Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. (A Love Story)

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Amazing Maze

Submitted: November 03, 2010

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Submitted: November 03, 2010



CHAPTER 15: Amazing Maze
We entered the suite.
The flight wasn’t that exhausting even you has the sight of the most flirtatious person on Earth which is named Kaitlin, by the way. We played Poker at the plane, made fun of our selves but there wasn’t any alcohol involved. After an hour of almost-fun, we finally arrived at SouthBeach.
There were Halloween decorations at the beach and so as at the hotel. I immediately called Mom and informed her that we already arrived at the Beach. Pam checked us in one of the penthouse suites. Define Fabulous.
Everywhere you look at the hotel, there would be something scary and gory that is displayed. The hotel would also have a midnight party tonight and the kids are invited to trick or treat. For our group, Pam reserved us one room so that we could have our own celebration. But of course, there’s a condition. No costume, no party. She didn’t reveal us yet what kind of party we’d have but I already decided that I’ll dress as a witch since that is the only costume I brought with me.
We’re located at the Suites building—there are three four floor buildings located here at the beach. They made sure that there wouldn’t be any high-rise buildings opposed to the view. Our suite was fantastic. It looks like the second suite floor just suits us. The suite had caramel-colored walls and the floor was carpeted red. There are three rooms with en suite bathrooms and a plasma TV each. Six people are destined to be at one room.
The living room and the kitchen was state-of-the-art kind of thing. The 50’’ inch TV located at the living room went together with large bass speakers that would surely make the room vibrate. The kitchen was full of glamorous gadgets when it comes to cooking. And don’t even mention the ref that is full of foods.
I laid my things down on the floor and roamed around the suite.
“Okay, listen up, folks.” Pam’s voice echoed at the quiet suite. “Girls would stay at the last door bedroom. Then, the team would divide themselves as who would stay at the first or second room.”
I went back to the living room where everyone listened eagerly to Pam. “Then, fix your things, we’d stay in here ‘til 11”30 am, I guess. Buffet lunch would be served at the Main Hotel. So fix your asses and let’s rest!”
By that, the whole group stood up and got their things, proceeding to rooms of their own. Us girls went smoothly to the last door while the guys debated on who’s gonna stay here or there.
Since I was the last to enter our room, I locked the door behind me.
“You’ll sleep beside me, Tina.” Pam said, throwing herself at the middle bed where the TV faced.
Thank God that someone volunteered to be sleeping beside me. I wouldn’t like myself to be stuck with someone I don’t like. Just get my point, will you?
I laid my things at the right side of our bed and turned on the TV. I sat down and removed my shoes.
“No, you stay beside me.” Cherry said to Adie. “Oh fine,” Adie said. They stayed at the right of our bed while Suzie and Kaitlin chose the bed beside the window.
I looked over at Suzie and I think—I’m not sure—but I saw a trace of irritation and something else as she laid her things beside Kaitlin. I don’t even know why she would feel that way.
“At last!” I said, closing my part of the cabinet. We’ve been fixing our things and hanging our clothes at the cabinets for almost an hour now. Pam and Cherry painted their nails as they watched Ellen on TV.
I looked over at my empty bag on the floor and made sure that I didn’t leave any of my things hidden inside.
I sat on the coffee table overlooking the beach. I opened my laptop and surf the net but nothing came into my mind. I was stuck at the Google homepage typing only one letter. I thought about this weekend.
This is the first time I would be spending Halloween out of town. And I didn’t plan it like this. I thought it would be something fun and exciting. Not that this isn’t exciting but the fact that Nathan is just there at the other side of the wall and not talking to me plainly ruins everything.
The time I was at the coffee shop with Pam when she told me Nathan was also coming made me a little happy because all the coldness and shutting down would finally be replaced with memories. But the moment Nathan totally shut me down was something I didn’t expect. Maybe I overreacted but what was I suppose to think when he didn’t come after me when I got mad at him? If that was a movie, the director was supposed to say to Nathan that he should come after me and say sorry.
But, nothing like that happened.
I waited for someone to shout my name. I waited for my brother to tell me that Nathan didn’t mean to do that. But there was nothing. And that’s when it finally came to me that he’s shutting me down for good. He didn’t even make any efforts to say sorry to me when our sodas clinked together during the toast on the plane. The whole team didn’t even try to bring up the topic as if they thought it was nothing.
Well, I think, that’s what I get when I expect things to happen the way I want them to be.
