristoff watched her in amazement. He quickly snapped out of the trance they were brought into and ran to the tree. He paused a foot from the tree falling to the ground to find a massive migraine. He looked up at the tree with teary eyes. He then screamed out to the once visible October “OCTOBER! WHERE DID YOU GO?” Octobers head peaked out of the trees center, ripples moving throughout the tree as if it had become a liquid.

“Quit your whining… I’m right here.” October said in an annoyed tone. Kristoff glared at her as she stood with her head out.

“How in the world did you get INSIDE the tree?”

October smiled “It’s a new trick I taught myself” She then walked out of the tree the ripples evade as she finally gets her whole body out of the now solid like tree. She then walked over to Kristoff and pulled him off the ground, placing her hands on his temples then moving her hands down his head to his neck to the base of his neck and pressed with all of her strength. Kristoff fell to the ground feeling an electric shock throughout his whole body.

“What... did you do to me…?” Kristoff frowned in the pain in his body but realized she had only taken the migraine away. He felt a major tingly sensation throughout his body and mostly the core of his stomach. He cringed as the tingling left slowly. October just smiled and said

“Another skill I have learned.” She pulled him off the ground and put down her ring and pinky fingers having only her middle and pointer finger up. She pushed her fingers up in the middle of under his chin. He then felt a surge of energy flow through his body and subsided the tingly sensations. He looked at her to identify in his thoughts how much she has changed. So far, three new skills. Kristoff on the other hand zero. He felt bad for himself. How only a month in Elysia can change so much about one person.


Kristoff and October walked to there house. The building was enlighted by a blue glowing orb like thing floating atop of the house. They walked in, the house empty. They took there separate way throughout the house. Kristoff reached the kitchen and opened the silver pattered fridge. He reached in for two red hospital-like packs of liquids. He tore one open with his mouth and poured the substance in his mouth. He smiled and his stomach got the flutters the very second he swallowed it. There was a small stream running down the corner of his mouth. He smiled slightly at the empty red pack and tossed it in the recycling bin. He then went to go leave the kitchen when he spotted a piece of paper on the table. He went to go reach for the piece of paper when he saw in the corner of his eye a black shadow like thing dancing across the slippery kitchen floor. He turned around but once he realized he was turned around he had found that he had spun extremely fast. He felt his body shake from the blur like motion. He was confused. Not being aware of what had happened he looks down the hallway and spots the figure again. He watches it walk slowly but casually down the hallway like it was his house. He snuck through the kitchen accessing the hallway carefully making sure he doesn’t make to much noise. He spoke up in a scared like voice “Hello?” Kristoff stares as the man who keeps on walking throughout his own house. Kristoff spoke in a more assertive form “Who are you?” The man stopped. Kristoff got a huge chill down his spine and the air got very dense. The man in black turned around slowly but so carefully it almost looked like he was being controlled. As soon as Kristoff met eyes with the man he felt a sudden urge to run but he stayed there and stood his ground. The man just smiled, sharp like teeth shining through the griminess of his smile. Kristoff stared feeling his fangs pulsating, wanting to come out. Wanting to fight. He just rubbed his tongue against the sharp objects in his gums to relax them. The man stood there still smiling, Kristoff on the other hand watched him and spoke once more “Give me your name or I WILL kill you.” The man just stood there staring. His smile quickly faded into a frown.

“You don’t want to do that do you?” The man’s voice sounded metallic and monotonic.

Kristoff just sat there more chills going down his spine. “Why shouldn’t I? You trespassed my home without permission, I have no clue who you are. You’re lucky I haven’t attacked you yet…” The man stared at him blankly like Kristoff were to be speaking a whole other language. Kristoff cringed at the thought of attacking a mysterious man in his own home. He hasn’t had have that much training. Plus he doesn’t know how powerful the man is. The man smiled at him again as he blurred into the air. Kristoff just blinked in amazement. When he opened his eyes the man in black appeared in front of him his fist connecting with Kristoffs face. He flew back with amazing speed hitting the counter dead center in his spine his body bending over the counter and sliding off it. Kristoff got up with a tear escaping. He looked at the man, feeling a burning sensation throughout his body. The man just shivered at the site of Kristoff. His eyes have changed from blue to a deep blood red. Around that red there is a solid dark orange ring. The man stared at Kristoff for quite some time. He was scared. Scared of what Kristoff is, or what he has. Kristoff ran to the man with quick flash like speed. He quickly punched the man in the core of his gut knocking him to the end of the hall. The man laid in amazement of how strong the boy had become in literally three minutes. Kristoff looked at his hand as it lifted from his side to about forty degrees up. His hand started to be surrounded by streams of dark purple but see through. Kristoff smiled and looked up back at the man who has invaded his home. He took a charge at the man and shoved his palm right in his stomach just above the man’s belly button. The man screamed in terror as the streams pierce his stomach and escaping all over his body. The man finally had enough. “OK STOP!” The man screamed. Kristoff looked at him, looked in the man’s eyes and realized what he was doing. Kristoff closed his eyes and willed the streams to escape the man and escape his hands.

