Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. (A Love Story)

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Free Passes Brought To You By Magic

Submitted: November 03, 2010

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Submitted: November 03, 2010



CHAPTER 10: Free Passes Brought to You by Magic.
We just stood there unmoving. Eventhough everyone cheered, it felt like we’re the only ones onstage. Every fairytale has its own cutoff point. And like sleeping beauty and Cinderella, there would always be a time where we have to snap back into reality and disengage ourselves from the hug.
I felt so ashamed and embarrassed of the sudden urge of hugging him in front of many people. I turned around and jumped off the stage and ran to my friends. I didn’t mind looking back. I was scared to see him mad and exasperated with what I did. I arrived at my friends’ spot wet and slimy. I motioned for them to follow me. And when we’re far away from the guys, we searched frantically for a hose to wash me.
When I was finally slime-free, we sat at the bar and asked for sodas. I didn’t talk to them. I just replayed everything that happened with Nathan with my head. I tried to think of excuses when he’d ask me why I did that. My girl friends got bored of me and left me there. They proceeded to the game booths and had their own taste of fun.
And that’s the main reason why I’m still alone here in the bar with the bartended for almost two hours now. I asked the bartender for a Martini. I looked around and watch the people enjoy the party in full swing. I tried to skim the crowd and look for Nathan and Kaitlin’s head—assuming that they’re still together. Million thoughts of the things they could possibly do together flowed in my head and were abruptly interrupted by the bartender’s voice.
“Here’s your Martini, miss.” The bartended slipped the drink in front of me.
I turned my body around and instead focused in drinking my Martini. When I was halfway ‘til the end of the glass, someone tapped my shoulder.
I turned my head around and found myself staring at the light brown pools of Nathan’s eyes.
“Hey. Going solo, huh?” he asked while taking a seat beside me. “One Martini, please.” he said to the bartender.
“Where’s your basketball posse?” I joked half-heartedly.
“Ah, they played in some booths right now. Even your brother’s there.”
“Oh. And where’s Kaitlin?”
“I hid from her.” He put a finger against his lips, laughing. “Warn me when she’s coming around.”
“Clingy much? Ahh, don’t say I didn’t throw you warning stares awhile ago.” I laughed despite of the embarrassment I’m feeling of what ‘clingy’ thing I did to him awhile ago.
“I didn’t know she was like that. So, why are you alone?” he said as he took his drink from the bartender.
I finished my Martini and told him the story of what my ‘friends’ did to me. “They thought I was boring!”
We both laughed. “You couldn’t blame them. When I saw you alone, I thought you really looked boring.”
I gave him a light punch on his arm. “Go away, then. That was very kind of you!”
“I was just kidding!” he grinned and I stopped myself from smiling back at him. “Signing me up in the game was very kind of your mother. It’s the first time I’ve ever played that game. I had loads of fun.”
I sat straighter and ran a hand through my hair—a mere sign of embarrassment and guilt. “I didn’t even know my mother signed me up, too. And hell I wasn’t prepared about the consequence.”
He stared at me. We just looked at each other as if we’re seeing that moment in each other’s eyes. Then, he broke the silence. “Don’t worry about the consequence. It meant nothing to me.”
I couldn’t say anything. I didn’t know how to put weight on what he just said. I don’t know if that should mean that he doesn’t care if I hugged him or he doesn’t care and he just wanted to forget everything that happened back there.
I just nodded and sidetracked him. “Where did you come from, by the way?”
He sipped his drink and looked at me meaningfully. “I came from Europe. London, England.”
“You don’t speak the British accent.”
“I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I always watch American shows on our TV and I inherited your accent.” He seemed to have a distant look in his eyes.
“That’s funny.” I grinned at him. “You look like you’re from a prestige family.”
“Nah. just plain normal, I guess.” He shrugged. “You seem to be very attached at your family. Eventhough your father’s not here with you as your brother mentioned it once, you look like you didn’t go through a lot.”
I breathed hard at the mention of my father. For the first time in my life, I think we’re doing the same thing—sitting in the bar, drinking alcohol with the people we’d like to meet. I tried to think of a careful answer that wouldn’t give away much. “I did go through a lot. It just takes time and practice to show a better side of myself to the public.”
“Oh.” He just nodded. “You’re the school council’s secretary, huh?”
I smiled at the sudden change of topic. “Yeah. My brother forced me into it. He thought it might be a good way to waste my time.”
“You’re good at it, from what I’ve heard.” he smiled at me warmly and my heart skipped a beat. I fought my lips from smiling back at him. It’s too much of showing my admiration of him.
“Thanks, though I’ve been on the team for just a year.” I said. “And I’ve hear a lot from you, too. It’s your first week and yet Coach Murphy’s very proud of you. I’ve heard he’s going to make you play for the first game this season.”
“Wow.” he seemed surprise. “I didn’t know that. Didn’t you know I only learned how to play from TV shows in London?”
“Well, that’s a great start.” I didn’t know he’s a fast learner. “Why did you transfer here?”
