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Chapter 7 (v.1)

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



Chapter 7


Ash had been knocking on Ayame's door for five minutes and not getting a response.

" Come on brother she clear isn't home, just come back later" James said, looking at Ash as he turned.

" James you know as well as me that she cant go out during the day, she always stays inside..." Ash said, he knocked again, James sighed.

James looked to the side gate, he saw it was open, frowing he nudged Ash but then regretted it. Ash looked to the gate, he pushed past James without saying a word.

Both brothers walked into the back yard, Ash looked around to find Ayame but he couldn't, James attempted to look but he couldn't care about the Mix-Blood he wanted to go hunt to pass the time.

" She clearly isn't in like I said she would be Ash" James sounded annoyed, Ash looked to James and frown.

" Yeah, yeah maybe your right i'll come bac..." Ash broke off as the wind blew gently past him, he caught a scent of blood and it was fresh, both brothers looked to each other, Ash took off running first, James sighed and soon followed him.

The brothers appeared at the edge of the woods, the scent stronger, Hunger grew in James and Ash's throat, Ash walked ahead James following behind him, Ash stopped, James look to him and then carried on walking letting his brother control his thirst.

James noticed broken tree's branches and dead animals but mainly blood. Blood was everywhere the smell was overpowering, he could hear a faint heartbeat trying to live, He soon heard Ash curse under his breath.

" What the hell has caused this?" Ash muttered to himself.

James shrugged, he kept walking, he started to walk into a bush but his boot hit something, he looked down both he and his brother didn't prepare to see a body limp and soaked in blood hidden.

Ash pushed James out of the way, he choked back a sob as he saw it was Ayame, he pulled her black matted hair off her face, as he did blood trailed across her face, he growled.

"Who ever did this is going to pay Ayame i promise." Ash muttered to the unconcious body.

James watched Ash pick Ayame's body up, he saw how pale she was and how limp her body was against his brothers, he had to do something.

"Let me take her brother...You stay and find out who did this..." James said softly, Ash looked to him in utter shock, he looked down to Ayame, he then nodded and gave James her body, James held his breath as blood dripped onto his shirt.

"You better get her to the hospital, we can't let her die..." Ash said, kicking a branch away.

James nodded, he turned and flittered away from Ash and the blood scene getting Ayame to the closest hosptial.

Ash watched them leave, he turned around looking to the mess infront of him, the wind blew again, he caught a smell of orange blossums, the one scent he'd never forget...

Ash turned around to quickly see a blond burr run past, he sensed the burr's next move, he threw his arm out, caughting the blurr by its throat and slammed it into a tree, his eyes shifted amber.

" You got nerve showing your face around here Elizabeth" Ash snarled.

Elizabeth laughed, her long blond locks hitting her waist as she laughed, she looked to Ash her eyes amber and she was covered in blood.

" Nice to see you too Mr WhiteWood, is this how you treat ladies these days?" Elizabeth said, slipping out of Ash's grasp.

" Your not a lady, you never were so why should I treat you like one Elizabeth and what are you doing here?"

" Oh, i've been here for a while Ash, but you haven't noticed and i see you met the Mix-Blood...well she wont be around for much longer"

Ash's eyes widen Elizabeth attacked Ayame? No it cant be true...can it? He thought to himself

"Oh yes Ash, I Elizabeth attacked your little Mix-Blood and left her for dead" Elizabeth said, her eyes sparkling with power, Ash snarled.

"Your a bitch! You best hope my brother has her at the hospital because if not ill rip your throat out!" Ash snapped.

Elizabeth flittered to Ash she grabbed his throat, lifting him up she began to choke him, Ash struggled to breath.

" How many times before have I told you not to mess with a first born Lycan Ash? you'll never win!!" Elizabeth snarled.

"ELIZABETH!! LET GO OF MR WHITEWOOD!!!" a voiced shouted from the tree's Elizabeth dropped Ash, Ash fell catching is breath he looked up to see a man standing arond 6ft7 with black hair, amber eyes, a scar above his left eyebrow and wearing all black.

"Marcus..." Ash muttered as he stood up.

" Ah, so you have heard of the first ever Mix-Blood? Good. Just made this whole thing ten times easier for me" Marcus replied, Elizabeth moved to Marcus' side, she glared to Ash.

Ash knew better than to start a fight with Marcus, so he stood there and hoped and prayed James got Ayame to the hosptial before it was too late.

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