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Chapter 9 (v.1)

Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011



Chapter 9


( sorry guys this is another short one!!)


The nurse fitted the last tube to Ayame's hand, she looked to the men and left.

James sat on a chair next to Ayame, looking to her, Ash pulled another chair up next to his brother neither of them said a word.

The machine was showing Ayame's heart was beating a stable rate, Ash looked to Ayame's face, it was bruised and he felt sick.

James stood up, walking to the window he looked out to see a ambulence pull up and saw a child screaming as the door opened, he rolled his eyes, humans always got their selves into trouble and could never get out of it, He looked to the moon seeing it had a dark red shade, he smirked knowing it won't be long until the Lycan's came to hunt.

Ash had fallen asleep so James slipped out of the room to get a coffee, when he caught a scent of orange blossum's he snapped his head up and rushed to the smell.

He opened a ward door, to see a teenage girl spraying purefume he growled and shut the door.

He walked around the hospital for a few hours, trying to distract himself. He finally ended up back at Ayame's room, Ashe sat wide away he looked to James.

"Go home and get some sleep and food" Ash whispered, James looked to him and shook his head.

" I said go home James"

James sighed, Ash threw his car keys to James, James caught them and walked out.

Leaving Ayame and Ash alone, Ash rested his head on the bed pole.

" Please wake up Ayame, I..." He took a deep breath " I love you please don't leave me..."

James heard what Ash say when he shut the door, he felt sorry for his big brother, he knew what it was like losing a loved one, he walked into the car park.

Found ash's BMW he started the car and drove home, thinking about Elizabeth...


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