Knights Rumble.

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A young girl and her brother are dragged into a fight to become the "knight" the second most powerful person in the WORLD! Its a bloody battle between others who want to be the "Knight" she must fight to find her brother.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Knights Rumble.

Submitted: October 07, 2012

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Submitted: October 07, 2012



Mizu= water




Blood began to seep from the gaping hole in the left side my chest, it soaked my clothes in a matter of seconds. A young boy with pure black hair and blue eyes filled with horror stood frozen watching my blood flow out of my body. The floor became slick with my crimson blood, ripples slashed through the puddle that pooled at my feet. I smiled,

"What a pretty color this tainted body can make." 

Then suddenly my body became to heavy for my legs to hold. I slid down into the warm puddle of crimson. I looked back up at the boy who was backed against the wall watching wide eyed, he let out a loud scream that made my mind recall my past.


________________________________________Mizu's life__________________________________________

"Mizu!!" a small voice screams.

I roll to my side dragging a hand full of blankets over my head, and tried to block out the noise.

"Mitzi!! Wake up!! Mizu!" 

My metal framed bed filled with heavy blue bed blankets and pillows began to shake. Then a small body flung its self on to me, a small boy with pure black hair and endless blue eyes stared back with a huge smile

"I see you! Your awake!" they began to sing

"I am not awake." 

I said pulling the blanket over my face. I could tell the boy had a pout on his face.

"No pancakes for you then!" 


I said bolting upwards, GOD how I love food!!

"I knew you were up!!! Hurry or their wont be nay left!"

The boy skipped out of the heavy metal door, it shut with a Thud. I stretched looking around at my bare room with only my bed and dresser set up while boxes sat piled up around the room.  I slid my feet towards the ground frowning at the chips on my black nail polish. My feet flew back up as they touched the icy floor, I put them back down and walked over to my dresser. After stripping off my black p.pj's I put on a pair of dark blue jeans and a loose whit t-shirt. I opened the metal door and walked out into the dim hall. The hall was empty narrow space with black rugs and wooden walls and ceilings. I  turned right into the bathroom and reached for my tooth brush, it wasn't there. I frowned I hadn't up packed it yet., I guessed I could skip a day. I examined my new short hair in the mirror, it was a dark blue. Some people said I was cursed for having such a hair color, but I liked it, it made me different. and it matched my blue yes, I love them they matched my mother and brothers. I winced as I looked at my chest, it still was flat as a board not even a small lump. I took in my whole reflection I looked like a boy! I shook my head and began to walk to my kitchen. It was a bright white room with all new appliances. I watched my moms back her long black hair was tied back, she was wearing a light blue dress that matched her eyes and white cloth that hugged her curves, that I didn't have.  My brother was fussing with a fork and looked up at me.

"Morning sis! You shouldn't try pretending to sleep you know?" 

I sighed as I wrapped my arms around him and began messing up his hair

"You know you shouldn't wake me up?"

He started trying to fix his hair with a smile.

"Well you would never wake up if I didn't!"

My mother turned to us with a huge pile of pancakes her small features glowing with happiness.

"Mizu, Ren Time to eat!" she said her voice like bells.

"Me" we both chimed at the same time.







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