Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. (A Love Story)

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Broken Lines Could Map Out Our Flight

Submitted: November 03, 2010

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Submitted: November 03, 2010



CHAPTER 14: Broken Lines Could Map Out Flights.
“Cheer up, lady!” Pam said as we sipped our coffee at the nearest Starbucks at school.
I opened my laptop and researched regarding today’s Biology homework. I just shook my head. “What’s there to be cheered up, Pam? I’ve lost a friend just because I want things my way.”
She sliced her Banoffee Pie. Then, she took a big bite before talking. “Look, it’s not your entire fault that you’re having this very stupid misunderstanding with Kaitlin. You just defended yourself with her accusations regarding you and Nathan. What’s there to do? She had these reasons and routes to make the conversation widen which you never thought of so it’s not entirely your fault. You did your part. Relax, okay?”
I closed my laptop seeing that I’m making no progress. I just end up typing the wrong words and refreshing the page over and over until I get sick with the results. “It’s not just that.” I sighed, rubbing my temples. “It’s with Nathan, too. He seemed to be adjusting around me, too. He only talked to me when it’s important and he had this distant look in his face. I don’t know!
“He’s quieter than usual though nothing’s change regarding with these small gifts, you know.”
“Any progress, though?”
I nodded. “Do you count him shutting up regarding the other girl as progress?”
She grinned and placed her chin above her fist as she leaned in closer. “That’s it, girl. He’s just discovered what made you sad and irritated. At least, he’s seeing things. Maybe he’s been busted by the girl.”
“But I’m not used to having myself open a conversation whenever he’s around.”
“Ahh.” She had this serious look on her face. “He’s just thinking about something, maybe. Don’t worry. That’s guy a guy thing.”
“Sure,” I nodded slowly, not sure if we’re even making sense.
“So…” She fixed her necklace. “Are you going to this weekend’s party?”
Oh, right. I totally forgot about that. I have these chores to make up for my shopping spree disappearance with Pam last week. “I don’t think I could. With my escape with you last week, I don’t think mom’s calmed down.”
She waved a hand off. “Don’t talk Mom to me, Tina. You’re brother got it.”
My mouth hanged open. “What do you mean my Shane’s got it?”
“He already asked permission for you.”
I shook my head and a slow smile pulled up my face. “Yeah! That’s great! We could go trick or treating around the neighborhood or maybe we could even fly to New York to your aunt—“
“Nope.” She shook her head, stopping me. “We’re going to SouthBeach.”
SouthBeach? Am I deaf or am I just hearing that she said SouthBeach? No way. SouthBeach is like one of the biggest and coolest resorts far away from town. Pam’s family usually makes their reservations during Christmas time and invites us over. But hearing her say it for this weekend’s treat or treat totally made me giddy. And I’m so glad that I can do something different before going back to school next week again—another dread.
“Seriously?” I smiled hugely. “Oh my gosh, Pam! That’s gonna be great! It’s going to be one of our greatest Girl Bonding moments with our girl friends!”
“Nope. We’re not going to do that.” she said.
“What do you mean?” I asked, puzzled.
“Because I invited the whole team for the weekend to go with us. That’s why Shane was able to make your mother agree coz he’s going.”
“But…their game’s off to next week already!” I said, backing up more obvious reasons to make Pam push the team off the list of party guests.
“No more ‘Buts’, my dear. They’re going. SouthBeach has this covered basketball court. They could practice while we girls sunbathe!”
“Oh, Fun!” I mocked, leaning back onto my seat.
“Thought so!” she said, not hearing the heavy sarcasm in my voice.
She looked at Tina who agreed to their weekend plans. This is going to be fuuunnn! I invited Kaitlin over so let’s see who’s got to get it, Pam thought.
Step One: Checked.
Pam’s been a great agent to lure Tina together with Nathan away into a vacation. Plans are all settled and there’s no backing out now. Kyle plotted out everything they needed and they’ve already made the props. Nathan wasn’t a dull supporter on this but he promised Kyle that he’d do everything just to make everything be in its place.
Pam got her Sidekick out of her bag and sent a message to Kyle: Kyle, everything on track now. she said ok. proceed to step2. c u later. plot more. –P.
Kyle looked at his message.
“Okay Boys! Plan’s been going great.” He punched his fist to the air. “Step two, Nathan. Tell her you won’t be able to bring her home tonight. It’s a Tuesday anyway. She could ride with Pam.” When Nathan shook his head No, Kyle spoke. “Don’t be such an ass, dude. Don’t ruin the plan. We have to plot out more tonight. We’d make our props and everything you’ll need.”
“Yeah, it’s for my sis, bro,” Shane said, slapping the back of Nathan hard.
