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THIS IS NOT A STORY!!! it's more of an advice column, things I've leanred that week and my experiences I want o share w/ u and the advice i chose to give you. Sometimes it may also include a time where i ask for YOU'RE help so i'm relying on all of you!!!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Weekly Column

Submitted: January 20, 2010

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Submitted: January 20, 2010



Week 1 (Date: 1/20/10)-

Story-Okay so this week I've witnessed a lot of break-ups. Not exactly a happy thing, but not nessecarily a bad thing either. My friend broke up with his girlfriend and he was talking to me earlier saying that he made a mistake. His girlfriend had been acting off and kind of pushing him away and he thought she didn't want to be with him anymore so he broke up with her. Later, he found out that it was that she was just having a really bad week. H'ed made a huge mistake but there was nothing he could do about it. He was really bothered by it so I asked him, "Ryan, why all these regrets? Did you really expect you guys to last until it was time to get married?" He said, "No, but I expected a few more good months at least" There was his problem right there.


  1. If someone asks you out, tell them you'll first think about it if you haven't already because that's what you need to do. Ask yourself: Is he/she really the right one for me? Can I look at us and see us together in the future? Would I marry this person?

  2. If the persopn your going out w/ is pushing you away and acting odd, give them a few days. If they're still acting the same way, talk it out. Better to waste time waiting to see what's going on then to make a mistake you will forever regret.

HELP!!!- So for awhile now, I've been crushin on this one guy called Mike. He's pretty good-looking and he's respectful, smart, and funny. What's not to like? So him and I have recently become friends, not really close ones, but friends all the same.

So one day, my best friend who I consider my brother, Adrian, is sitting next 2 me w/ Mike on the other side of him. We're working independately in Geometery on a work sheet when Adrain says in a somewhat loud voice, "Mike looks lonely."

I raise an eyebrow and go, "In what sense?"

"He needs a partner," Adrian returns.

"Adrian, we're not suppose to have partners."

"Not like that, I think he needs a girlfriend." By this point I'm sure Mike can hear everything.

"Um...why are you talkin to me about this? Talk to Mike about it." As you expect I was getting nervous at this point.

"I did, he kind of just shrugged," Adrian said. "But don't you think he needs a girlfriend? Maybe one named ______" (srry but i'm not putting up my name, everything i've been taught is against it)

Thankfully my friend Tyler saved me at this point.

Later on though Adrian and I were texting and he asked if I really did like Mike. Okay I luv Adrian 2 death, but he's also friend's w/ Mike and sometimes doesn't know 2 keep his mouth shut so I just said, "I don't know, I've never thought of him like that" (Though I have)

Later that week, I was waiting for my socergame to start and was talking to Michael. When I came back over to my friend Jess to ask her something she all but yelled, "Oh my God! Mike finlly asked you out!"

I stared at her like she was crazy and she got that guiltu/lying face of hers on and said, "I was just joking." I decided to just drop it, there were too many witnesses around 2 pursue the idea.

Today, Mike who sits near me, asks me out of the many girl's he knows, "I need some adivce."

"I'm all ears."

"So I like this girl, her and I knew each other before but we kind of just recently became friends." (Kind of like him and me) "And I really like her. What do I do?"

I thought about this and asked, "What classes to you have her in?"

"1st and 4th hour."

My heart sank, I only had him for 5th and 6th. Later (like a few minuets ago) something came 2 mind. That was impossible. He only had guys in 4th hour.

"And," he went on. "I had a friend ask her if she liked me and she said---" (I don't remember the exact words but I do know that it was similar to what I had said to Adrian.

"Well if I were you," I told him, at the time i was still disappointed but i liked him enough to give good enough advice. "I'd just get closer to her, ya know? Hang out with her more. Then in a week or two if she starts to show interest back, ask her out."

"So basically keep doing what I'm doing." He said. I realized later that he WAS getting closer to me lately.


At the end of class I was getting ready to leave when Jess, from behind Mike, mouthed to me, "He likes you." and pointed to Mike. Mike turned around and said something to her I didn't hear.

Okay so guys, I'm really confused by this! So I need your help. I don't want to confront my friend Jess because what if he doesn't like me and i look like an idiot? And there's no way I can go to Adrian or Mike. So what do you guys think? Does he like me? Or doesn't he? And what should I do? PLEASE be honest. I don't care if it hurts I just want the truth. Thanks!



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