A Brother Revenge.

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A seriers of diffrent short stories. Story one: A boy takes revenge on the man who killed his baby sister.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - brothers Revenge.

Submitted: September 03, 2012

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Submitted: September 03, 2012




Story one: A brother's Revenge.


I stared at the overwhelming white ceiling that loomed above me, I slid my figures along the soft quilt underneath me tracing the squares. Some religious women who wanted to save my "soul" had made it for me, it clamed me down. It was made of different colors of blue, my favorite color... Her eyes were baby blue. I smiled remembering the first day when I learned I had a new sister, I was stealing sugar with a spoon and eating it. I was only five at the time.The phone stared ring and like normal no one answered it so I picked it up

"Hello?" I said

"Oh it you Jess, guess what?!" my mother voiced sang


"You have a new sister! her name is Bell!"

She had already had 9 children and this was her last, I had another younger sister named Cassie but she didn't interest me at all she looked just like my other siblings. I didn't really get along with any of them they normally ignore me sometimes my brother would let me tag along but that was rare.

"Okay." I Replied not caring more interested in the sugar


"Bye" I said hanging up to go to my sugar.

She was born on July 3rd so she was brought home on the 4TH. My mom had went out to a party with my father and so did most of the older ones my eldest sister stayed behind to "watch" us but she just watched t.v. I really didn't care I had a little sister I though she be like all of the rest. I was wrong. After she cried for almost half an hour I got up from watching my Spiderman movie, I peeked over the crib and froze. Her eyes, they were blue! So odd only the boys in my family had blue eyes, and she had my mother nose most of us had our fathers. I found her really interesting the moment I saw her eyes I decide she was mine! I put her bottle back in her mouth and she quieted down. The next day I went up to my mom who had a major hang over and declared

"Bell is mine" I gave a serious face that made my mom laugh

"Okay but you have to help take care of her then"

She most likely thought I wouldn't but I did, I helped change her even though I nearly puked, feed her and played with her non-stop. She was mine. As she grew I taught her many things, she was really good at climbing tress by age three! I shared a room with her and my other younger sister who I normally ignored. She would always sneak into my bed and sleep next to me, after we moved to a bigger house and all got our own rooms she still would. She would be curled by me feet with her arm wrapping around them, she was so cute. She had long curly brown hair that bounced when she moved, her face had scattered freckles and a small nose. But her eyes were her best feature baby blue, they reminded me of the sky so open and vast. She was really kind and no matter what you said she took it positively. She was the only good thing in this world in my option she was my only reason for life. We did everything together, we were inseparable.

But a few weeks before my 18th birth day that was on October 4TH, something horrible happened it was like a night mare. We were on our way back from shopping at the mall she bought me the black jacket I really wanted for my birthday, she saved up for months to get it. The best present ever. We were on our way home we were only a few blocks away from the store when a low bang sound way followed by my sister who let out a loud scream next to me. I watched her curls fly into the air as she fell it felt like time had slowed around me and everything seemed to blur. I fell to my knees and Slid my hand around Bell tears began streaming down my face before I could even realized what had happened, Blood pooled around my knees soaking my black skinny jeans, it poured from her body dripping down my new coat.

"J-jes.." she said faintly

I looked at her shaking body, she was staring at me with pleading eyes that were filled with fear

"I'm right here, You will be fine.." I tried my best to smile

"D-don't leave m-me. please.."

Her hands tightly griped my jacket as she pulled her face into my chest.

"Y-you.. smell good." I could feel her smile

"Yeah.." Was all my shaking lip could say

I stared at the sky the beautiful blue just like her eyes

"I-.. Love you"

"Shut up.. you can tell me that tomorrow."

"I-im scared.. I d-d w-wwant t-to die" She said her voice stared to grow fainter

"What are you talking about you will be fine..."

"Y-your s-shaking...J-Jess?.."

Then I saw it... a tall bulky man dressed in tattered all back clothes with tattos covering his body he stood there with wide eyes a gun shaking in his hands, I felt rage grow inside me. He had done this!! It was his fault. I traced every inch of his face and put in in my memory, her had a large nose and squinty brown eyes and had black hair scattered along his chin. He opened his mouth as if he would speak but it was filled another high pitched scream came from behind me, his eyes grew even large and her bolted down a back ally.

"Oh my god!!! SOMEONE CAL THE POLICE!!!"

The street began to fill with people the crowded around us, more came as second pasted. And each second Bell's body became colder


"J--Jess.. K-kiss i-it b-better..." her voice was barely a whisper

I knew what she meant since she was little I would kiss all her boo-boo's better. Hot tears ran down my face

"I CANT! I CANT! I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry.." I held her tighter

I herd sobs of some people that were around us.

Then everything was engulfed by flashing lights and people stared to rip Bell from my grasp

"NO!!!" I screamed but they took her from my arms

I watched as they strapped her to a moving bed, her mouth saying my name over and over. I got closer but was held back then she saw me her eyes where clouded and she gave a me a wicked smile, it was that smile she would give after she had done something bad.

"I LOVE YOU!!! DON'T GO!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed as loud as I could, I got a lot of attention for the by-standers. She was pulled into the ambulance and I wasn't able to go in with her. After they dove away I just stood there watching the road they left, someone pulled me into there arms my mothers scent filled my nostrils and I wrapped my arms around her and cried. Bell had to go to the E.R. As my mother drove me home she was silent and distant, no matter how much I begged she refused to let me go to the hospital. When we got home I got out and drove to hospital, I walked into the front door and was meet with a room off peering eyes that grew large as I walked in.

