Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. (A Love Story)

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Serve Both Purpose and Pleasure

Submitted: October 29, 2010

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Submitted: October 29, 2010



I was horse back riding in a vast turf somewhere wearing my jeans and white sweat shirt.
I hit my horse harder with the stick and he ran as if there was no tomorrow across the place.
My black hair was flying all over my face.
Then, all the strands suddenly covered my face.
What am I supposed to do? Once I remove my grip onto the leather handle, I would lose my balance and suffer a nasty fall.
I tried to concentrate harder by opening my eyes.
But then, it was too late.
The horse was whimpering and we’re running unsteadily.
I had no choice but to remove my grip on the leather.
I kept one of my hands tight around it and the other I used for removing my hair in front of my face.
When everything was clear again, I was able to see what was ahead of us.
It was him again.
And he was so close that I had no time to stop the horse from running.
He was smiling broadly and all I did was scream my lungs out.
CHAPTER 3: Serve Both Purpose and Pleasure
He concentrated harder on the water.
He gripped the sides of the fountain and tried to stare and send signals thru his mind.
But, he lost his concentration and the images became fuzzy.
“Nathan!” Jo shouted from behind. When he was near, he hit the back of Nathan, enough to surprise him and turn his back hard around.
“Goodness, Jo! What the hell!” he left Jo bewildered and sat at the couch in the living room.
Jo walked over to the fountain and stared at the swirling blue colors in the water. Then, his mind clicked together. He approached Nathan and sat across him on the other couch.
“Have you been doing it again?” he asked mildly.
The afternoon sun was entering their house already. That means, it’s already morning there in ChansonTown.
Nathan just shrugged.
“Nathan! You can’t do that all the time! You’re letting her suffer so much!”
“In what way?”
“By giving her constant dreams which would just make her more stressed and worried. People are like that, Nathan. They’re very inquisitive when it comes to unusual things that are happening to their lives! It’s very strange for them to have the same constant dreams for a lifetime. And you’ve been doing that for what? One year and a half?”
“Were you spying on me?” Nathan lifted his eyebrows at curiosity.
Jo shook his head hard but his eyes were very piercing. “Not really. Do you call spying when you see the blue colors swirling in the water showing you and a girl—“
“Okay, whoever that is. Anyway, you were both doing something together, things like that. What do you think would I conclude once I see you both together where in fact you haven’t even seen her in person?”
“I did already.”
“Oh, yeah, yeah. But, have you even spent time with her?”
“Don’t abuse your skills, Nathan. It doesn’t mean that your father has given you twenty bottles of that color that would mean you’d finish it up in just two years! Those inks are for special uses and reasons to reach people thru their dreams! And you’re even lucky to take hold of that for pleasure!”
“I’m not abusing my powers, you idiot. I’m using it for my father’s revenge.”
Nathan remembered the night his father had created the bottles of ink for one purpose. “Do anything you can to make their lives miserable. I don’t care in what way you would let them dream terror. As long as it’s unbearable for them.”
His father’s face was full of outrage. He thrashed around and went to his wife’s room. Nathan stood by the door, listening to their conversation. It was madness and death at the same time. His father had threatened to kill his wife. Then, their house was full of screams. When the door bursted open, Nathan stood still. His father stomped away and his mother was crying in the room. Hours later, Nathan and his mother were at the door, saying their goodbyes.
“Don’t do anything your father tells you. Leave John’s family in peace, Nathan. Please.” he kissed his mother goodbye but didn’t agree on what she said.
John ruined their family. There was no way that he’s going to get away from it. John ruined our family. There must be something I can do to do the same to his’, he thought.
That night, he went back to his father’s room and retrieved the ink. His father built a fountain just for it to work. They tested it that night to Nathan’s mother while she was sleeping on the train. It worked and that was the night where they plotted revenge.
The day after, it wasn’t as great as it was before. With his father mad and upset all the time, Nathan was the only one finding a way to seek for the picture of John’s family. The spell would only happen once the image of the person is stuck on his head. He rummaged through the cabinets that his mother had left untouched—hoping that a picture might be wedged somewhere in there.
By the end, he got nothing.
He was so mad about it. He went to a club right after and hoped that he’d be drunk enough to forget everything that has happened to him, to his failure and to his whole life.
When he arrived at the Club, his eye caught a lonely girl drinking Martini in the bar. He walked closer to the girl until he was only a few chairs away from her. He stared at her long enough to make her feel his presence. Her dark hair was long and smooth. Her light brown eyes were alight during that evening. And when she gave him that smile, it was like watching strawberries stretch up into a moon.
