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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: November 29, 2011

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Submitted: November 29, 2011



Chapter 2

When the sun rised Ayame walked to her oversized bathroom seeing it for the first time, she had a huge walk in shower a bath which was more like a hotube a toliet, sink and a big mirror the blue wallpaper made her eyes stand out more...

Ayame pulled off her clothes and turned the shower on as she stepped into it, shutting her eyes as the water washed over her body, soothing away last night's worries, she quickly washed and got out, pulling a new fresh towel over her body, she walked back into her bedroom singing to make the house more lively, she went into her walk in wardrobe pulling a plain white tee over her body and black shorts over her legs.


Ayame froze, she heard a knock... She stiffened slightly wondering who it was, she flittered downstairs, breathing in deeply trying to get a scent but frowned when she couldn't, she opened the door a bit to see who it was, she held her breath when she saw those too familiar chocolate eyes again, James, he had come back.

" Hello never got your name last night... I was hoping we could talk?" James said in a cool tone

Ayame stood there her heart racing and her palms got sweaty...

"Its Ayame, er..sure i guess...whats up?" Ayame replied in a tone which was more calm then she felt, it took her by suprise.

James looked at Ayame, his eyes tracing her head to foor, this made Ayame feel uncomfortable, James smiled as if he knew she felt uncomfortable.

"May i come in please Ayame?" James said in a warmer tone, this sudden tone change made Ayame confused and uncomfortable even more

"Sure" Ayame opened the door wider "Come in" She replied, James smiled again, he walked into the house, Ayame shut the door behind him hiding the worry on her face.

She turned around to see James looking at a family photo, Ayame kept her face blank and hide the pain, James put it down and looked to Ayame he didn't say anything...

"Wo..would you like a drink or anything?" Ayame mumbled while looking at the family photo, James shoot his head,Ayame pointed to the sofa, James sat and she went to the chair oppsite him.

"So...What can i help you with?" Ayame asked

" I know what went through your mind last night, when you saw me and brother" James said in a cold flat tone.

Ayame's body grew cold, she didn't know what to do next, she thought about flittering into the kitchen and getting help when James cleared his throat.

" I wouldn't do that if i was you Ayame, ill catch you in no time"

"No you couldn't you don't know what your talking about!" Ayame hissed as she stood up a little to fast for a human.

The next thing James had pinned Ayame to the wall his eyes holding her gaze in place.

" I told you not to, i know what you are!" James snapped "Stay away from me and my brother Ayame. this is your only warning" His eyes glazed over with haterid, Ayame was too scared to talk so she nodded. There was a knock at the door, Ayame jumped as she went to scream James put his hand over her mouth and pressed hard, his eyes warned her not to scream but she was more worried at how big his hand was and how dangerously strong it looked.

Ayame got pissed off, she thought not a chance am i being told what to do! She built up her strength in her arms and threw James off her.

"Get out of my house now!" She snarled at James, James stood up, looking more angry than before, Ayame ran to the door, opening it before James could react....

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