“As if I could back out now!” Nathan said, shaking his head. “But, it’s a Halloween party, right? Won’t it be very spooky if we meet up at the beach during twelve midnight?”
“No!” the whole team guffawed at him.
“What would I wear for the party?” Nathan asked jokingly.
“Oh, dude. Don’t be thinking about your costume right now. Think about what you’ll be doing. I don’t know, why don’t you wear the costume of the god of Death?” Shane said in between guffaws.
Nathan’s muscles froze. Too much ironic, he thought. He didn’t even have to dress up to meet up the costume’s standards.
I opened my locker. I was expecting to see a jar of Yellow M&M’s or even a brown paper bag. But, when I opened it, nothing surprised me. It was just my plain locker with its usual things around it. Without the jar of M&M’s, it looked dark inside. It looked empty.
“Hey,” someone said from behind.
I was startled. I turned around just immediately, making my books fall and my locker instantly close. It was Nathan. He was dressed in a white shirt and jeans. His hair was disheveled and he smelled of Lacoste Perfume. He smiled at me like he didn’t notice he got the crap out of me.
“What the hell!” I said. I didn’t mean that, though.
He bent down and picked up my books. Then, he handed them over to me. “Thanks,” I said.
“No problem.”
I turned around and opened my locker. He stood beside me. “What?” I said.
“I can’t bring you home today.” His voice was deadpan.
I almost dropped the heavy books on my feet again. I tried to control myself. After a few breaths, I slammed my locker door and turned to face him.
“Seriously?” I said. Then, a few students turned to look at me. I lowered my voice. “Okay, look, Nathan. Whatever your problem is, tell me. These past few days, you’ve been shutting me down. Yes, you continue your routine of giving me small gifts, you bring me home. But, whenever I ride with you in the car, all you do is smile at me!
“You don’t talk much anymore. Those small talks about our lives don’t run anymore! Whenever I try to open a topic, you’ll give me short replies. I don’t know what’s happening. I asked my brother if you’re having problems about something but he said you looked perfectly fine! And now, you just won’t drive me home! What the …” my voice raised a pitch and now, people stopped and watched us.
“I’m perfectly fine! Your brother’s right. There’s nothing wrong with me. I just can’t drive you home tonight because I’m doing… something. And I’m thinking about something that’s why you aren’t able to talk to me so much. It’s… nothing. Just a little compli---“
I stopped him. “Don’t use that lame old ‘I’m okay’ thing to me. I saw that in lots of movies and I know how it works, okay. If you don’t wanna be my friend, well tell it to me straight. I don’t like you shutting me out slowly. I didn’t ask you to do these things to me—giving me gifts, driving me home. You offered it to me. And now, you slowly back out. What am I supposed to think?” I flung my arms into the air because of exasperation.
“Look, it was fun having you around. I enjoy your company. But if you’re sick of me and you finally got your girl that’s why you’re throwing me out, then well, its okay with me. I didn’t even force you to be my friend. I thought you were real. But thanks a lot. Those two nice months were cool.
I took a deep breathe, continuing. “I don’t want you shutting me down because I don’t want to lose you as my friend. I’ve lost one already. And it’s all because she thought we’re together, just so you know. And I don’t think I would be able to get her back. Now, I’ve lost two. Thanks. And yeah, by the way. Keep the chauffer thing cool, okay? It’s fine with me. I can walk home. Who was I to even agree on you driving me home? Who was I to accept those gifts? Who was---“
“You’re blowing this out of proportion!” he raised his voice, enough to cause a building crowd around us. “It’s not because I don’t want you to be my friend. I’m just going to do something, okay? I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning. Same time. See what I mean?”
“No, I don’t.” And with that, I pushed my way through the crowd and left him there staring into space.
I didn’t really know. I don’t know why he even makes excuses regarding those kinds of things. He could say it straight. He could humiliate me in front of the crowd. It’s no big deal. If he’s shutting me out, then he has to make it fast. Because in the latter part, I don’t wanna see myself being slowly pushed away.
There’s a great difference between slow and fast, folks.
I walked out of the building and I leaned onto the wall in the parking lot. I brought out my phone and dialed Pam’s number. She picked up on the second ring.
“Hey, whatsup?” her voice was cool.
“I think I need a ride going home. Even going to school.”
In the whole week, I rode with Pam. Going to school and going home. She didn’t even ask why. I thought she already knew. My brother didn’t even talk about it. I figured he knew already right after the incident since they’re teammates and because Nathan and the whole team are working on that something.
