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Chapter 13 (v.1)

Submitted: May 23, 2012

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Submitted: May 23, 2012



Chapter 13

Marcus was leant on Ash's desk looking at him, arching his left eyebrow exposing the scar.

" Did you really think that you keeping Ayame here would make her safe?"

Ash glared to Marcus and growled deeply

" I think you should leave, before i rip your damn throat out Marcus" Ash snipped back

Marcus laughed and stood up slowly he looked around the room before looking back to Ash

" Do you really think your threats affect me Ash? After can't kill something that is twice as strong as you.."

Ash sighed slightly knowing he was speaking the truth then there was a sound of glass breaking and Ash heard Ayame's screams from upstairs, he growled louder looking at Marcus

"If you've hurt her i swear.." His voice was cut off as he fell to the floor in pain, he gripped his head in pain it felt like a vice was tightening around his skull crushing it more and more as Marcus moved closer to him.

" I told you and your brother to bring her to me and no one would have to suffer hmm? Aaah look who it is" Marcus looked to the door seeing a Lycan holding Ayame her arms were pinned behind her back and the Lycan had hold of her hair in one hand stopping her from getting free

"Ash...whats going on?" Ayame whispered looking at Ash she whimpered as the Lycan pulled her again and growled to her.

Marcus was looking back andforth atAsh and Ayame he smirked.

" So you've kept her in the dark Ash? Tut tut" he tusked as he walked closer to Ayame, Ayame looked to Marcus shesnarledat him

" Get the fuck away from me you creep!" She snapped as she struggled in the Lycan's arms, Ashtried to look up, blood was slowly falling from his nose, his head hurting more

"LetAsh go now..." Ayame said sharply and Marcus realised Ash's mind he slumped to the floor wiping his nose before standing up, he looked to the two Lycan's in the room judging how to take them out without getting Ayame caught in the cross fire...

Marcus cleared his throat and looked at Ayame more closely

" No need touse thatlanguage...My sure looklike your mother.." Marcus whispered as he looked in Ayame's eyes seeing the Blue then the specks ofAmber.

Ayame growled again

"You have no right to speak about my mother..keep her out of it!"

Ash was looking at Ayame before murmuring in his head " On the count of three, you need to throw that Lycan...whilst i deal with the other"

Ayame looked to Ash and nodded slightly making sure Marcus didn't see it as he walked back to the desk before sitting on the table, in one swift movement Ayame slipped from the Lycan's arm and threw at Marcus watching them both hit the fire place she watched it crumble as Ash lunged at the other Lycan kicking him through the window and watching him land on the grass before standing up, Ash snarled watching the Lycan vanish into the darkness, Ayame was stood looking at the fireplace shaking slightly waiting for the Lycan and Marcus to stand up, Ash walked to her, holding her arms in place and he whispered gently to her

" They've gone..."

Ayame walked to the fireplace, kicking the stones away seeing nothing but rubble she frowned slightly

"Where did they go?" She asked Ash as she picked up a piece of cloth from the rubble, she caught a scent of the ocean and looked to Ash.

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