Kristoff tried to speak calmly but all that came out was a fearful tone of screeching. “Oh my god… HOLD ON.” Kristoff ran through the kitchen to the staircase and ran up. His sister was waiting at the corner for Kristoff. “I keep feeling these weird vibrations around my body. Where is this energy coming from?” She scanned her brother up and down seeing his auras brighter than ever and reaching out farther than someone’s aura should. He grabbed her hand and dragged her down the stairs and to the hallway where the man laid. “Look…” Kristoff whispered.

October outbursted in anger “What have you done...” She ran over to the man that was once conscious. She quickly placed her hands on top of his heart closing her eyes and focusing her energy through her hands into his heart. She noticed the pumping to be extremely slow. She moved her hand down to his stomach and pressed lightly with two fingers. The man’s body twitched slightly. She then moved her hand to the center of his chest, making a circle with her hand like she was grasping a pipe. She then put her lips down to her hands and blew into it. The man’s chest moved forward as if he were breathing on his own but quick and deep. She pulled away and placed her index and middle fingers from both hands on each of the man’s sides. She then applied a major amount of pressure making his body go into a wave like motion. Kind of like the tree from earlier that day. She lifted her right hand slowly from his side and reached into his stomach. She then closed her eyes and focused on drawing the energy she has detected inside of him. She willed the energy through her arm. She felt a shock of electricity flow through her body. She bit her bottom lip and continued to absorb the energy. Her arm started to glow the purple like color that Kristoff sent off. She opened her eyes and stared at amazement what was coming out of his body. She has never seen this color of energy before. “Kristoff… What did you do….” She looked at her brother who was staring at the man in complete disbelief that he could have done that.

“I… I... don’t know…” he whispered.

“Well you better find out because if this came from you… this energy needs to be TREATED fast.”

“I… don’t know what I did…I’m so confused.” He walked over to the man watching the purple smoke like essence escape the man. He had small recollections of what had actually happened. All he can remember was that he was flung into the counter and felt the burning sensation throughout his body, nothing else. October looked up at Kristoff looking into his eyes they still had some red tint in them. “What is wrong with your eyes…?” Octobers face went white.


“What are you talking about?” Kristoff said in a questionable tone. He went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. He saw what his sister had seen. He had no idea why his eyes where different. He thought back before he had hit the man. He looked extremely terrified of what he was facing. Maybe that’s why the man looked just horrified to what he had seen. Kristoff walked back out in the hall. October and the man where both standing up. The man looked at Kristoff and was completely showered with fear. Kristoff walked over to the man and stuck his hand out for a handshake. The man looked at the hand making sure there where no more colors evaporating from his arm. He then slowly reached out to a handshake still trying to show that he is more superior and non afraid. They had finally connected hands and had shook. Kristoff looked in the eyes of the man finally scanning what the man had looked like. His eyes where a dark hazy hazel. His eyelashes where thick black lines like they have been covered in mascara. His face had an extreme sly structure. His trench coat now dirtied up and torn had tears all up from the bottom to just a little under the middle of the jacket. Under the coat lies a plain black shirt. Kristoff wondered why the man was in all black. The man’s hair was short and recently buzzed, as black as the night.  He had just recently shaved to, for only he had a minor five o‘clock shadow. The man tried to smile still trying to show he isn’t scared. “H-hello… I’m Zel.”

“I’m Kristoff.” Kristoff smiled watching the man’s reactions he could sense that the man was completely horrified of what he was touching. They finally let go of each other’s hand as if it were an eternity. Zel spoke in a silent tone. “I’m sorry I intruded your home… I was only following orders…” Zel tried to show a decent smile it only fell to a frown when he felt the sores of the fight. “I’m sorry but… I must go…” Zel limped slowly down the hallway when October ran to him and grabbed his shoulder. “Why exactly are you here?” October questioned his authority. He sat there in silence, and then looked at the boy, the boy who had shown this mysterious power, the boy named Kristoff. Zel then seeped through the ground till he has vanished leaving Kristoff and October in total amazement.



