The Hidden Princess :)

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High up on a mountain above the clouds; where the lights touch the earth every night. Where the blue moon is full and bright and the gray wolf howls to its magnificence. There sits my village. All the roofs are snow covered and smoke is rising from the chimneys. There my house sits at the very top of the mountain.
I sit at the window looking out and praying to God that one day that I may one day adventure to down the mountain and explore the lands below.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Hidden Princess :)

Submitted: November 29, 2012

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Submitted: November 29, 2012




Chapter 1: 


The landscape was flashing behind me, just a blur of my surrounding. I ran until I was short of breath, but by that time I had come to my favorite spot in the world, my waterfall. The water was rushing a falling all the way down; it must have been at least 90 ft tall. Something shined in the sun at the shore of the waterfall. 

I turned back and walked away a few steps, then turned sharply and faced the tip of the water falls edge and I broke into a sprint and jumped.

The wind was tearing at my face as I did a flip and got into a dive position. I entered the water easily and gracefully. As I open my eyes I saw that under the water fall there was a cave. Taking the last bit of oxygen that I had; I dove to the floor and went under the waterfall, feeling the current push me down I swam upwards and reached the top gasping for air. I hauled myself up on the little shore and was shocked to see two men passed out; their clothes torn.

One was old and one was really young to be a seaman. He was incredibly handsome; I felt my heart jump at the thought of him. They both looked near to death, I couldn’t let that happen. I ran back to my cottage and grabbed my brother’s old wheelbarrow and ran back, soon discovering that there was a a land way to the cave. I did my best to haul them into the wheelbarrow (putting the young one on last and on top) and I walked them to my cottage. It was tiring work and found myself exhausted half way there. 

When we had got there I found it difficult to get the men on to a piece furniture. The young man I put upon my bed and wrapped him in my blankets and the old man upon my couch and wrapped him in the rest of my blankets. Lighting the fire I started supper. 

Little while later I was weaving the rest of my guests new clothing. I heard a moan coming from the bedroom and the sound of footsteps on the wooden floor. I daren’t turn around; my body felt frozen. Thats when I heard his voice:

“Who are you?” he said fiercely, I slowly turned around and heard him inhale deep. 

“Rosa, my name is Rosa” I said in a calm voice

“Rosa” he whispered and shook his head “Where am I” he said fiercely 

“Please calm yourself, you are in my cottage not far from the waterfall in which I found you” I said quickly

“The I dead?” He asked sadness dripping through his voice

“No, no of course not I saved you from death!”

“You saved us” he said looking at the old man

After a few moments of comfortable silence I dared to ask 

“May I inquire about your name” 

“My name is Adrian, Prince Adrian” he said with dignity

My eyes grew wide and immediately got up and bowed in his honor.

“Please don’t; it is I who must bow, for you have saved my life” he began to bow

“Please don’t”

“Why ever not?” he asked 

“Just please don’t”

“Alright, is Bazzle alright” He asked looking at the old man

“Yes, would you like some soup?” I asked pouring bowls of the soup

“Yes, please”
“Here” I handed him the bowl and he sat in the chair next to Bazzle  and we ate in silence. 


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