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Chapter 14 (v.1)

Submitted: May 23, 2012

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Submitted: May 23, 2012



Chapter 14


Ash looked to Ayame, he shook his head

"Don't even think about it Ayame..."

" And why not? I've got the scent..i'll be able to track them!" Ayame cried.

Ash sighed he walked to her, taking the cloth away Ayame frowned to him

" They might of come from do we know they are still there and havent moved on hey?" Ash was looking at Ayame watching her shake her head in protest

" They could still be there..." Ayame mumbled and looked down, she was pissed off, who was that man? Why did he look smiliar? What did he want with her? All the questions were left unanswered.

Ash put the cloth on the table he wrapped his arms around Ayame's waist he pulled her close to him Ayame rested her head on his chest feeling his heart beating and how slow it was, Ayame looked up to Ash she took a breath.

"You need to tell me everything...No more secrets...Please?" Ayame murmured

Ash looked in Ayame's eyes not sure what to do, their lips a few inches apart they were both lost in each others eyes, Ash pulled away, only to keep himself in control, he moved his hands to interlock with hers

"No more secrets" He promised her he kissed her head as they walked into the kitchen.

Tingling radiated through their bodies, Ayame sat on a stool and Ash sat next to her.

"Its a long story...but thousands of years aho Vampires and Lycan's ruled the world, humans were their slaves until they rebelled and took over, forcing the supernatural into hiding and over the years we came myths and legends to them, they've been in charged since...Marcus..he's the first one know how or why he came a mixblood...some say a witch helped him into completeting the transformation, he stated that he would get the world back, he's been trying to create an army big enough to take over, the Vampires and Some Lycan disagreed with him, we believe the humans are coping fine but others believe they are destroying it and agree with Marcus..." Ash paused and looked to Ayame who had a blank expression on her face he took a deep breath " Your mother...and Marcus.." He glanced to her as her eyes widen " They were together...and had you...creating the second mixblood..but Marcus left...he couldnt stay with your mother and you whilst tryin to create an army...He went off making more mixbloods...but only by blood exchange.. he only found out a few years that you were a mixblood and still alive so he became a hunt for you and your mother...My family." He sighed " They were helping him...before they found out why you was important to him...Elizabeth...she has stayed loyal to him from day one...and she found you...she thought...if she took you out...Marcus would use her as his weapon..not some woman he hardly knew..."

He stopped and looked to Ayame, she a gulp and looked to him she felt her stomach drop she didn't know what to say but she knew it was time to fight back..for her family, Ash placed his hand over hers and squeezed it gently as they sat in silence.

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