The woods were dark, darker than usual. Kristoff looked around wondering how he got in the woods. He closed his eyes and tried to visualize an over view of him. He saw nothing. He tried again only to find a failed attempt. He thought to himself No powers. He looked around for any familiar signs of him and his sister’s adventures. There was nothing. He turned to see a dark figure standing approximately twenty-two feet in front of him. He opened his mouth to find no noise coming out. He placed his hand on his throat feeling vibrations in his vocal chords. He started to panic slightly but to himself. He walked over to the figure about ten feet forward into his destination his body freezes in one spot. He moved his eyes at the figure and it moves closer to him. He starts too sweat profusely. The figuring was shape shifting almost like a blob had taken its form but with legs. A part of the thing reached out towards Kristoff, he whined in despair to feel the coldness of the creature. Its black arm like piece pierced through Kristoff’s right lung. He could feel the puncture go all the way through his body. He whined in an enormous amount of pain once again. He then fell out of his bed, realizing it was only a nightmare. He wiped his sweat from his forehead, moving his hair from his eye, and got up to get back in to bed.



Kristoff awoke to a cat on his stomach all curled up warm like. He lifted it up and slid it onto the bed. Kristoff got up and walked over to his dresser, opened the first one and shuffled the clothes for his favorite shirt. In the process he found a bright pink shirt with bold black letters simply stating “Kiss Me I’m A Vampire.” going down in a straight line. Next to the words lie girls lips spread apart with pointy objects resembling fangs. He frowned in disgust and threw it in the hallway. He then resumed searching the dresser and finally found his shirt. The shirt was lined from the right shoulder to the bottom left corner with bold black stripes. In each of the white lines there where each color of the rainbow, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. He smiled and put it on. He looked on top of the dresser and saw his brush. He grabbed the brush and walked over to the mirror on his wall. He then started to brush his hair when his sister walked in; he looked over to her to see her face red with a pink tint. “What’s your problem?” Kristoff questioned. October just stared at him with major disgust. He repeated him self. She pointed to the floor where her shirt lies.

“My shirt. Do you have no moralities?” She screamed. Kristoff just looked at her like he did not care one bit. She frowned in disappointment. “How are you ever going to get a wife?” She picked up the shirt un-crinkled it and walked back to her room. He looked down at the floor frowning at what he knew… but no one else. He felt a tear fall from his eye. He felt so different from everyone else. He felt lonely.  He wiped the tear and got up to his dresser again opening the second drawer. He found a pair of his half dark red and half black skinny jeans. The top half were red the bottom where black. He slid them on and walked into the hallway proceeding to the stairs. He stopped to see a darkened body like figure standing in his sister’s room from the corner of his eye. He turned his head but the black figure had vanished. He shook his head and continued to walk down the stair case. A twenty year old male was sitting on the couch in the living room watching Channel 8 News. He was watching some incident in the woods next to Elysia. Kristoff’s eyes widened the second he saw the creature. He covered his mouth with his hand watching the creature’s movements. How his “nightmare” was. He backed away slowly to the kitchen and as soon as he was out of view from everyone and everything he lifted his shirt to find a red and bluish hole atop of his right chest. He covered it up in total shock. He then thought to himself How can I be in two places at once? Kristoff got up and walked quickly to his sister’s room. October was lying on her bed with her headphones in. Her walls were drenched in band posters. October got up and pulled a head phone out; looking at Kristoff she quickly said “Why are you in my room?” Kristoff ignored her question and started to take off his shirt. “Why are you---.” October paused in mid-sentence to see a huge hole the size of a fist in her brother’s right chest. She got up quickly slamming and locking her door shut. She ran over to her closet that had a huge X on it with a circle around it. She slipped through the door once again like it wasn’t even there. Kristoff just ignored the constant questions going through his head at the moment. “Here it is.” She said aloud from the enclosed closet. She then walked back out holding a book with a bright red plus on the front. The book was an old leather looking, dust covered piece of practically nothing. She opened the book looking through the contents of the table of contents. It told her to go to Chapter 7; Page 481. She scattered through the pages until she got to the page. The heading was “Simple but Structural Healing Method for Wounds.” She smiled and said “This is really easy.” Kristoff tried to take her reassuring words but he knew she was nervous. She sat him down on the ground, drawing a circle around him with black salt like substance. She drew an X in the air then a plus inside the X in front of the circle. She sat down and began to read the contents of the book “I call upon the gods and goddesses of good health and immortality towards best living. Perpheus, D’Ablo, Zaia, and Lynn. I ask for your strength during this ceremony. I ask you to give me your power for I am going to close this boys wound. Please.” She closed her eyes and waited for a response. Nothing. She waited for a minute more and opened her eyes she saw nothing. The only thing she saw was black, pitch black nothingness. She got scared and looked down to what appears to be air. She looked back up and the gods and goddesses she has summoned have answered. The four stood there, watching her every movement. Their eyes were black with dark red circles coming from the center of the eye to the outer ending. D’Ablo and Zaia both had white plus signs in the middle of their eyes, like they were there pupils. Then Lynn and Perpheus’s eyes had an infinity sign in the middle as well. Perpheus looked old, but young at the same time. He had long grey hair. Hs clothes were on the ground dragging everywhere he went. He spoke “What is it you need my dear child?” October swallowed hard.