“Hey, I’ll just go at the Kitchen, okay?” I said and left the room.
The whole suite was entirely quiet except for the sound of the TV in our room.
“Shane?” I called.
No answer.
“Shane?” I called for the fifth time while searching the whole suite.
When I found no trace of them, I went back to our room. “Where are they?” I asked.
Kaitlin looked at me pointedly. “Go run after them.” She said.
“Oh shut up, I’m not asking you.” I snapped back.
“I guess it’s time for lunch!” Cherry said as she closed the lid of the nail polish.
It was weird because nobody answered my question and Suzie just dragged me with her going to the Main Hotel with a high-watt smile on her face.
Lunch was glorious. The hotel served a lot of expensive dishes on their buffet like Lamb Steaks and other unimaginable stuff. I ate roasted chicken and a plate of salad. Which, I tell you, is not that sufficient for me but since I don’t want to look like I haven’t eaten in days, I just ate right.
The boys didn’t show up during lunch. Pam said they’ve been doing other business and when I tried to call Shane, the answering machine was the one I heard.
When it was finally 6pm and we girls already finished four movies, I already gave up and forgot about what the boys were doing. By 7 pm, we’re already taking a bath—taking turns—to prepare for tonight’s Halloween party.
I sat down in front of the big dresser with Pam fixing my hair. “Witch, seriously?”
“I know.” I rolled my eyes. “I forgot to bring my fair and other gory costumes.”
We both laughed.
When she was done fixing my hair, I proceeded into wearing my long black dress and a black cloak. I got my hat and just before I donned it, I sprinkled some white powder on my hair so that it had effects.
I sat at the coffee table and opened my laptop which I left there earlier. I went to the school’s site and took a good look at next week’s events.
monday—whole day practice basketball.
tuesday—half day practice basketball, whole day practice cheerleaders, preparation for seasonal games.
wednesday—first game. cu tigers vs. hu hawks
*next schedule would be posted on thursday. keep posted.
Shit, I almost forgot about next week’s games. This is the first season’s game for our school and we’d be competing with HamptonUniversity which is the tightest competition of our school. Another busy week ahead of me. Since I’m the High School Department’s School Council Secretary, I’d have to stay up all day and keep track of everything that’s happening around school and give a daily repost to the principal. What about my other—
“Let’s go!” Adie squealed.
I closed my laptop and looked at them as they lined up near the door.
Pam was dressed as a Bloody Nurse while Adie was wearing her all-time favorite Cinderella costume. Cherry was wearing a—well—cherry. Seriously, she looked cute with red puffy costume. But, I’m not sure if she could fit in the elevator by then. Suzie was dressed as Wonder Woman. Geez, those legs are really long.
As I turned to look at Kaitlin, my heart faltered. How can I compete with her in that kind of beauty? She was dressed in a black balloon dress. Her blond hair was tied into a loose chignon on her head and her make-up was well done. She had her sparkling crown and a wand. She did look like a princess.
I tried not to imagine how I would look beside Nathan when Kaitlin’s standing on the other side of him.
I stood up and lifted my cloak a little bit above the floor. As we went out of the room, nobody was still there but there are traces of the boys’ presence. Some of their clothes were strewn all over the floor and gadgets were everywhere. They even left the pot of coffee running.
We didn’t mind it. Instead, we went to the foyer and waited for the elevator to open. When we’re finally at the beach, we carefully stepped onto the sand—avoiding any particles to go inside our high shoes.
There was even a small party at the beach where kids ran around the bonfire and the parents grilled some food. But when we went inside the lobby of the Main Hotel, it was entirely different from what we saw this morning.
The lights had the blinking effect and there were stains of blood on the floor. Skeletons hung around and many wilted flowers were placed inside big vases. The hotel staff, guests and kids were walking around the lobby busily while wearing their best Halloween Costume.
Pam and I proceeded to the Lobby desk while our other friends sat at the scary-decorated sofa at the far end of the lobby.
As we waited for our turn, I noticed that there were people lining up in front of the elevator. Families, I guess.
“Where are they going?” I asked, pointing to them.
Pam whispered. “They’re going to the Midnight Party tonight. You know, trick or treating, ghost-hunting, games and buffet.”
“Where are we going?” I asked, raising my eyebrows in curiosity,
“Don’t raise your eyebrows at me, Tina. You sure look scary, you know. With the make-up and all.” she chuckled. “We’re having our own party at the third floor.”
Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that. “If you like, after our little celebration, we could go there at the party.” she offered.
“Is it just us?” I asked. “Where are the others?”
Then, the Desk Clerk turned to us—interrupting our conversation. “How could I help you, miss?” she asked.
