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Chapter 12 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 18, 2012



Chapter 12

Ash couldn't sense his brother, he began to worry, Ayame was talking to a doctor whilst filling out some forms, Ash came to her side.

"Ayame" He whispered against her ear " We need to leave, i need to talk to you"

Ayame looked to Ash putting the pen down she nodded as Ash turned for the door his hand brushed Ayame's and she saw in head, seeing his life of been lonely waiting for the right woman to come into his life, she flinched and he stopped holding his breath looking to her.

"Ash, what..why? whats wrong with me?" She whispered.

"I don't know Ayame but lets get you out of here before you freak someone out" He replied quickly he grabbed her pulling her into his arms and ran out of the door, when they got outside no-one was around.

Ash pulled Ayame closer, she cuddled in close as Ash flittered to his home.

~ 1 hour later ~

Ash put Ayame down at the door, he opened the door stepping in.

" Mmm, Ash?"


Ayame looked to him, and sighed.

" You need to invite me in..or im stuck out here..."

" Oh.." Ash looked to her and smiled " Please come in Ayame"

Ayame smiled and stepped in. " Thanks"

" Its ok, and i think its best you stay here for a while, you're not alone..i'll look after you."

Ayame looked to Ash as he looked back to her they both smiled.

Ayame stepped more into the house, looking around taking everything in.

Ash had a huge fire place, two leather sofa's a huge bookcase and TV it was..cosy and Ayame liked it.

They both stood in silence looking to each other, Ash suddenly pulled Ayame into his arms, she stumbled and fell into his hard chest she looked to him and glared but her glare soon melted when she looked into his eyes, she felt her insides slowly burn she wish she could control it.

Ayame sighed, " He's gone isn't he? " She asked. Ash nodded once.

" And the woman..she's the one who attacked me?" Ash nodded again.

" I should of guessed..." Ayame whispered.

Ash placed his head on her resting it lightly he sighed.

Not sure what to say so he kept holding her close, his phone started to ring, they both looked to each other Ayame stepped back and Ash went into the kitchen.

" I need to take this" He said as he left.

Ayame watched him leave, she sat down, waiting.

~ 20minutes later~

Ash still wasnt back, Ayame sighed she walked to the kitchen door seeing it was shut she went to it and listened to Ash.

" Look, she's fine.. Yeah she is! She's fine i swear on the pack...I haven't left her side since she came here! I'll protect her! Yes of course I will!! I don't how long its going to take for them to find her but we'll be waiting! but..." Ash sighed "Yeah fine, see you tomorrow" Ash put the phone down, Ayame blinked and worry ate at her insides.

Ash looked to the kitchen door he sensed movement outside it he knew it was Ayame then he heard movement upstairs he quickly opened the door yanking Ayame in and shutting the door quietly.

He pressed her to the door a hand over her mouth she struggled.

"Ayame! Stop struggling woman!!" He hissed "Someone's here and I don't know who it is!

Ayame's eyes widen and she stop struggling their hearts pounding hard. Ash looked to Ayame his eyes filled with lust and passion he shook it off.

" Wait here, I mean it, stay here..."

Ayame nodded Ash moved his hand off her mouth and slipped out of the room.

Ash appeared upstairs in the libary he opened the door.

"Ah, Mr Whitewood, so nice for you to join me..." A man said, Ash held his breath.

" Marcus.."

Ash moved to the door shutting it to keep Marcus or his pet getting to Ayame, he hoped she had hidden....

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