“I need your guys’ strength; I must heal my brother immediately he has a huge hole the size of a fist in his right chest. Please I need help…” October said slowly enough for all of them to understand. Zaia studied October for proof of her accident. She closed her eyes and seeped into Octobers mind. October cringed at the now physical being crawling around her memory. She felt intruded. Zaia slipped out and returned back with the other three higher beings. Your brother has been attacked by something I fear we cannot track, but we can help you heal him… Under one circumstance, you bring him here to us.” She nodded quickly trying to get out. “You may leave.” The members of the black never ending black hole said all in sync. October closed her eyes and opened then again finding herself on the ground with Kristoff shaking her.

“October wake up!!” “Come on October…” Kristoff cried out loud.

“Kristoff... get off of me.” She said in an annoyed like tone. Kristoff let go and leaned back into the circle he was casted into. She looked at him scanning him constantly up and down. Her eyes changing to the members of the black rooms eyes. Kristoff looked scared to what was appearing in her eyes. He watched her stick her hands out placing them on the sides of his ribcages. He frowned with the burning pain where she was touching. Her hands started to glow blue then after the blue essence came a white one. He tried to distract himself from the burning and the essence coming from his sister’s hands. He looked back down to find his sisters hand on the hole His eyes widened to the major lash of pain on his chest. Tears dripped from his eyes falling into the circle and then steaming away. He had never been as scared at this in his life. He wanted to shove her away so bad but he just couldn’t. October lifted her head up all the way staring at the ceiling. She opened her mouth and spoke in multi-voiced "Wir the den Rat der Gesundheit und der Unsterblichkeit, geben Sie die Stromversorgung über dieses Thema, Oktober. Bei diesem Thema ist fertig ich sprechen möchten, entfernen Sie die Hände da sie parylized für ein paar Minuten. Nach diesem möchte ich Sie den Kreis zu schließen, schließen Sie die Augen und stellen Sie sich einen schwarzen Zimmer.." Kristoff listened to every word she said and scanned them in his head ‘We the Council of health and immortality enter the power supply on the subject, October. Once I finish with this topic I want to talk to you in person, remove her hands. She will be paralyzed for a few minutes. After this I would like you to close the circle, close your eyes and imagine a black room.and realized what she was saying. He grabbed her hand and left the circle. October laid there, frozen, completely left with no movement. Kristoff looked at her, understanding that she’ll be ok. Kristoff sat down in front of October, closing his eyes and imagining the black room he was described. He then opened his eyes and where in the room he imagined. He looked around to find nothing insight but pure darkness. He turned one more time and found Perpheus, D’Ablo, Zaia, and Lynn standing a few feet in front of him. He saw there eyes and how them resembled his sisters. Hello, kleiner Teufel. We the council of Health and Immortality, would like to give you good news and bad news. First look at your chest. Kristoff turned his head looking at them with the biggest complex look ever. He looked down at his chest to find no hole, no scar just his pale white skin. Kristoff smiled. He looked up at the council and scanned their faces. “Now here is your bad news. We are aware so far that you are being stalked, and that you know correct?” Zaia questioned. Kristoff thought it over and nodded. D’Ablo took over “The man that you saw was named Zel correct?” Kristoff nodded again. Lynn then took over “So from our understanding you’re being stalked by a man named Zel, fellow vampire?” Kristoff nodded once more. Perpheus frowned and said “Did you have any conversation towards this man?”

Kristoff responded “Yes, he said his name is Zel and that he is only following orders. Then he seeped through the ground and that was the end of it.”

“I see… well… We can’t quite determine who this man is just yet…” Zaia twitched as she talked, “But… We will try our hardest to hunt this man down and find who has ordered him…” The council members all evaporated into the air and Kristoff appeared to be in his sister’s room and October sitting stiff but now moving. He smiled and walked out of her room.



