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Chapter 11 (v.1)

Submitted: January 18, 2012

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Submitted: January 18, 2012



Chapter 11


James slammed the hosptial door open walking down the street and away from his brother and Ayame, he wanted to find Elizabeth and set things right with her, once and for all.

"Why, hello handsome never thought i'd see you again" A muscial voice said quietly, James turned around to the voice he smelt blossum's his pulsed raced his old self coming to the surface, he didn't care about anything anymore.

" James, please say you haven't forgotten me? The one woman you'd kill for..." The voice said taunting him.

A figure moved out of the shadows and into the street light.

"Elizabeth.." James whispered, his eyes widened, she was still as beautiful as the day she left him, her long silky blond hair hanging at her waist, her pericing emerald green eyes her perfect smile with perfect teeth, she was silm standing around 5ft7  she posistioned her self like a cat, she walked closer to James making his heart race more.

She was his "Soulmate" the only one to be with, the was the strongest female to help carry on his bloodline, they both wanted each other but resisted.

"What are you doing here Elizabeth? You left 15years ago without looking back to me!" James snapped.

Elizabeth felt hurt and remembered leaving him she shook her head.

"That was the old me, i'm back, to get you.. James we can finally start our lives together like we've said!" She whispered, he looked to her eyes seeing her eyes begging him to go, he sighed.

"Why did you attack Ayame?"

" James, she was pulling you away from me! I couldnt lose you!"

James laughed loud.

"You really think that mix-blood would take my love awway from you?!" James stepped closer. " You've just made the biggest mistake ever saying that Elizabeth"

Elizabeth looked to James, she held her breath and finally shook her head.

"Im sorry, did you know what she is!?"

" I could tell from the moment i met her and today when she woke up proved me point even more, she has no control over her actions or moods..."

" James, Marcus needs her, the war.. its starting soon, we need her, to help us win"

James shook his head.

"I'll take her place, you leave my brother and her out of this..they will pick their own side...and us, we leave.. tonight.. now and we never look back to this place.."

Elizabeth looked to James, she nodded taking his hand they both flittered off not looking back..


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