The Life of a Young Vampire :)

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A captivating story about a young vampire and mysteries that lie ahead

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: August 30, 2012

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Submitted: August 30, 2012




Sleeping by Day and Awake by Night.....Sounds awesome right? If your a everyday human I guess it would be, but when you have been a vampire for over 147 years you tend to change your mind. I reside in Chicago, Illinois and have been for about 20 years. And, I know what your thinking, and no I don’t live in a cemetery. I live in a old abandoned mansion about 12 miles out of Chicago. When I had found it, I had been on the run and came across it by accident.

For an abandoned place it was pretty clean inside and it was loaded with furniture. Why anybody would live it and all their belongings in it I have no idea. Mason said that the previous owners must have been killed outside the house, because there were no traces of blood anywhere within the house, and if there were we would have been able smell it. but its been a “long time” since then.

I liked the house at first sight, but then I was 19 when I was turned and I kinda stayed in that mentally. Don’t get me wrong I am still really mature for my “age”. But, Mason on the other hand was and still is a critical thinker. Though he is seven years older than me; he is about 20 years older than me mentally. Crazy Right?

All was well until we had been found.

Human are so oblivious to things outside their comfort and believe position. Like the fact that they are working side by side with vampires and even freaking werewolves, and not knowing or realizing a thing. I have heard of some humans find out little clues and start to become suspicious and starting to find out the truth in the past. Those humans, being extremely delicate, were swiftly and easily disposed of, and of course......never seen or heard from again. It was sort of that way for me and Mason. A human started to expect that we weren’t human, but something more terrifying. He seemed to notice that within all those years we didn’t show signs of aging or growing. At that time the vampire that created us: Nate had taken care of that for us so we didn’t have to, but he taught us how to if we ever ran into that situation without him. After that Nate left us to fend for ourselves. He believed that we had come accustom to our new lives and could handle it. The fact that he abandon us while we were still learning the ways of the vampire, after he had took us away from our human families and left us a year later with the fact that we could never see or talk to our families again firmly drilled into our heads. Somehow that story was shared with the others of our kind and they did not take it lightly. The informed the High Masters and the Consul about the human becoming more and more aware of what they were. The Consul passed a law that human interactions should be minimal or none at all. Since then all the creatures that for centuries humans have called “Myths” or “Mythological Creatures” or “Creatures of the Devil or Darkness” have been more careful about their whereabouts and their interactions with humans to avoid the risk of exposer.

Some people believe that we are truly evil and maniacal, but I am here to say that that’s not true for everyone. But there are plenty of them who are like that, and in our world the bad out weigh the good. Just for your own sake, watch your back!

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