Kristoff was sitting all alone in the woods. Dark. Mysterious. Shrouded in a cold mist that looked as if it went on forever. He was sitting on an old broken down tree that had fallen over quite some time ago. His hands were lying in a mossy like substance. Once he realized what he was touching he quickly pulled away cringing at what he was touching. He relaxed his body and closed his eyes. Imagined Octobers face. Imagined her every feature he could think of. He spoke to her in his head October… Come to the woods… once in use your Overview and look for me… He opened his eyes to find his sister already standing in front of him. Kristoff jumped backwards and feel off the log hitting his head on a rock. October got on the log crouching down staring at him. “What do you want…?” Kristoff glared at her picking himself back up.

“We need to talk…” Kristoff changed his tone as he talked to a more serious note. October looked at him with a puzzled face.

“What do you mean, ‘talk’.” Kristoff looked at her with amazement of what had happened earlier that day like it didn’t happen.

“What I mean is, what happened earlier… we need to determine who that man was and what his mission is.” October stared at him, blank expressions flowing out of her face. October nodded and grabbed Kristoff’s arms. She started to close her eyes. He was confused on what to do to help what ever she was doing. Kristoff blinked and as he opened his eyes they were in a building. From what it looked like they were at the entrance. The inside of the building is made of marble. There where pillars going from the entrance down the hallway in a straight line to a desk with a lady. She had pasty white skin. Dark hair, a white suit. She was toying with the keyboard, from what it looks like she was trying to finish a project that was due today. Kristoff and October walked down the marble hallway with the pillars stalking them. They finally reached the desk where the lady had been expecting them. The lady pointed to the right of her without looking away. Her hand directed them to an old rundown door-way. That leads into a pitch black room. October started to walk but Kristoff didn’t move. He sat there staring blankly at the room.

“Come on Kristoff…” She watched him as he stood there. Kristoff shook his head slowly as if he were to be in a trance. October grabbed his arm and tried to direct him to the door-way. He just stood there not even trying to force the opposite direction. “Kristoff… Come on...” He finally shook his head as if he was snapping out of a trance. He then started to walk again. They finally reached the entrance when Kristoff fell to the ground holding his ears as if he where to be hearing a noise that’s extremely unpleasant. October bent down placing her hand on his back for comfort but he moved his shoulder showing her to not touch him if she knew what’s good for her. She placed her hand on his back once again and he threw his head up grinding his teeth. Kristoff’s face was covered in red His eyes where black with a red ring in them. Inside the ring there was a blue six pointed star with his Iris and his Pupil in the center of the star. She pulled away scared of what she just witnessed. “Kristoff…?” She worried.

“Ich habe das Tier in der Nacht, der Spender des Todes, die Monster der Mond, bin mit der wahren Natur der was sie noch nicht gesehen. Diese Form wird sie schreien in Schrecken.” Kristoff had a screaming multi voice type of tone. October just stared in total shock of what was going on. Kristoff stood up drooping his head and arms. The lady behind the desk was just watching the boy as he got up she had no clue what to do… Kristoff quickly flashed his head over to the left and to the right making extremely loud cracking noises. October cringed to the sound of her own brother breaking his neck without using his hands or any force. He smiled and looked at his sister. “Poor... poor... October… look at you. In total amazement of what the hell is going on. Well let me show you…” Kristoff extended his arm all the way to October rapping his fingers around her waist and pulling her to him. He threw her up and slammed her into the ground. He walked over to her and crouched clucking his tongue. “Silly October… You need to treat me? You need to cure me? I’ll cure you from this world.” October recollected her thoughts and remembered what she said when Kristoff came running up the stairs. She watched this weird demonic version of Kristoff… She was scared. October was scanning this new Kristoff up and down checking his auras. She had a slight gasp. She couldn’t believe what she saw. His auras where through the roof spreading pretty far by the looks of it. His eyes had an evil glare in them. She watched him as he stood there watching her. Smiling. A most disturbing smile. She smiled as a thought went through her head. She stood up confronting the thing in front of her. She peered through its soul and stared it down. She reached over to her handbag and grabbed a mysterious box. Kristoff’s face dropped in disappointment.

“You want to cure me? You want to rid me from this world?” October smiled as she quickly pulled out a box from her bag and lifted the lid. This dark electric like purple exploded out of the box and absorbing itself into October. She closed her eyes as the substance seeped into her. She smiled to the tingly like sensation spreading all over her body. She finally opened her eyes and looked at Kristoff. Her eyes pure white with a dark pink ring in the middle inside this pink ring there lays a three pointed star, her hair grown longer than it was already, she looked like a demon of purity. Kristoff looked at the new October he remembered who this new character was. “You want to play bad vamp?” She smiled “Well… I’m sure I’ll have fun with this, isn’t that right Raziel?”