Suddenly, his features seemed to be at guard. His eyes had that distant look again and he turned his head to face the bar—obviously not wanting me to see his expression. “I went here to find someone.”
And like him, my senses blocked every outburst of hurt that my mind would later on release. I tried to act nonchalantly. And there, in a simple sentence, he could ruin everything. There would always come a time that I have to learn something about the girl she’s trying to impress. As much as I want to make him stop, I can’t. Because like what my brother said, I’m scared to know that reality wouldn’t always be the same as my dreams.
He wouldn’t be the same.
And here I was, watching my own dreams crush and be burned to ashes. No one can blame me from what I’m feeling. All this time, I thought that from the day he entered my life, everything could be the same as my dreams. It felt like I’ve known him for years. Turns out, dreams are different and reality is the total opposite.
“And you thought she’s here at our school?” I said slowly.
“Actually, she is. And I hope she sees that I’m trying to impress her.” He looked serious.
I just stood up and nodded. I didn’t know crushes can hurt you this much. If this was a movie, Nathan should be following his script and telling me he’s interested in me. He shouldn’t be rattling on about someone else.
Wake up, Tina. This isn’t a movie. This is reality now. And I guess, as an actress of my life, I wasn’t prepared for this. “I have to go now. It’s already 3 am. I’m exhausted.”
“Let me walk you home.”
I just shrugged. We walked past many people and when I saw my mom, she just winked at me and smiled at Nathan. I walked faster, eager to go home with myself just alone in the house. I bid goodbye to some of my friends.
When we’re at the porch, I reached for the keys under the lawn carpet. I turned around and smiled at Nathan.
I wasn’t able to say anything at all. I just stared at him and kept myself from thinking that I’m seriously crushing on him. Eventhough he was slime-bathed, his hair looked good with glowing streaks on it. His eyes were too much of a light brown.
“Go in, now.” He laughed. “Don’t stare at me like I’m a dirt bag.”
I shook my head. “Not so much of dirt bag. I’ve had a great time at the party. Thanks for playing with me, by the way. And for sharing that humiliating slime moment with me tonight.”
“Actually, it wasn’t that humiliating.” He smiled.” Thanks also. This first party I’ve attended means so much to me. It’s a great welcoming for me to be invited in such event. Especially that the girl I’m trying to impress is here.”
“Okay. Uhm…I’ll go now.” I turned around and opened the door.
Why does he have to always do that? He has to ruin every moment with that girl. If that girl means so much to him, then why doesn’t he walk that girl home and not walk me home. Those two statements are entirely different. Even so with me and his girl.
How am I supposed to be happy when those simple things I’ve ever wanted always have to come with a price I have to pay just to have it? And the price is letting my ears bleed from listening him brag about his girl. If only I have so much energy to storm off and find that girl, I will. But, the cowards I was, I didn’t how to do that.
I was never familiar with the word ‘hurt’. It never dawned to me that this could happen. I’ve heard a lot of warnings from my brother. I never thought this could happen. I didn’t have any back up plans. Because last year, whenever I would close my eyes, the word ‘happy’ is the only thing I know. ‘Happiness’ is the only thing Nathan knows to give me.
And just now, I thought about loving to dream of him. I loved the way I would always be happy. I just thought that maybe, if he didn’t come true; at night, there would always be a part of me that is smiling and not hurting.
Sometimes, it would always be better just to dream because you get to direct and enjoy what you’re seeing. There’s a big difference.
I just have one question for myself. And up until now, in the week he’s been in my life, I didn’t find the answer. Is it just a shallow crush? Or is it getting serious since I know he’s not fictional anymore?
I felt his hand come up my arm. He didn’t pull back this time. “Wait.”
I turned around and crossed my arms in front of me. “Yes?”
“I really enjoyed your company this evening. Maybe we could do this again sometime?”
I tiny smile pulled up my lips. I was caution now. “Sure.” Minus the I’m-trying-to-impress-someone-right-now talk, please. But of course, I didn’t say that.
“How about Monday morning?”
I gaped at him. “What?
“Ride with me in the morning.” he said casually.
“I don’t know about that, Nathan. Shane might not approve of it.”
He grinned at me. “I’m sure he will.”
And as if on cue, Shane walked up in the front steps of the porch and stood beside Nathan—smiling hugely at me. “Mother’s riding with me. She’d be going to school everyday ‘til December now. I told mom you’d find someone you could ride with.”
I wanted to get the flower pot near my feet and throw it at Shane. I’m sure this is one of the ‘favors’ Shane and Kyle planned on me. But my mind refused about my hypothesis because how on earth would this be their setups on me when my mother’s involved. Not unless Shane told Mom…
“I have no choice. I wouldn’t want to walk or ride the school bus.” I smirked at both of them. “Thanks for the offer, Nathan. I guess I’ll see you on Monday.” And I turned to look at my brother. “That would be very helpful of both of you.” I said with heavy sarcasm.
“Mother doesn’t know anything.” Shane mouthed silently.
Then, I went inside the house and closed the door behind me, switching on the lights.
I just wonder if ever I have to pay a price for this opportunity. And that’s when it dawned to me that life also gives free gifts as compliments. And it’s called, “Magic.”

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