"Oh my god!"

one of my sisters screamed which made the other begin screaming and crying, most of my brothers just spaced out refusing to cry. Again someone grabbed me and plugged me into their chest but I slid out and walked up stairs. I couldn't stay down their any longer, I walked into the bath and stood in front of the huge wall mirror and froze. My clothes were coated in blood my white t-shirt was now red, my brown hair was caked with dry blood. My face and hands were covered in crimson, I ripped every shred of clothing off my body and turned the shower on only hit. I stayed in there for hours scrubbing my body even after the water grew cold, I didn't even notice. My older sister wrapped me in a towel and brought me to my room where I fell onto my bed and instantly feel asleep with Bell's scent lingering on my sheets.

When I woke up I learned Bell had died at 3:45 am due to blood loss.... My house felt like a ghost town after that no one even dared to speak as one word would make me shatter. It most likely would have. I stopped talking all together I stopped going to school all together no one said anything about it. At first I was really sad I couldn't do anything but cry myself to sleep and I would see the same scene over and over every night waking up screaming. Then a women came to my house she was wearing a suit with her black in a sleep perfect bun she had small facial features and light green eyes, she smile with perfectly straight row of white teeth, It felt so fake.She asked me allot of questions that I ether said nothing or nodded to, then she asked me something that made my mind fly into a rage.

"Did you see the man who shot your sister?"

My fist slammed down hard onto the wooden table and she flinched. I shook my head no, but that was a lie.

"I see, it must have been hard, I heard you two were really close."

I maddened sliding my brown hair around my face like a curtain that screamed to be left alone.

"okay that all for today, but if you remember anything call me okay?"

I didn't even nod I was to far into my thoughts about that man, but I did over hear her talking to my mother.

"I think he could use some help, here its a great place and it free.. it will really help him"

I heard her exchange paper with my mother.

"I hope so.."

She was going to send me away?! I made up my mind then and there I had to get my revenge soon before I was sent away, I took the gun my older brother had for protection and left the house with out a word.

I found the man quite easily he was a well know drug user who owned a lot of people money, they called him penny, because that is what he was worth her was a lying cheat who would rat anyone out. That day it seems Bell and me stumbled upon a drug deal gone bad the man tried to shoot the drug deal and get the drugs but he missed and hit Bell instead. I found Penny curled in the back of some dingy ally way huddled next to a small fire, the moment he saw me he ran. I let bullets fly form my gun hitting dozen of people but not him, I chased him down the ally to a dead end.

"Please I'm sorry!! I don't wait to d--.." he voice was cut off by a loud bang

I wanted as the bullet ripped through his body, he fell to his knees gripping his chest that poured crimson onto the trash filled ally, tears slipping down his dirty cheeks.

"YOU KILLED HER!!!!!!!!! WHY?! WHY! WHY!!" I screamed at the blood body

The gun shots attracted allot of people, when the cops came they saw me standing over a body corpse holding a hand gun.

I was shoved to the ground hard and dragged into a car, I curled into a ball on the seat

"Why... why.. did he take her away.. why.." I chanted over and over

When I got to the station the women who came to my house was there her eyes filled with shock. People came in non stop and asked mr countless questions I said nothing other than


at my hearing I was asked to the stands, a man in a suit who was against me asked me a question.

"You knew what you were doing didn't you? You even planned it out right?"

"Yes." I said looking up

Everyone was shocked that I spoke.It was silent for a few seconds.

"I planned it all out I even planned out the dead end, he took away my life so I took his. I am glad he is dead I would do it again"

That's all I said and spoke not another word. I knew it would bring her back nothing would. By that time my birthday had past and I was a legal adult and they treated me as such. It seems there was massive supporters on both sides and the opposing side had more influence I was going to be sent to life, but i had a very powerful lawyer he told me

"Its fine you wont get life I wont let them.."

"I want to be sent to death" It was the first words I said In almost a month



I guess he understood how I felt because that was what I was sentenced to.

So here I lie on my beautiful blue quilt a waiting for my death, I had only seconds left before they came to get me. I counted down

"5, 4, 3, 2,1, .."

The door swung open and cuffs were on my wrist.

"Right on time." I smiled.

They stayed emotionless as they walked me down white halls. They stopped at a large metal door and it swung open and we walked in side a empty room with a single chair and metal tray beside it I sat down and they strapped me into it. I looked forward and saw dozen of peering eyes looking back it was a see through window, some of the people glared at me, most likely the people who I shot's family. I scanned them and found to my dismay my mother wasn't there.

"Were is my mom?" I asked

"She didn't want to come.." The man in white said with a sad look.

He was putting something to the needle in his hands. I smiled

"I guess no parent wants to see their own child die, so me favor would you doc?"

He looked at me puzzled

"Sure what would you like?"

"Tell her I'm sorry, not to blame herself and that I love her.."

I continued ".. also that she better put a lot of flower by Bell's grave.. hmm that about it."

The doctor looked as if he were about to cry so I turned my face away that didn't help because It seems that they could hear me out there, a lot of the glares softened or became tears. I looked straight as a needle stabbed into my arm and slowly my mind grew blank, I felt at ease as my vision slowly blacken at the corrners.

"I wish I could have kissed it all better.." I said in clear voice.

My last words.

I felt tears stream down my face before the world grew blacker. The last thing I saw was blue eyes, not my sister but my moms, she was standing her slaming her fists against the glass as she screaming things I never heard. The world around me became pitch black.


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