Apocalypse, Book 2: Nightfall

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Kaliona (Kai) and Kate sucessfully escaped Jared, but when they go to library, they just barely escape an attempt on their lives, but not without a cost, and a great one at that, one that’ll leave not only them but the entire supernatural community horrified and shaken.

But Kailiona and Kate can’t dwell on death, only focus on their search to find the other four that the prophecy spoke of.

Along the way, they make both friends and eniemies and find themselves chancing death more than just once in their attempts to save the world from destruction. The only question is, will they be able to find the other four, or will someone else- someone not so friendly with not so nice intentions- find them first? Find out in the thrilling squel to Apocalypse, Book 1: Prophetess.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Apocalypse, Book 2: Nightfall

Submitted: February 15, 2010

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Submitted: February 15, 2010



Part 1
I never asked for this life. I never asked for every human that I walked by on the sidewalk to shrink back in fear when they saw the power and strength that radiated from me. I didn’t ask for the vampires and shape shifters and witches to talk behind my back only to grow silent and respectful as I walked by. I didn’t ask for my adopted parents to be wary of me when I walked through their door every month to check on them. I didn’t ask to turn hard towards emotion because of the years of lack of love or have fits of anger because of the burrden I carried was sometimes too heavy. I didn’t ask to be half shape shifter half vampire, a mutt. I didn’t ask for any of it.
But it didn’t matter if I didn’t want it because I was stuck with it. I was lucky enough that Nashe, the gentle and wise goddess of prophecy had taken me under her wing when I had been just a child and had given me a future to look forward to, one where I would play a great deal in protecting a girl destined to save the world.
I had worked hard to reach that prophecy my entire life. I trained long and hard every morning, working on getting quicker, stronger, and braver. I learned to shoot a bow and arrow and how to use a bokken, a wooden Japenesse sword, and how to make them. I learned to control my thirst for blood and I leanred how to shape shift into that of a snow white lioness. I learned to focus my mind, so I could find my power, one that let me see if the person I was protecting was in danger or not. I never got a good glimpse of her or where she was. I only knew from the time I was sixteen that the girl I was destined to protect was a one with long golden hair and electric blue eyes. A girl that was the Daughter of Adam and Eve, a human. A girl blessed by Nashe. A girl who when she would speak to the water, it would listen. A girl who saw things that no one else dreamed of. A Prophetess.
It was my destiny to protect her, so that she could gather the other four to defeat the Darkness. If she died, then there was no hope.
I had to protect her, at all cost. But could I do it?
I didn’t know.
But I was going to die trying.

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