The new Kristoff smiled “It shall be my pleasure Aziel.” Kristoff ran towards October forming a blade with his arm dripping off, a red liquid like substance running from the base of the blade till the very tip. October ran towards him as well forming purple wings. She jumped up and watched as Kristoff followed but couldn’t fly. She smiled as she put her hands in front of her having her right hand face down and wrapping her left hand around her wrist, pressing her thumb on a certain point. As she pressed blue electricity sparked from her right hand. The streaks extended three to four feet. The parasite of Kristoff stared at the parasite of October. October fluttered her wings gently and dived into her brother. Kristoff reached his blade up Aziel and Raziel’s weapon choices connected with a flash of white light everywhere. The two pure soul owners of Kristoff and October where floating in a white room. There index and middle finger interlocked. Kristoff’s face showed half of the creature who had token over him and the left half had the presence of his natural self. October had the same as well but opposite sides. There normal side faces had a tear drop. While the other side had nothing. The two stared at each other for quite a long time.


“I’m sorry…” Kristoff spoke with a dual-voice.

“No… I’m sorry… I dragged you into this mess.” October spoke in the same duality. The two started getting pulled away from each other but still were connected by their fingers. They switched their interlock to a more firm handshake stance. They held on with dear life. Half of the beast’s faces appeared in the air. Kristoff’s on his side and October’s on her side. The two vampires and the two “creatures” were glaring at each others side. They needed to finish this... Kristoff and October nodded. They then separated their hands and were sucked up through the massive apparitions of the “creatures”. The room finally faded back into the regular building they started off in. Raziel started walking over to Aziel. Raziel’s eyes opened big as he felt a major pain right in the center of his head. He started to scream and fall to his knees slowly. Aziel did the same. The clerk at the desk just watched as they both screamed in pain. Kristoff and October knew what they were doing. They were pushing their thoughts through the very soul of the unknown creatures. The appearance of Raziel started to seep backwards from his face. Kristoff started to show his true self. Raziel’s voice started to fade away into a major high pitch scream mixed with Kristoff’s.

Kristoff finally had the ability to subdue some of his screaming and said “GET OUT!!!” Kristoff started to rip away at the presence of Raziel. What felt like an eternity of pain and suffering the essence of Raziel absorbed itself back into Kristoff. He looked over at October seeing her suffer he ran over to her and closed his eyes. He placed his hands on her forehead and started to focus his energy into her own being. “COME ON OCTOBER. PULL THROUGH.” He screamed.

“I’M TRYING.” October tried to reassure him without shoving him twenty feet. Aziel started to seep away from her face to her neck down her side and into the bag where she hopes it went inside the box. Her hair shortened back to its normal length. October lost all of her energy to even keep her eyes open. Kristoff placed his hand over the top of her stomach but not touching. A blue glowing color came from his hand; it then dripped into her stomach like it were to be water. She opened her eyes and looked at her brother, her twin, her. She smiled. “Thank you, I knew you had something inside of you… that thing needs to be exercised.” Kristoff smiled and helped her up. “I think we should just leave and come back another day.”

“Is anyone seriously that ignorant to stay?” The two giggled and finally went back to the door and reached the materialistic world.



The first few days from the fight were pretty quiet. They were surprised to be honest, especially since their not used to any of this chaos. Kristoff looked over to October as she spoon fed a huge mouthful of cereal. Blood used to replace the milk. He smiled to how much she ate in the few days since the fight. He knew she was exhausted. October looked up, choked, snarled a little and proceeded to eat. Kristoff had an outburst of laughter. She looked at him with a poker face of a master player. “What…?” October looked at him with total complexity. He looked at her with a smile on his face

“Slow down piggy…” He lifted his arm to wipe a drop of blood off of her chin. She did a mimicking smile to show a more of an attitude of a face then proceeded to smother her face with cereal. Kristoff got up and walked over to the radio on the counter. He turned it on to one of his favorite pop/techno stations. He jumped and had a major fan-girl moment when he heard Ellie Goulding - Anything Can Happen. He started singing the lyrics. “Stripped to the waist, we fall into the river. Cover your eyes so you don’t know the secret, I’ve been trying to hide. We held our breathes, to see our names written. On the record of Eighty-six, that was the year I knew the panic was over. And since we found out, and since we found out. That anything could happenx6” October just stared at his brother as he jumped around dancing to the song. She smiled to the new personality Kristoff is taking on. Kristoff paused with an embarrassed expression drawn onto his face. “What?” He smiled.

