Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. (A Love Story)

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Arms Draped Over Shoulders Sell Well

Submitted: November 03, 2010

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Submitted: November 03, 2010



CHAPTER 12: Arms Draped Over Shoulders Sell Well.
I pulled the earplugs from my ears. I kept my iTouch inside my bag and cleared my throat—a mere sign that I’m already going to spill the deets about Nathan.
PhysEd was hell. I arrived first before Nathan but the coach made me run around the gym five times. And, he said that if I would repeat this, he’d make it to ten times. And when I finished running the whole gym, that’s when good ol’ Nathan arrived. I didn’t look at him. I went straight at the bleachers and sat beside Fay, my PhysEd-mate. Everyone murmured when they figured how many minutes did it take for Nathan to arrive right after me. Some even had the guts to ask me why it was like that and why the hell did they hear that I arrived with Nathan at school today.
I just laughed and shrugged them off. “I don’t know where your gossips are coming from but I arrived with my brother today. I just ran a couple of errands at the office that’s why he came first.” way to go, sistah.
They didn’t argue that and they let PhysEd pass without ambushing me with such questions. After a couple more of subjects arrived lunch. My whole group of friends came to my classroom and fetched me. They already grabbed a lunch pack for me. they dragged ourselves going to a secluded spot near the football field.
They all turned their heads to me and Pam encouraged. “C’mon, you know you can’t keep this a secret to us. We saw you.”
“Okay, okay.” I took a deep breathe. I spilled everything to them regarding with Nathan’s job as to being my chauffer. I didn’t leave anything out. I told them about this afternoon and they offered to go with me.
“Seriously, we could go with you!” Adie offered while pressing buttons at her phone.
I shook my head. “No, thanks. We’re so many. And besides, you’ll just finish every piece of M&M’s he’s going to give me. “
“Aww, don’t be such a brat, sweetie.” Pam grinned. “We’re not there to eat your candies. We’re there to eat up the sight of you and Nathan together.”
“Wait. Pause on that one.” I said. “I’m not going with him during his practices. I’m going to watch. Get the difference? I won’t wear a jersey and tie my hair up to play ball.”
“Well, we’ll see. Whether you like it or not, we’re going.” Pam said.
I looked around and counted their heads. We’re all six. We’re supposed to be seven. “Where’s Kaitlin?”
“Oohh Good question, Tina.” Cherry said. “Because I don’t know the answer either. No one does. She just told us this morning that she’d be facilitating this afternoon’s cheerleading practice.”
“Good!” I exclaimed. “Why don’t you just go with her later!”
Their eyes bulged out and they practically screamed. “Seriously? You want us to waste our time watching girls stretch out their legs and thighs in front of our faces? Well, sorry girl. We’re not lame. We’d rather smell the sweat of those guys rather spending time with girls besides us.”
“Ugh!” I sighed, giving up. “It’s up to you. But let me tell you, we’re not together. We just met last week. What the hell. It couldn’t be that fast. And if you’re going to watch later, why don’t you bring your own snacks?”
I had no choice.
I went to my locker. All of my friends were trailing behind me. And when I opened my locker, we all gasped.
There was a jar as big as the normal ol’ cookie jar. Except that cookies weren’t inside. It was the yellow M&M’s. I took it out slowly and there was a note on top written in spiky lettering.
Hey as I promised, here’s your jar of yellow m&m’s.  
a week spully of M&m’s.
Shane said you love this so much. You could eat this later during practice. See you.
I just stared stupidly at the jar. My heart was beating fast and my face flushed. How come Nathan never gave me M&M’s in my dreams? And why on earth did he ask my brother about my favorites? What else does he know?
“Isn’t that sweet?” Pam said, squealing. “Can I hold it?”
I shrugged. “Uhm, sure?”
They feasted at the sight of this jar with Nathan’s note on top of it. I didn’t know why the hell Nathan did this. I don’t even know what his purpose is. But I’m not going to think about what I know I shouldn’t. I’m totally over fantasizing. I’ve ran out of things to imagine. And well, if the magic’s still present between us, I’ll let it work. I wouldn’t control it. Because as I see it, it works perfectly fine for me.
