Child's War.

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Children must fight to death to survive. 30 children only one group can survive. seen through different eyes

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Child's War.

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



"Two bus are chosen randomly out of thousands, this bus filled with 15 children each., a total of 30. You are the lucky few to join in the games, "Child' War" C.W. for short. This game is where you will learn what it means to live and how hard it is to survive, you will learn who are you true friends in this game. In this game there a few rules"

1. You have only seven days.

2. Only one team can live.

"Welcome to the game Children!"

A group of terrorized kids stared back at this tall heavy bulk man, with slicked back black hair and deadly brown eyes he wore expensive a suit. The moment he stopped speaking whispers broke out with frantic children ranging from 12 to 17. But one person sat at the back of the class room, they were shoved in. They was dressed in all black they had a hoodie covering their face, tight skinny jeans and combat books tied tightly. The man watched the person carefully they were not screaming or asking questions. He made a swooping motion with his muscular arm and one of the army men raised their gun the the ceiling and let off a round of bullets. The children huddled together silently, they all where staring at the man with fear filled eyes. But two children were not in the group but in their own seprate area, they didn't even flinched.

"You must kill or be killed only on can live understand? If you look at your wrist you will notice the colors, that is your teams color. Okay?" He asked

The children said nothing and a few nodded. Most looked at their wrist and wrist of those around them.

"Good now any questions?"

"Yes." said the person in all black

The man watched her closely and so did the children seemed unphase by the whole event.

"What id your question" He looked at a paper "Ren?"

"Yes, I was wondering if you had any gum?"

The person said with out looking up but they out stretched their hand. The man let out a low laugh.


he threw a pack of 5 gum at their feet, they wrapped thin pale fingers around it pulling out a piece and popping in their mouth.

"Thanks, you want some Babe?"

they held their hand stretched out to a large built boy dressed in wrinkled jeans and heavy blue hoodie twho's hood was also sunk in front of their face but a mess dark brown peeked out of the hood.

"No." He said turning away.

It was quiet for a while, then the Man broke the silence.

"You will each get kit with food for the week and a weapon was placed at random in you bag."

His grin grew

"Now lets take some time to get to know everyone."

He began calling off names and making them greet the others, the mysterious person didn't even raise their head nor the boy with glasses. But then a small girl stood up her blonde curls bounced as she walked to the fount of the room her wore a light blue sun dress that matched her eyes.


"Nice to meet you all."

she smiled but no one was paying attention to her they where paying attention to the person in all black and man in glasses, they raised their heads and began to clap. The classroom seemed o stiffen. The little girl bounced back to the two of them and sat in between them, the children stared in curious.

"Its my turn I believe."

said the person in black standing up and starting to the front of the class.

"Its rude to wear you hood let your class mates see you face?" asked the man

The person began to pull the hood back and short silk jet black hair framed a pale face with small features. The person had an emotionless face that had cold emotionless blue yes that stared at the students. It was impossible to tell whether the person was male or female.

"Treat me nicely wont you?" they smiled coldly.

The person, Ren walked back to their seat pulling their hood back up. The moment they sat down the children began to talk all at once/

"Attention!" The man screamed and everyone but 3 children looked at him.

"Yuki!" He stared at the boy in glasses

He didn't move an inch.

"Stand and present your self now!" the man demanded.

The boy did not even look up, the man with a swing of his hand had guns pointed at the boy

"I will say it one last Time STAN--.."

Ren began to laugh loudly cutting off the mans words. Then the stood up walked up the boy and kneeled in front of him, they brought their face close to his. Their faces were cover by the black hood and it stayed there for a few seconds before sliding back.


The boy stood up and stomped to the front of the room. He bowed and then walked back plopping down next to the person in black.

The man ignored the fact that the other boy had kept his hood up and continued calling off names until all of them were called.After they where he put down the sheet of paper and smiled.

"Don't try anything funny because there are cameras' placed everywhere. Your team is the bus you came with, if you wish you can have your own smaller groups. Grab you packs and go!"

"GAME BEGIN!" He shouted.

Children ran towards the backpacks and took one before racing off into the forest. The last to get theres was the person in all black's group they walked slowly and picked up their packs.

"Pretty confident huh?" the bulky man asked

"Nope just felt like taking our time" The person in black said popping a bubble.

"Good luck." the man replied turning

The person nodded before the bulky boy swung the blonde haired girl onto his back and they disappeared into the forest.

"This years going to be interesting." The man said as he walked away.

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