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Chapter 10 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 18, 2012



< Author accouncement, sorry i have written this is a while, its starting to more action packed soon and a steamy sex scene will be on its way! Thank you to all those who have been waiting! >


Chapter 10



~Two months later~



Beep, Beep

Beep, Beep, Beep

Ayame heard beeping in the distance she frowned to her self not wanting to wake up, the constant beeping was pulling Ayame away from her sleep, that was when her memories came flooding back, the brothers, the Lycan, the attack...

James noticed Ayame stirring first he nudged Ash who looked to her and moved to her side, James followed, Ayame's eyes fluttered once, twice they finally opened and the brothers held their breath...




~Two hours later~


The nurse finally took the tube out of Ayame's throat, Ayame cough and sat up, looking at the nurse she felt uneased with her self and looked to Ash.

" You gave everyone a good scare miss, you're lucky theses two men found you" The nurse said, Ayame looked to the nurse, she nodded once.

" You hardly have scars besides the one on your stomach, but that should leave soon" The nurse added, Ayame looked down to seeing the scar, she sighed. Perfect just what i need she thought.

"Mm, could you give us some time..alone.." James said to the nurse with a command tone in his voice, the nurse looked into James' eyes she nodded, Ayame felt James influence the nurses mind, she stayed quiet and looked at Ash.

Ash looked to James then back to Ayame he stayed quiet but Ayame looked at James and frowned.

" You didn't have to do that James. She was going to be leaving any way" Ayame whispered James looked to Ash and shook his head.

" How could you sense what I did Ayame? Only our kind can sense it..." James replied with his voice thick with confusion

Ayame shook her head not sure what to say, she didn't feel like her self, maybe it was the blood that she was given.

Ayame tried to get out of the bed James pushed her back down.

"Get the fuck off me! " Ayame snapped pushing James back, James glared to her.

" Don't talk to me like that!" James snapped back moving closer to her, Ash stood in the middle of them.

" Enough! The pair of you!!" Ash shouted, James looked to Ash his eyes hinting with amber he shook his head.

" She's only going to cause us trouble and you fucking know it Ash!"

" Leave her the hell alone James! "

Ayame was shaking she glared at James, wanting to rip his head off, Jerk. She thought.

James stepped back slightly.

" Fine, deal with the shit that is coming your self, i'm done!" James snipped at Ash he turned and walked out.

Ayame and Ash watched him walk out, they stayed queit for a few moments.

" I'm sorry Ash" Ayame whispered, looking down Ash turned to face her, he lifted her chin up looking into her eyes.

"Don't be, he started it, he'll calm down" He replied

Ayame looked into Ash's eyes, her insides melted, she wanted him but she shook the feeling off, she looked at her IV needle, she pulled it out and dropped it on the bed, she stood up, Ash didn't stop her, he stayed close incase she fell.

" Take me home Ash, I don't want to stay here" Ayame said as she started looking for her clothes, Ash grabbed her arm making her look at him.

" Ash wha..." She looked to him and went quiet. His eyes burned with something that looked like....Love, Ayame gulped, Ash let go of her arm, heat still flooding in Ayame.

" Yeah your right i'll give you some privacy" Ash whispered as he kept his eyes locked on hers.

Ayame nodded and watched Ash leave.

She found a duffle bag she looked into it and smiled, it was her things, she pulled out a pair of black jeans and slide them over her legs and she found a white top, she pulled her hospital gown off and slipped her top on, she looked in the bag and sighed, Ash forgot her shoes, great, she thought,

Ash heard Ayame sigh he knocked on the door.

"Ayame? You okay? " Ash said not wanting to go into the room.

"Yeah, but you forgot my shoes..." She replied, a smirk formed across Ash's face and he tried not to laugh as he walked into the room seeing her dressed but shoeless.

"Looks like your carrying me home" She said with a smile, Ash smirked again as he walked over to her.

He put his arms around her waist pulling her close, Ayame's heart started to beat fast, she saw how close Ash's lips were to hers.

"Where's...Where's James?" Ayame whispered, Ash sighed.

" I don't know, he should be back now" Ash replied, he began to search for James' mind, Ayame stayed queit knowing they wouldn't find James...

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