I pulled out my duffel bag full of non-uniform clothes. I grabbed my pair of converse high tops and snatched the jar from Cherry who’s now trying to open it.
“Chill, girls!” I said, putting the jar inside the bag. “Let’s go to the gym now. My brother might be thinking I took off somewhere else.”
When we arrived at the gym, we went our separate ways. My friends went to the bleachers and got us a good spot. I headed towards the girls’ locker room to change into another set of clothes.
I went inside one cubicle and changed into a pair of jeans and a bright pink shirt. I combed my hair and tied it into a high ponytail. When I was done with everything, I went out of the room and went straight to where my friends are.
I glanced around at the gym, taking in the sight. It’s my first time to watch the practice. Usually, when I’ll wait for my brother, I’ll spend time hanging around in school and let him fetch me. but since the rules have changed and my chauffer invited me to watch and be in his sight, I didn’t refuse since I know my mother’s just around the corner—she might even be watching me.
There were many athletes inside the gym. The cheerleaders were warming up and the basketball team we’re sitting on the bleachers, chit-chatting and planning the whole strategy.
My eyes almost bulged when I saw that my friends picked a spot four steps above the guys’ things were placed. “Ugh.” I muttered. I picked my way into the crowd and when I arrived step below where Pam was seated, they squealed at me.
“This is going to be excciiitttiiing!” Cherry said while texting.
I placed down my bag and sat at the step below them. “Of all the spots we could sit on, you picked this.”
I turned around and looked at them.
“Aw, don’t be hard on this. C’mon. We wouldn’t like to see the seniors’ cheerleading legs off towards that side.” Susie pointed at the other opposite of the court where the red cheerleaders huddled. “We came here to watch this.” She pointed towards the group of guys chatting in the middle of the court.”
I turned around and faced the court, ignoring the teasing murmurs of my friends above me. I opened my bag and got my iTouch out. I played Glamorous by Fergie and pimped up the volume. I brought out my books and laid them out in front of me. I started doing my homework when someone was tapping me at the shoulder.
I snatched the earphones out of my ears. “What now?” I said, turning my head.
Adie pointed her finger down the court. I looked at where she was pointing and saw that Nathan was standing there, holding out a brown paper bag, smiling up at me. he motioned me to come down.
“C’mon.” Susie said, giving me a little shove.
I stood up and left my things at my spot. I carefully went downstairs and when I arrived at the ground, he walked near me.
I placed my hands inside my pockets. “Hey. I’m not late.”
He grinned. “Well, since you’re not late, I bought you something.” He held out the brown paper bag.
I shook my head—refusing it. “No thanks. I’m full.”
“Really?” he smiled. “C’mon. it’s nothing heavy. It’s just Chicken Sandwich and a Latte from Starbucks down there at the corner.”
My mouth watered at his mention of my favorite foods. “How did you know I like those?”
“Just give me credit for it. Take it.” he said, holding the bag out again.
I raised my hand and carefully got it. I opened the bag and sniffed. Gosh, it smelled delicious and fresh. My stomach grumbled.
“Not hungry, huh?” he laughed. “See you later.”
He stalked off and went back to the team’s spot. Then, I just stood there, watching him in amazement. He knew how to make me laugh. He knows what I like. And he knows what I’m weak at—comfort food.
I carefully brought out the latte and took a sip in it. Then, seconds later, my brother came running towards me. “Yo, watch it. It’s hot!” I said when he almost bumped into me.
“Kidding.” He snickered. “Can I have a sip?”
I held out the cup towards him. After he took a quick sip, I asked him. “Did you tell Nathan that I love chicken sandwich and Latte in Starbucks?”
He looked puzzled. “No.”
I took the drink from him and took a sip myself. “Then how did he know I like these?”
“Slam books from your friends?” he joked. “No, no. Kidding. I don’t know. Internet? Or maybe he just dreamt of it like a prophecy.”
I kicked his legs. “That’s not the best thing you can do, is it? You know it’s impossible that he’ll dream of me.”
“Bates!” Coach shouted.
“Catch up later.” My brother said as he left me there, puzzled.
I turned around and called Pam to go down. When she was finally in front of me—sipping my latte—I asked. “Hey, Nathan knows what I like. I mean, Shane didn’t tell him anything. That’s weird.”