At school, I didn’t see any of the team’s shadows. I don’t know where they hid but when my friends and I would check the cafeteria, their table was occupied by someone else.
I would see Kaitlin pass by the hall sometimes. I don’t look at her, though. I thought she must be the one who’ll approach me since I already proven her wrong. And if she wouldn’t, I would really have to talk to her during the Halloween party since I couldn’t bear to lose two friends.
But, the big question is, do I really consider Nathan as my friend?
I don’t know the answer to that. This whole week, I’ve been avoiding places he’s usually at. In the parking lot, I’ll be seeing his car parked and I would do my best not to imagine myself riding inside it. I’m making it easy for him to push me out. And I’m making it easy for myself, too.
Mother knew all about it because she saw that the car picking me up and bringing me home isn’t a Lamborghini anymore. She thought that it was right for me to do that since she knew it would come to this. I just rolled my eyes at her. The last thing I wanted to hear was her ‘I told you so’.
To sum it all up, the whole week was a mess. Not to mention it’s been missing parts. And now that I’ve come to the time where I would go to the Halloween party, I don’t know what to do. Shane’s going with me and he told me that he’d do his best not to make Nathan cross paths with me. But how the hell could you do that when you’re checked in inside a three room suite wherein you could easily find Nathan in the kitchen, sala or bathroom. I didn’t even try to think about the party where I would be partying with him. Generally, with the team. But still.
“C’mon, people! Move your butts faster!” Adie complained as the boys climbed inside the private jet.
This trip has its own privileges. We all get to ride inside a private jet plane which was sponsored by Pam’s parents. They made everything work out in our part. And they even promised me that they’ll invite Mom in their house so she wouldn’t be lonely at home.
I just didn’t know where the hell they got a private jet plane that could fit eighteen people inside. And in that eighteen people, the pilots and the cabin crew weren’t even counted yet.
The private jet was luxurious. It had two small refrigerators and two long sofas facing each other. There were even four reclining jet seats. The facilities were all complete. And everything was leather upholstery.
The guys took their seat at the sofa to the left and we girls took the right. I totally avoided the gaze of Nathan. When we all met up at Pam’s house, I didn’t dare respond to him when I heard his voice talk behind my back.
And now that we’re riding inside one plane, it’s even harder for me. Pam just sat beside me and whispered. “Why don’t you take a sleep and relive those dreams, girl? I don’t think you’d be able to sleep tonight.”
I shook my head and two beautiful cabin crews gave everyone a can of soda. Then, we all opened it and Adie raised her can. “To a happy Halloween party, tonight! For the success of the team and for the success of everything!”
She raised her can higher and we all cheered. Then, that was when I noticed that I clinked my can with Nathan’s. I couldn’t help but look at him. He had his sunglasses on. I wasn’t able to read his expression. A smile slowly pulled up his face and I quickly turned my gaze towards the opposite side.
Then, I noticed a two brown boxed piled up near the refrigerator. “Hey, what’s that?” I said.
Shane and Kyle quickly denied its presence. “Oh, it’s nothing. It’s nothing.” they said in unison.
I raised my eyebrows. “What. Is. That.”
The whole team shook their heads. Then, Kyle called raised his hand and each of them did a hi-five. What the hell? You know, sometimes, I really don’t know what the hell has gotten into these guys’ heads.
After they did their hi-five, Shane called a cabin crew while my friends and I feasted on a Sinful Chocolate Cake.
“Can you bring those two boxes at the cargo area and water it there?” he said.
My fork was halfway to my mouth when I commented. “What kind of box needs water, huh? Is there something in there? An animal?” the cabin crew picked up the boxes carefully and they disappeared into the cargo area.
“A special box, that is.” Shane said.
Then, for the first time, Nathan spoke loudly enough to catch everyone’s attention. “All set. Let’s have one hell of a flight and prepare for tonight’s party, dudes!”
“Yeah!” someone’s voice interjected.
I looked over to see the girl dressed in a short skirt and tank top speak at the other end of our sofa. She felt my gaze and looked at me. Then, that’s when I saw Kaitlin.
I didn’t even notice she was there. Well, don’t blame me. I forgot that she’s going to come. And all this time, I thought someone might’ve mistakenly put her inside the ‘special’ box. No one even told me she’s here. seriously.
The Halloween party’s complete now. With a witch, a damsel in distress and a prince. Way to go, darlings.

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