“You’re a dork…” October got up and took her now empty bowl of bloody cereal to the sink rinsing it out and putting it in the dishwasher as she talked. Kristoff laughed.

“Cause you have room to talk. Have you seen your room?” October just looked at him and walked away. Kristoff thought for a second. He doesn’t have much room to talk either. He thought of the two quotes that had pulled him through everything when he was bullied. He walked up to his room closing the door and locking it. He reached under his bed to find a box that had the words BOTDF on it. He opened it to find two note cards in it. He looked at the first one and read it aloud. “Bring mercy. Come to me. Wake my soul, set me free. Consume all fears, that lie in pain. Bright red flames That burst in me! Outcast unite x13” Then he got the other note card and read it out loud. “Believe in me, when you feel like you’re losing all your hopes and dreams. Believe in me, when I am gone you gotta keep a smile on. Believe in me, just keep your faith and believe in all that you make. Believe in me, when I’m gone. ” He smiled as he looked at the two note cards in his hands. Kristoff put the cards back into the box with BOTDF on the front. He swayed his hand from corner to corner on top of the box. Thank you Blood On The Dance Floor. You guys helped me through so much stuff. I think I’m ready to accept people’s reactions of who I truly am now… If I saw you guys just once and actually talked I would drop dead on the spot. SGTC till the very death of me. Kristoff thought to himself. He then sighed, slid the box under his bed, got up and sat on his bed. He closed his eyes and tried to calm his nerves. Once he was calm he got up and walked to his sister’s room. She looked at him with innocent eyes. They looked at each other. Kristoff stood in the doorway. “I need to talk to you… It’s important.” Kristoff looked down as he spoke to her. She got up and pulled him to her bed sitting him down. Scared on what was happening. Kristoff looked at her. Watched her, deep in thought.

“October…” She looked at him, in his eyes, focused on him completely. “I’m gay…” The eyes of the two connected as they stared each other down, October found sympathy towards him. They fell into a hug Kristoff sobbing over his sexuality.

“I’ve been so afraid of telling anyone... that… This is making me to the point where I want to run away now that I’ve told you…” He looked away. “I’m scared October… I’m scared mom won’t accept me… I’m scared that our friends won’t accept me… I’m scared period.” October nodded with an understanding gesture. Kristoff looked back up his hair falling in his face. October moved his bangs with her finger smiling.

“Everything is going to be ok… Trust me.” October flashed a reassuring smile. Kristoff smiled back feeling all of the wisdom take into his body. He hugged her once more before leaving her room. He finally got up and left her room. Walking down the stairs to feel his stomach rumbling. He walked into the kitchen opening the fridge and reached in for a very impatient blood packet. He has been waiting for this all day. He smiled tearing the packet open and gulping the substance down. He frowned realizing it’s his last day of break. He walked to the laundry room making sure all his clothes weren’t in the dryer or washer. He opened the washer to find a pool of black thick tar like liquid. He screamed slamming the lid down and running out of the room. He ran up the stairs to get his sister. Kristoff barged inside of her room she looked at him “What?”

“Laundry room…” Kristoff pointed in the direction of the laundry room. October got up and ran down the stairs to the room.

“So… what’s in here?” Kristoff pointed at the seemingly harmless washer. October walked over to it confidently. She opened the washer’s door to find a thick black liquid in it. She jumped back but walked back to it. Placing her finger hesitantly in the substance she quickly got tugged forward a little bit. She panicked trying to pull her now, hand out of the tar like substance. Kristoff ran towards her grabbing her arm and pulling enough to where it won’t break her wrist. Her hand finally escaped and they flew backwards onto the ground. They both got up not knowing what to do. They looked at each other thinking. “Maybe we can call someone?” October asked.

“Who?” Kristoff said

“Hold on…” October walked out of the laundry room walking to the computer and going to the internet. She searched “Black tar like liquid?” She scrolled down reading each link that may be clicked. She saw one that seemed just a little on the topic of what she saw in the washer. October along with Kristoff skimmed the info that was showing itself to them. October sighed in disappointment. “I can’t find anything…” Kristoff held a disappointed face as well. They finally accepted their fate towards the black liquid in their washer.