She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “What do you mean?”
“He knows what I like! He bought me this snack and hell did I tell him anything about it.”
She tried to process this. After a moment of staring into space, she finally spoke. “Don’t you think he does also know an awful lot about you? Or maybe he dreamt of you? Don’t tell me that’s impossible. Or maybe it’s just magic.”
“Yo, wait.” I said, waving her off. It was too much. It was a flash-flood of possibilities. Finally, I spoke. “I’d rather go with the magic rather than thinking he’s also dreamt of me.”
It was freaky enough for me to dream constantly of one guy. Don’t make it freakier to think that he does to. Too many expectations could lead to heartbreaks, you know.
And besides, it could be just a guess. It could also be that the girl he’s trying to impress likes the same thing as I do. It’s no big deal.
Except that it is once I know that he’s still trying to impress that girl and he’s trying his moves on me like I’m that girl.
“Practices are over boys! Tomorrow! Same time!” Coach Murphy shouted and I quickly packed my things up as if I was the one who’s done with practicing.
We’d spent a whopping 2 hours eating the M&M’s and now, we’re bloated and all we did was just sing along with the iTouch playing in my speakers.
“Geesh, that was long!” Pam said, stretching her legs in front of her.
We all stood up and went down the bleachers. Then, we all planned about tomorrow.
“If it’s going to be like this for the whole week, you’d better make it worth, honey.” Adie said to me.
We all laughed. “I know, I know. So why don’t you bring portable DVD players tomorrow and speakers so we could watch?” I said.
Pam volunteered to bring the portable DVD player and I told them I was going to bring romance-comedy and horror movies. As they all fled to their separate ways out of the gym, I sat down on the floor near the team’s things.
I waited for my brother and Nathan dress up. When they both emerged from the locker room, I met them near the Gym’s entrance.
“Had a good time, sis?” Shane raised his eyebrows quizzically.
“Just right.” I smiled.
We went out of the gym and as we made our way to the parking lot, we saw that my mom was leaning at Shane’s car.
“Hey mom!” I said. I went to her and kissed her cheek.
“Did you finish your homeworks? Ready to go home now?” she asked.
“Yeah.” I grinned. I looked over to see Nathan loading his things at the rear compartment of his car. I walked to him and placed my things inside, too.
“Did you eat the M&M’s?” He asked while closing the compartment.
Then, Shane’s car roared to life and he stick out his head in the driver’s window. “We’ll meet you at the house, chauffer.” He told Nathan mischievously.
Nathan snickered and waved Shane and Mom goodbye.
Nathan bent his body to check the tires. And after a few inspections, he stood up straighter and draped his arm on my shoulders casually.
My cheeks burned and every muscle in my body froze. He walked us forward and I seemed to have a very hard time about it.
Then, I looked up at him. “Hey. Is this part of your job description? Watch your arm, Nathan.”
He grinned at me. “Well, yes, madam. I’m actually going to walk you over to your seat now.”
I elbowed him in the ribs and he guffawed. “I was just kidding!” he said, removing his arm on me.
He walked me to my door and before opening it, he asked me something. “you really didn’t get bored during practice, did you?”
“No,” I said, shaking my head. “My friends were there anyway. And you gave me food. So, thanks for babysitting me.”
He smiled. “Sure, my pleasure.”
I got hold of the door handle and when I was about to pull the door open since he didn’t do it himself, he spoke. “I did enjoy the practice today, you know. I had my inspiration. Glad she was having fun too.”
I forcefully opened the door and climbed inside. But right before I slammed it in his face, I told him something. “I’m glad you did.”
He had this puzzled look on his face. He shook his head and walked around to enter the car.
As he opened the door and climbed in, I thought about something.
He inserted the keys into the ignition and the car roared into life just as my feelings did the same thing. Like the car gear, I was also in neutral. I wished two things, though.
I wished he didn’t really joke about having his arm draped over my shoulder.
But one thing I wished he joke about was the fact that he was happy because his inspiration was there and sadly, not like any dreams I had, it wasn’t me.

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