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Chapter 5 (v.1)

Submitted: November 30, 2011

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Submitted: November 30, 2011



After a few hourse of hearing humans laughing and screaming it became too much for Ash and Ayame to resist their blood so they left.

Ash opened Ayame's door, she slide in, feeling giddy from the alcohol, Ash got into his seat, he to had drank but not much, he drove back Ayame's, glancing at her seeing her cuddling the gray wolf he won her.

"Thank you for tonight Ash, i really enjoyed it" Ayame said softly, Ash looked over to Ayame they both smiled gently their eyes locking into each others.

"Its okay Ayame, i enjoyed it too" Ash replied.

The car stopped at a set of traffic lights, Ayame looked down to the gray teddy, she noticed it was a wolf, she gasped slightly, she wondered if this gray wolf was the colour of Ash in his form? She didn't say anything...

Ayame prayed the lights would change she wanted to be home where people could see her if anything went wrong, finally the lights changed, she relaxed slightly knowning she will be home soon. Ash pulled his BMW up Ayame's drive he stopped the engine, both of their hearts beating hard and fast, both convinced the other could hear. Ayame broke the silence first.

"Would you inside?" Ayame stammered.

Ash looked at Ayame, he quickly glanced at the dashboard, the clock luminated the time it was 12:40pm.

"Sure, but only for a while, its late and you'll need your sleep" He replied.

Both of them got out of the car, walking to Ayame's door, she opened her house.

"Come inside Ash, please?" Ayamed asked shly.

Ash stepped in he let out a low slow whistle.

"Nice house" Ash said in voice full of supirse.

Ayame glaced around the room, it didn't look much different from her other homes, she only had her 52inch TV, two black long leather sofa's, a fire place, a white leather chair, coffee table and family photo's.

"Would you like a drink?" Ayame asked quietly.

Ash shook his head, he saw a dent in the wall next to the fire, he looked at Ayame but she didn't notice it so he let it drop.

Ayame walked to get a drink, Ash looked at the pictures, he pick a photo up of Ayame and her Mother, they look so much alike, Ash knew what Ayame was...She was a mix-blood but she didn't know it, she has been raised as a Vampire. Good. Ash thought.

He knew he couldnt love her, he tried not to but there was something there between them he couldn't deny it.

Ayame walked back into the living room as Ash put the picture down, Ash turned to her he flash his best smile to her, she smiled back, they were 2feet away from each other.

Do it already, Ash thought.

Ash wanted to protect her for the rest of his life, when he saw her the first time his life totally change, he couldnt keep away and she was all he could see and hear, she was everything he needed.

It was too late, they both knew they loved each other, the soulmate rule had them held strong and not letting them go, Ayame looked down she blushed then looked at Ash.

"I think its best i leave" Ash said in a quiet voice.

Ayame looked at him.

" don't have to go" Ayame replied shly.

Ash looked at Ayame, he was shocked by her response, he moved closer to Ayame, He pulled her to him, she stumbled and laughed.

"WOAH! ASH!" Ayame exclaimed as he held onto her.

"Sorry, used more strength than i should" Ash said with a chuckle.

Ayame felt safe, his strong arms around her protecting her, she rested her head on his shoulder they both looked at each other, their lips a few inches away, Ash bent closer...

RING! Ash's phone rang, Ayame jumped and Ash cured quietly. He looked at it, it was James, he frowned then looked to Ayame.

"I best go, my brother is needing me" Ash said in a tone of regret.

Ayame nodded.

" I understand" She said quietly.

Ash looked at her and left.

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