The White Sheep Of The Uchiha Clan

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Emiko Uchiha was one time a little blonde nuisence. The villagers threw stones at her, called her a freak and a monster. She never fit in anywhere. Her big brother didn't want anything to do with her, the immortal she adored so much turned his back on her and called her weak. Now she's not the little weak girl she was before. She's deadly. She's beautiful. She's not alone...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The White Sheep Of The Uchiha Clan

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Submitted: July 12, 2012



Emiko walked down the streets of Konoha with her eyes on the ground.

Everywhere. Absolutly everywhere. She's always treated like this. Like a nuisence. A freak.

She suddenly felt a sharp pain in her shoulder and heard laughter. 'Boys...' She thought. They're playing ninja again. And she's their target, again...

Another stone came flying and hit her head. She turned around and another stone hit her. Hard.

But she didn't feel the pain. Not there. Not in her chest. No, she just felt heat. Extreamly hot fire traveling through her veins down to her stomache.

She turned and ran away. She could still hear their laughter. She ran all the way home.

It was rare that girls in the Uchiha clan went to the academy. But she wouldn't think twice about saying yes if she was offered a place.

She opened the frontdoor and walked inside. She heard sounds from the kitchen. They're probably having guests. She made herself invisable. Something she'd always been able to do. She walked up to her room in silence. Then she stopped, hearing her mothers voice.

"Hello?" Mikoto called as if to see if someone was there. Not that her mother cared if she was home or not. No one cared. Emiko's gaze hardened. Mikoto was just like everyone else.

She stalked up the stairs. The floor didn't make a sound. She opened her door and tapped the naked lightbulb in the cealing. It blinked a few times before it came alive.

She sat down on her bed. She hated it. All the fire attacks in her system. It was numbing. It felt like she was going to lose control. It didn't feel good at all. Then she heard snickering. Her eyes widened. No! Not again.

"Yes, hello Emi-chan" Emiko cletched her eyes shut. It was the voice again. It always talked to her at night. She knew that it was the voice that was the sorce of the heat. She would never admit it, but she was afraid of the voice. Even if the voice was gentle and soft, she knew it was dangerous. She heard a sigh.

"Are you not going to talk to me tonight either? You have to understand that I wont hurt you. Could you atleast say hi?" It tried to make her comfortable. She just knew it. But she knew it wouldn't go away.

'Hello?' She tried. She heard snickering and she frowned. It made fun of her.

"No, no! I'm not making fun of you. I swear! It's just a relife that you're talking to me. Say my name!"

'I... I don't know your name...' The voice snickered again.

"Then ask, Emi-chan" She took a deep breath and was just about to ask the voice when she heardfootsteps in the stairs.

She flew over to her desk and sat down. She gripped her pencil in the exact moment the door opened.

She didn't look up, knowing it was her father. True, she wasn't a ninja. But that didn't mean she couldn't read chakra.

No one knew that she could do it. Neither go invisible nor use chakra to move. She could feel his cold gaze in the back of her head. Her face didn't abandone any emotion.

"We didn't hear you come" He stated. Emiko resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Instead she just sat there in the same position with the same inpassive face. She guessed that he didn't expect a respons. So he continued.

"Don't come down. We have guests" And with that he left. Emiko's hand cletched the pencil so hard it broke in half. Damn him. She trew the broken pencil in the trashcan and stood up. Suddenly she found herself pined against the wall by her thoat. She closed her eyes. 'Itachi...'

Her brother put his mouth at her ear.

"You are not alowed to see him, understand?" Emiko could just nod weakly. She wasn't strong enough. He snorted without amusement.

"You're weak. You lack hate. Hate makes you strong." Then he let her go and walked out the door without looking back.

She closed her onyx eyes that flashed red. Her fist's cletched.

'I'll kill him. One day I'll kill really him...'

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