He just stared and his mind urged him forward to buy her a drink and talk with her. He was that close to talking to a beautiful human being. But, he forced himself not to. Because he was a coward. He left the girl and the bar and immediately regretted it the moment he stepped into the foggy night.
That was when it dawned to him about the idea of spending time with her while she was dreaming. He immediately went home and started that night—a year ago—and continued until the present.
But, before he started using up the inks for his own pleasure and happiness, he hid seven bottles in his secret place so that if ever the time comes when he discovers who John’s family is, he could use revenge.
And he could feel that it’s going to be soon.
“if you’re not abusing your powers, Nate, then what the hell are you doing—spending your night everyday crouched over that fountain and staring at that beautiful girl?”
“Pleasure is not abusing powers, Jo. And besides, I still have bottles for revenge.” Nathan said. “I’m already itching to take one more bottle from the ones I kept. I’m running out of ink.”
Jo (Jo) laughed. “Ask your father for more!”
“Father would stone me to death if he finds out that I’m using it for fun! You know how life goes with me! Everything should be under control under the presence of my father!” he sighed. “What would I do now? I just can’t stop talking to her thru her dreams. I’ve gone way too far.”
They both considered it for a moment, staring out into the fields. Then, Jo thought of something.
“I know. Why not go to her?”
“Go to her? Don’t you hear how crazy it sounds?”
“Yes. I mean, no! Whatever, Nathan! As long as you get to see her and spend time with her legally, well, who cares?”
“My father cares! What would I say to him? And, besides, she’s not at the other town anymore. She’s in Chanson! That’s a plane away from us!”
“Plane? Ridiculous. Use your wings.”
“The distance between Chanson and Nariumph would be a big problem.”
“Pit stops.”
“Okay, I’m tempted enough.”
Nathan reached for the picture of his mother. If ever he agrees to this plan, there’s a great chance that John’s family is somewhere there, too. Giving it one shot won’t hurt anyone and the fees aren’t a problem since they’re ultimately rich considering that they have everything.
Finally, coming to a close decision, he nodded. “Okay. I’ll go to Chanson. But, what’s the plan? I can’t just stalk her!”
“Who says you’ll stalk her? That’s way back in 2000, dude!” Jo laughed, producing a bottle of beer in between his hands.
“Then what?”
“Enroll in a school! You have to look like you’d fit in. hippy and trendy designer clothes, gadgets, a place to live, cool looks.”
“I have a cool look. And with the stuff, that won’t be a problem.”
Jo considered what he said for a moment. Yes, Nathan wouldn’t have any problems with his looks since he’s like the ‘Ken’ as in ‘Barbie and Ken’ here in Nariumph. And as with the stuff, tons of money is available since his father is one of the heads here in Nariumph.
His biggest problem is his father.
“You’re ready to go?”
“Now?!!!” Nathan said, surprised.
“Well, when would you like to start your plan? Once your girl finds out about you messing with her dreams?”
“Okay.” Nathan took a deep breath. “I’ll go tonight. I have to ask my father. Isn’t this much of a snap decision?”
“You’re running out of inks. And once you run out of it, you’ll have to ask to your father for more. Would you like that?” Nathan shook his head and Jo continued. “Good. Then, here’s the plan. Once you spend sometime with her that would be enough. You can’t get attached to her so much especially if she discovers that you belong here in this place. It’s a sacred thing and shouldn’t be shared. Disposal would be your greatest consequence.
“And, you just can’t leave the plan of revenge towards John’s family like what you’ve promised to your dad. Act normal. And if your father asks you why the hell would you go to Chanson, tell him you need to catch up on your studies.”
“Is that all?” Nathan said seriously. “It seems hard.”
“What’s harder is that, if your father agrees on this, he’ll get your wings to avoid usage of it in the real city. There would be no need for removal of intense skills since you don’t have any besides your knowledge of witch craft.”
Nathan slammed his hands on the table. That can’t be. Yes, he’s partly okay but the removal of wings won’t make him survive the place. But, it dawned on him that the wings won’t be a use to him in the city because he just can’t travel there flying where thousands of eyes are looking at him.
“I don’t think it’s going to be fine with me if you remove my wings. I could use it at night in the forest to have it exercised or to visit you guy—“
“That’s the only way you’re father’s going to allow you. It’s rules. Pick, Nathan. Ask ink to your father and explain to him that you’ve used it up for your pleasure and not for it’s real purpose or escape and not use any more inks and find John’s family in the city which, I think, wouldn’t be so hard at all.”
Nathan stood up and opened the door, letting the warmth enter their house. “As if I have a choice! I’ll ask father my permission! I’ll go tonight. See you!” he said to Jo.
With that, he took off and set his mind into this decision. He took his usual routes going to his father.
And while in midair, he heard Jo’s voice in his head. “When you meet Tina already, say hi from me! remember, act normal there, Cousin! I’ll have to acquire a cellphone to reach you when you get there in Chanson.”
As if I would have the guts to even say hello when I’ll see her in that university I’ll go just to spend time with her and save myself from the lack of inks, he thought.
This is my mission now.


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