Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. (A Love Story)

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Trial 1

Submitted: October 29, 2010

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Submitted: October 29, 2010



CHAPTER 2: Trial 1
I chewed on my pencil. I was utterly bored.
“Ms. Bates, what’s the answer?” the teacher said, snapping me out of my boredom.
I stared at the board full of mathematical equations.
What is this? Decathlon?
“75,” I said proudly.
All heads turned to stare at me.
“What?” I said.
Then, they all looked back at the board.
That’s the thing about me. Eventhough I don’t really pay attention, i get to answer the teacher’s questions. I’m not a vampire or whatever supernatural creature that can read minds. But, once I stare at the board and digest everything in, I have this piece inside me where I can know answers immediately. Teachers have been curios about me taking drugs or anything. But of course, my mom and I totally denied it.
Because the truth is, I’m not taking any drugs and they’re just jealous about my IQ. Kidding.
I don’t know what’s up to me. I can answer questions given a minute or so, I have these weird and estranged dreams, what’s coming next?
It’s normal for my brother and me to have this ‘stock’ knowledge. But, it puts us on the ‘Weird and Nerd’ cabinet of our school food chains or friend chains. Yes, I’m the daughter of the board member. Yes, I have a quarter back brother. Yes, we both have amazing IQ. But no, we don’t have love lives. Oops, I was wrong about that. I don’t have a love life. I just don’t know with my brother.
If you count my dream prince, maybe I do have one. But that doesn’t count in reality. Only in the world of imagination where anything can happen.
I stared back at the teacher, trying to listen to everything she’s discussing.
But, when I went back to chewing my pencil, my eyes started to droop.
Oh no, I don’t want to dream again! Someone, stop me!
I wanted to open my eyes. I was forcing them but they kept on closing.
A pencil hit my head hard.
“Thanks!” I said, looking back.
Whoever that person was, I owe him or her my day. If she or he hadn’t hit me with a pencil, God knows what type of dream I would have today. Would I have monsters running towards me? Or would I have my prince back, dancing with me under the disco ball?
I stretched my eyes open using my fingers.
The teacher stared at me and suppressed a smile.
This is the only way where I can escape from imagination, I thought.
I walked into the senior’s building.
People stared at me. Some even had the courage to ask me out.
I shook them off and headed to my brother’s classroom.
I have to tell him it’s happening again because I think that he knows what’s best. Besides, this never happened to me before. I wasn’t bored that time. So, what’s the drill of being sleepy? It must be something.
He’s still having his class so I had to knock and ask permission with the teacher.
When he was finally out of the room, he had a quizzical look on his face.
“What now?” he said.
I flipped my hair back. “Look, do you have anything energetic there? Did you bring your Gatorade or Starbucks bottle? Coz you know, I almost fell asleep in my Math class! You know what happens when I fall asleep!”
“Okay, Shh. Calm down!” he rubbed my arms. “Why don’t you go home? Fake a sickness or something! Then, outside our school, there’s this dream catcher store. Buy as lots as you want then go straight home and tell mom you’re not feeling well. Then, place these dream catchers in your room, in your school bag. Then, try to get busy. If you want, you could help mom in her gardening or whatsoever! As long as you don’t sleep. We’ll test it tonight, okay?”
I sighed. “Sure?”
He nodded. “OK. I’ve got to go now.”
He hugged me tight and went inside his classroom.
When I arrived at the main building where the Clinic was, I stopped at the side of the door.
I patted my cheeks hard and tried to look green by spinning around a lot of times so that I’d look nauseated and dizzy once I come in the room.
After my trick, I was stumbling when I entered the clinic.
“Hey! Goodness! What happened to you!” the nurse said, making me sit down on one of their couches.
I shook my head. “I think I need to go home.”
She looked at me and immediately nodded. “You really have to!”
They started taking my name and my info. Then, when they released me, I pretended to walk slowly till I reach the gate.
When I was out of school grounds, I walked steadily, looked around for any guards looking in my way. When everything was clear, I crossed the road and entered the dream catcher store.
The smell of the store was antique. It had wooden floor panels and everything that was the skeleton of the store was made out of wood. Wherever you look, you’d see a dream catcher hanging in every size, shape and color. There were even racks on some witch craft and unusual stuff.
Eventhough the store looked creepy, there were lots of people—tourists mostly. I made my way to the cashier.  “Excuse me miss, do you have any catcher for repeating dreams?”
She popped her bubble gum and pointed to the dream catchers hanging in front of her.
“Those. Try those. “she said.
“How does this work?”
“Hang into your bedroom, place in your bag. Whatever as long as you bring it whenever you know you’re going to sleep.”
People pushed behind me, trying to race over the counter. I stood there, taking my time at looking at the colorful dream catchers.
I wasn’t sure about this. But, I’m getting sick of having the same dreams every night and every time that I fall asleep. It’s like not having freedom of having random dreams like what everybody else tries.
I got two dream catchers and stared at them. The purple strings forming an unusual shape inside the circle. When I flipped for the tag price, it displayed seven dollars.
Seven dollars just for a catcher? Seriously! I checked for other dream catchers hanging in front of me. Some were priced for eight dollars, some for ten dollars. I don’t even know if these are authentic or what. But who cares? As long as everything goes normal for me, I must take that track.
I lined up behind the counter and when it was my turn, the lady took a long stare at me.
“You seem…so troubled about your dream.”
While coding the dream catchers in her computer, I answered politely. “So much. You just don’t know how.”
She nodded. “These are effective. That would be 14 dollars.”
I gave her the money and then, she placed the catchers inside a fancy bag.
“Thank you!” she said and I went out of the crowded dream catcher store.
There were so many people. I bet they have the same problems as mine. I’m willing to bet ten dollars that I’m the only person in the store experiencing this kind of problem and this dream.
That means I mustn’t be the only girl who dreams about this guy.
Or was I the only one?
“I’ll sleep with her, mom. I’ll prepare the extra bed in her room.” My brother said as he entered my room that night.
When he locked the doors, I brought out all the catchers.
He looked at them carefully and smiled. “Good. Hang them up somewhere in your bed.”
While I did this, he laid the thick quilt on the floor and fluffed his pillows.
He insisted on sleeping in my room so that if ever I wake up in the middle of the night, he’d get to hear and ask whether I had another dream or whether the dram catcher wasn’t effective.
“Ugh! You see! You don’t have to sleep here! I can tell you in the morning, anyway! You’re such an over protective brother!” I complained, propping myself on the bed.
“I just want to see if it’s effective.” He rubbed his hands together. “This is the first time I’m going to see the results of such things! And besides, it’s been messy in my room. I don’t want to sleep there.”
“You’re just a waste of space here!” I covered my face with a pillow and pretended to cry.
“You really don’t have to do this, you know.” I said.
“If daddy knows about this, he’d do the same thing. Except that, he’s not here so I’m going to be your father now.”
He laughed but I just stared at him. Daddy. I just miss him so much. What’s with him now? Having another girl beside him in the bar? Drinking his way to death? Well, who cares.
“I’m sleepy! C’mon! let’s sleep now!” I feel the exhaustion kicking on me.
Minutes later, the lamps were the only ones shining in the room and my brother was snoring loudly.
Just one more dream, I wished. I just want to know his name.
Wondering why? Because ever since I’ve dreamt about that guy, I never got to know or hear his name.

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