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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: November 30, 2011

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Submitted: November 30, 2011



Chapter 3


Ash was stood at the door, he smiled at Ayame this made her relax instanly she remembered James, she looked over her shoulder she noticed he was gone but there was a dent in the wall where she was...

" Hello? Earth calling beautiful?" Ash said jokenly.

"Oh...Im sorry" Ayame stammered and blushed.

"Its okay sweetheart, i came by to see if i could get you out tonight?" Ash said " To the see the town i mean" he quickly added.

Ayame's heart stopped, she wondered how two brothers could be so different, she looked into his emerald green eyes, smiling.

"Yeah, yeah i'd like that"

Ash's eyes sparkled this made Ayame smile even more.

"Great! I'll come get you at 7:30?"

Ayame smiled again and nodded.

"Sounds good enough for me"

"So i guess ill see you then Ayame" Ash said smiling at her, trying hard to control his execitment.

Ayame nodded, Ash then stroked Ayame's cheek and left. Where is finger was left a tingle feeling inside Ayame's chest and her cheek was warm,she raised a hand to it as she shut the door, she looked at her coffee table, she gasped as she saw a bunch of fresh roses laid down perfectly she saw a note in them, she grabbed it.

It read

" i can't wait for tonight, hope you'll enjoy it. Ash"

Ayame smiled but then became confused, she knew she never let Ash in only James came in, she began to wonder what he was, her curicosity got the better of her, she flittered to the libary,turning on her laptop, she went into the kitchen to get food whilst she waited.

Ayame opened the fridge, It was full with human food, they were only there as props, her real food was behind it all, she reach behind some orange juice and pulled out a small bottle which was filled with human blood, she pulled the lid off, she took a deep drink from the bottle, her eyes flash red then settled back to their blue, she walked back to the libary, she sat down at the table, typing away at the laptop.


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