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Chapter 6 (v.1)

Submitted: November 30, 2011

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Submitted: November 30, 2011



Chapter 6

Its been a while since Ash and Ayame had their close encounter, its all Ayame has been thinking about, she tried to carry on her daliy chours but she kept thinking about Ash.

Ayame was in the garden, she just finished cleaning the pool now she was getting rid of the weeds, they annoyed her, they do they have to be in way? She thought.

She was knelt in the soil singing softly as she pulled the weeds out from the roses, she knew she would be here forever, the sun was beating down and burning her even though she had her protection necklace on. She looked around no-one was around she chanted a quick latin spell and watched all the weeds go.

Brushing herself off as she stood up, she walked right into a soild mass, she tried to scream but something hit her hard in the stomach and sent her flying into the woods behind her home, she landed on the grass, she couldn't breath she groaned she touched her back she had a stick stuck in her back.

Ouch Ayame thought.

She pulled herself up looking around when she got hit again and was sent deeper into the woods now this pissed her off, she stood up quickly, looking around.


Ayame froze held her breath and listened.

Crunch Crunch.

She looked to her left then out of nowhere something tackled her into a tree Ayame lost her breath again,eveything was spinning her breath becoming weak and gray spots in her eyes.

She cried to shout for help when a hand clamped down over her mouth, stopping any sound, her vision came back, she was a woman, with long blond hair and eyes that shifted between green and blue, she could tell she was a Lycan, Ayame snarled, her animal instincts kicked in, her fangs grew into a lenght that only belonged to a dangerous animal her eyes shifted from her blue to blood red, she growled and hissed at the Lycan.

She threw the blonde stranger off her and saw her land on a boulder and watched it break under her.

The stranger stood up, she pulled a branch off a tree, snapping it in half to make a homemade stake, Ayame froze, horror crept into her eyes, this made the stranger laugh Ayame backed up slightly then tried to run but the Lycan caught her top she rammed the stake in Ayame's side,Ayame cried as hot scearing pain ripped through her side, Ayame dropped to the floor, she pulled the stake out.

" Leave the WhiteWood brothers alone or i'll make sure your never found again!" The blonde stranger hissed.

Ayame looked up to her, her fangs retracted but her eyes stayed red.

"Fuck you bitch" Ayame spat, the Lycan looked shocked then got really angry she picked Ayame up slamming Ayame into a tree again.

The Lycan made Ayame's head it the wood and laughed when she heard it crack and watches the blood run down her top.

Ayame lost consciousness the Lycan didn't care, she stabbed her again in the chest with the stake, just missing Ayame's heart, more unbearable pain ripped through Ayame.

Ayame woke up to see the Lycan one last time as the Lycan kicked Ayame in the head.

Ayame lost consciouss again and didn't wake up.

The Lycan looked at the limp body she smirked to her self and flittered out before the brothers came.

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