“We should just wait till mom get’s home?” Kristoff said. October nodded as he finished. They left the computer October going to her room and Kristoff going outside. I think I should go to the park… maybe I can relax there. Kristoff walked down the dirt road keeping extremely secluded. He looked around once in a while to see where he was. He saw people sitting in front of buildings; he frowned to what he was seeing. How can people feed off of actual beings… It’s disgusting… He looked back down ignoring the fact that people still eat from the source. Kristoff stopped and looked to his right in an alley way. He found three grown men jumping this scrawny looking kid. He tried t see the face and once he did his emotions exploded. He ran towards the three men with amazing speed grabbing one and throwing him into the one next to him then decking the last one right in the rib cage. As his hand connected to the man’s ribcage he felt it snap. Kristoff looked at the two others lying on the ground he walked over to them and stepped on their chest. They exhaled an enormous amount of breath before they had no more. Kristoff got off of them and pointed into the city signifying them to leave or else their dead. Kristoff walked over to the boy on the ground the kids face was small and innocent, his white hair in front of his eyes making it almost impossible to see past his it. The little boy flipped his hair out of his face and looked at the man,

“Thank yo-“The boy looked at Kristoff studying his physical features. “KRISTOFF?!?!” Kristoff smiled and hugged the boy. The boy looked up from Kristoff’s neck to meet his eyes. “How did you know?”

“How did I know what?” Kristoff questioned.

“That I was in trouble.” The boy glanced at the direction the three men went.

“I didn’t. I was just walking and I stopped and turned to look into the alleyway, I honestly didn’t know.” The boy stared Kristoff down, long and hard. “Why are you staring at me?”

“No reason…” The boy was watching Kristoff. He didn’t know why he was staring at him but he saw something he didn’t want to. Kristoff smiled but the boy only stood there dazed at Kristoff. His face had changed into the monster that had once taken over him. The boy blinked and the face was gone. He watched Kristoff. “Anyways… What are you doing?”

“Nothing, just walking around I was going to go to the park but I saw you.” Kristoff said

“Oh.” The boy sounded excited. “Can I come?” The boy questioned.

Kristoff though for a second. He wondered if he could come out to this kid, his friend. “Sure…” Kristoff sighed as he talked, total dread in his tone. The boy smiled and clung to Kristoff’s side. He looked down at the boy literally stuck against Kristoff’s side. He was like a little brother. He looked back in front of him proceeding to the park. They finally reached the park and found swings. They ran over to the swings and both plopped down on a swing. Kristoff sat there watching the boy. The boy looked at Kristoff having them make eye contact. Kristoff looked away quickly feeling awkward and majorly embarrassed. Kristoff started playing with his fingers. “So where have you been…?” Kristoff questioned. A long silence that almost felt like an eternity finally broke when the boy got up and ran to the jungle gym. Kristoff watched in amazement. Usually he always listened to Kristoff when he talked. He walked over to the boy now climbing the monkey bars. “Clemente…” Kristoff paused realizing what he just said. “I-.. I-... I’m sorry… It just kind of came out… I was just getting annoyed with you ignoring me…” Kristoff explained in a sympathy like tone. Clemente watched him, his eyes tearing up. “Clay…? Please forgive me.” Kristoff’s poor choice of words and emotion controlled really built up to something he never wanted. Suddenly he remembered the incident with Clemente’s parents.

Clemente wakes up having a sick feeling in his stomach he runs to the bathroom. His moms face faded in his head as if it where smoke. He shook it off and proceeded to the bathroom. Reaching into the bathroom he grabs two Tums. He puts one in his mouth and as he did the imaged of his mom transformed into her lying on the floor. He knew he always had a connection to his mom but this had never happened before. Clemente walked to his moms room putting his ear to the door trying to listen, all he heard was rummaging. He opened the door slowly, finding his mom laying on the floor a buck knife sticking from her mid rib-cage range. His dad stood there looking at his son, a cocked head with a demented grin on his face. Clemente felt his fangs bursting from his gums. His dad just lifted his right arm slowly then twisting his wrist and pointing up fragile like. Almost as if he was to be a ballerina or an interpretive dancer. He shook his finger back and forth slowly. Clemente blinked and his dad was behind him holding the knife that was in his mom to his neck. He got scared and started to panic a lot. He squirmed as hard as he could but just couldn’t leave his dads grip. His dad lifted his pointer and middle fingers up a black electricity material started to go into the middle of the two fingers. Sparks were flashing from the ball of black. His dad placed his fingers on Clemente’s sides two finger widths from his last rib. Clemente fell to the floor having no energy what so ever to even twitch. His dad walked over to his now deceased wife. He opened his mouth and closed his eyes a milky white smoke started to evaporate from her. Once the smoky substance had left, he inhaled the last of it closed his mouth and held it in. He let out a slow and deep moan as his let the smoke escape. Clemente laid there wondering what the hell his dad was. His dad stood up slowly and lunged the knife into his wife once more and turned it three times to the left and three times to the right. Then he slid it up her body to where he diaphragm is. 

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