darkest path way

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beyond the fields lay a broken down school,hidding a terrible secret behind its wall,lay a hollow room fulled with drwing on the wall marking every things

Chapter 1 (v.1) - darkest path way

Submitted: April 06, 2013

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Submitted: April 06, 2013



darkest path way

shadows hugged every wall,i shined my light upon hopping i would find that room that i have been hearing rumours about lately .but since i didnt have the opportunity to checkout the building.the room felt cold as a winters night even though it was hot as hell outside .which didnt make any sense to me at the time .

i came acrossa wooden chair sitting but an opened door on my right side,covering my mouth and nose smelling the faint scent of rotting corpse.gaggingsoftly not trying to breath in the horrible scent in the air .

hearing the wooden floor's creak under my feet mademe abit nervous since the building was very old.i didnt wanna fall there the old floor's.shinningmy light upon a creaked open door on my left.for a few moment's i heard voices talk within the roomi beginwalking towards frowning hoping that this wasnt some kind of joke on me.

slowly opening the door peeking in"hello ? is anyone there ?." i said out loud.but looking around the roomnot seeing anything around takinga hard exhale .as i beging to look around seeing the walls covered n bloody hand prints and written in bloody as wellnot old blood but fresh blood.what inthe world could be going here which caught my attention at the moment since i wasnt much of a smart person if i asked anyone

laying upon a table was old cup filled with some kind of brown stuff in it .seeing cut up body parts on the floor by the table.

i thought to myself who in the world would be doing something this wrong in this small place,shaking my head as i begin looking around once more stepping into a big mess upon the floor coughing as i did so not wanting to look down at what i stepped on. my hand slipped upon a wet book on the table i looked at a while ago .but wait this wasnt here a moment ago what in the hell

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