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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: November 30, 2011

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Submitted: November 30, 2011



Chapter 4


Ayame had looked at the same wall for most of the day, she was in shock she couldn't do anything...

She found out what the brothers were her kind Vampires are forbidden to be with... The brothers are Lycan's the first Orginal bloods that started the Lycan race.

Ayame remembers her family keeping her hidden from the world for years until they knew she was saf, she never knew but she was going to find out why.

Knock, knock.

Ayame's frozen state was broken she snapped her head to the door, she listened

Knock, Knock.

Ayame looked at the clock it was 7:20pm, she totally forget about Ash!

She flittered upstairs she quickly threw one blue jeans and a white shirt with flats, she flittered to door, yanking it open she smiled.

"Hey, sorry i didn't answer, i never heard you" Ayamed lied through her smile.

"Its okay, im early any way, hope its not a problem" Ash said smiling back

"Oh no, it's not, its fine i was busy..." Ayame broke off not sure what to say.

Ash held his arm out.

"Shall we madam?" Ash asked with a cute smile, Ayame locked her door, she slipped her hand through the loop in his arm, resting her hand gently.

Her heart pounding ard, her emtions where every where she felt safe, loved but was also worried about the fact she was going out with a Lycan!

"Everything okay?" Ash asked as he walked Ayame to his glossy black BMW

"No its fine, sorry i seem distant just....getting use to a new surrounding thats all" Ayame replied with her flirty smile that she used when she tried to get out of problems.

Ash smiled bacl, he opened her car door, Ayame climbed into the car, Ash shut the door once she was sat, Ayame paniced she told her self to calm down, he didn't seem to be the bad breed of Lycan. Ash got into the driver seat, he started the car then drove back out of Ayame's drive.

They both sat in silence having the odd word, After a few more minutes Ash stopped the car outside a fair, the lights blinded Ayame but her eyes quickly focused again.

"Here we are, i kind of lied i brought you here its the annuel fair this town has" Ash said as he glanced over to Ayame.

Ayamed looked back to Ash her pulse gettting faster the more she looked at him.

"Oh well.. it should be fun..." Ayame finally said "I haven't been to a fair in years" She smiled at Ash again.

Ash smiled back he climbed out of his side, shut the door and was at Ayame's door before she could touch the door handle, Ash looked at Ayame, he grinned, Ayamed blinked twice then smiled. 'Nothing like showing what you are' Ayame thought.

Ayame climbed out of the car, she lost her breath as the smell of humans overpowered her, her senses went into overdrive, she forced her animal instincts to calm down.

Ash watched Ayame he waited for her, he knew what she was at the first look but he needed to know her and be close, there was something about her that he couldn't keep away from...

Ayame finally calmed down, she blushed and smiled at Ash, Ash held his hand out of Ayame to take, she looked down she slipped her finger inbetween his, Ash squeezed her hand to reassure her everything was ok.

They both took at deep breath and walked into the fair. Togther.

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