“I’m just gonna get the other key card for the room we rented. That’s under the name Mr. Sampson.” Pam said smoothly.
Then, after a few swift movements of search, the clerk gave us they key card. She smiled at us, her bloody face scary. “Happy Halloween!”
“Thanks.” We murmured, dumb-founded at the face of the clerk.
We called our other friends and proceeded at the other elevator. When we arrived at the third floor, Cherry stood beside me and whispered in my ear. “You’re gonna enjoy this.” She said.
Then, the elevator doors opened and she sure was right.
We stepped out of the elevator and took in the hallway. The lights were blinking a scary effect and cobwebs were hanging high at the ceiling. There were traces of blood at the walls—scratches. Then, it was so quiet that when a screaming sound boomed at the hall’s speakers, we all screamed and held on to each other.
Pam brought out a flashlight. “What the hell. Where’s that damn room!” she said loudly.
Then, someone stepped on something. There was a clicking sound on the floor. Abruptly, the lights went out.
“Fuck!” I said loudly and we all screamed our lungs out while grasping onto something hard.
Pam frantically moved the flashlight everywhere—searching for a door. We held each other’s hands tightly as we moved beside the walls, avoiding being in the middle.
Then, a door opened and we braced ourselves. Nothing happened. Except that there were lights in that room that illuminated a part of the hallway.
“That’s it!” Suzie said and we ran towards the door.
When we’re all finally inside, Pam closed the door behind her.
“What the hell!” she said.
We all turned around to see that the room was decorated like the hotel. It looked gory, scary and fragile. The room was surrounded with mirrored walls. Lights were blinking slowly and ten-foot black high walls were in front of us. There was no one in the room and there was one couch in front of the entrance of the black walls.
“Shane! Kyle! Nathan!” Cherry shouted and slowly, the team emerged from both sides of the black walls.
We stood there together, watching their entrance. They were all laughing.
Then, my eyes averted to Nathan. I couldn’t look away eventhough he wasn’t returning my gaze. He was wearing a tattered white shirt with blood stains on it. He was shoe-less beneath those black jeans. And, there were wings grafted onto the back of his white shirt. The wings were 3 feet long and almost two feet wide. His face was bloody and contorted in irritation as he had a hard time passing through the thin gap between the mirrors and the black walls. But despite his scary look, he was handsome.
“We should’ve made more space, idiots!” he said when he was finally free.
“Yo!” Shane said. He was wearing his Dracula costume and fake blood marks were beside his lips. He snickered. “Your screams bled our lungs out!”
“You can’t blame us! What the hell is this kind of hotel doing to its guests! We almost died at the sudden effects there at the hall and no one even bothered to check us out! And whoever opened that door, well, you’re late!” Adie said, sitting on the sofa.
I sat beside her and avoided looking back at Nathan. My friends and I occupied the sofa while the boys stood behind the sofa.
“What are we doing here? What are those walls?” I asked quietly.
Then, the speakers blared loudly. We all jumped in our seats. “Good evening, friends.” the deep voice said. Then, the lights went out and only one light remained blinking. “Tonight, you’ve made your choice. You’ve brought yourself to your own fate.”
The hell is he talking about?
“The walls in front of your eyes are what I call the Maze of Death. You’re going through that maze one by one. If you can’t get out after three minutes, someone will drag you to the end and show what the proper punishment for you is. Of course, this isn’t plain maze. Enter and see for yourself.” He finished and the speakers played scary background music with occasional screaming.
We looked at each other despite the low light.
“I’ll go first.” It was Kyle.
We all cheered for him. Then, he slowly entered the black maze.
I whispered to Adie. “Seriously, is this the party?”
“Pre party.” she told me firmly.
Then, we just waited tensely while we heard Kyle cursing over and over.
The speakers called for the next contender. We all waited for our turns while we brace ourselves for the guys screaming and cursing. When it was only me and Pam left, she scooted closer.
“Aah!” someone screamed.
“I’ll go now. You be the last.” She said quietly.
I reached for her hand. “No, can I go first?” I pleaded, not wanting to be left alone here because after 40 minutes of waiting, no one came back. Even my brother. And God knows what will drop to me or what would happen to me here.
She shook her head and stepped closer to the entrance. And suddenly, someone pulled her inside.
I waited anxiously for my turn while hearing my friends scream for help. Then, when it was finally quiet and no one has arrived yet, I got the flashlight that Pam left.
The speakers suddenly boomed which made me jump in my seat. “Your Turn, Tina. We’ll be waiting.” The voice said scarily.
I stood up, took a step forward.
I don’t even know what I’ve gotten myself into.

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