Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. (A Love Story)

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Open Your Eyes into Reality

Submitted: October 29, 2010

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Submitted: October 29, 2010



CHAPTER 4: Open Your Eyes into Reality
I sat up immediately and gasped.
I breathed hard. I was losing my oxygen. I grasped the sheets hard and tried to be coherent in everything happening around me. I look around. It was still night time. I wasn’t in the turf riding some horse.
Fortunately, I’m did not kill a person yet.
I looked down at my bed and stared at my brother. He wasn’t aware of the sounds that I’ve made when I woke up. I debated on whether to tell him about my dream. Of course, I chose not to. If I tell it to him, he’d think that the dream catchers are no use and that we’re just wasting our money and time on it.
In the end, it might even cross his mind that I’m crazy or screwed up.
I calmed myself and lied back down.
I looked up at the glow in the dark stickers I have pasted on my ceiling.
Then, minutes later, I was back again at my sleep, wishing that nothing like that would ever bother me again.
I sat in the car, looking straight ahead.
Feeling blank.
The dream still bothered me. Why was he there? And worse, why was he smiling when I was supposed to kill him with my horse running so fast? But of course, I only have on very important question about it, who is he and why do I have constant dreams about him?
That was the very first time I’ve ever had that type of dream. Like, killing someone. It freaked me out. I was panicking. I didn’t know what to do. The horse won’t stop an inch and in every blink of an eye, the guy was closer and closer until there was nothing I can do but scream.
My heart beats faster again. I’m feeling sick about it every night, every sleep, every dream. What is it with me? I’m just a normal person with a life. Of all the billion girls on earth, why was I the one confronted with these types of things?
“Hey.” Shane said. “You okay? We’re here in school!”
I tried to pull up a smile, but I failed.
“How was the dream catcher?” he asked.
“It was fine. No nightmares anymore—not that I’m having nightmares.” I lied.
He grinned. “Seriously? It worked?”
I nodded. I tried to keep a façade. “Yes.”
“I was dying to ask you that during breakfast but mom won’t stop asking me about the neighborhood party coming up this weekend.” He reasoned out.
Ooh, now, that’s something.
We have this neighborhood party every time the school starts. It’s like our way of celebrating a new year of everything in all our lives since summer already ends and fall is near. Every second weekend of September, all of the families in our street gather at night and close the whole road just for us to party. Long tables are arranged and there are lots of foods, drinks, games, alcohols. It was like a whole party—except it’s with adult supervision. The party usually lasts until 3 am. When everyone’s tired, we all pack up and sleep in until afternoon.
At least, after the full blasts of dreams, I still have something to get giddy about.
“What did she say about it?” I side-tracked the topic.
“Same old. Starts at 8 pm and ends at 3 am. The usual. You’re up for it right?” he asked.
“Well, of course I am!” I grinned genuinely.
“Good. now, before we get late, get our of the car and I’ll meet you here later.” He removed his keys from the ignition and climbed out.
I opened my door, took a deep breathe of fresh school air and hoped for a happy day.
I just got one achievement for today: I’ve just side-tracked my brother with the dream-topic and most importantly, I did it to myself too.
He opened the door of the registrar’s office.
He tried to act all coolly about going to school.
Persuading his father wasn’t easy. He had suspicions about everything that he’s going to do in the city. But then, Nathan managed to explain that he needed to catch up in his studies since that is what people nowadays call ‘normal’. When his father had asked why in ChansonTown, he told him casually about how the place is all clean and fresh.
He didn’t mention anything about Tina. Nor the inks.
After he explained, his father had this weird smirk in his face and told him that he agrees about it. But—of course—there’s a condition.
Removal of wings after 48 hours—just about time that he arrived in Chanson.
He didn’t try to protest about it. He knew his father too well. Once he tried to ask why and plead to him no to, his father got mad and didn’t give him food or his basic necessities for a whole week. Mistakes are not to be repeated and he knew it. He just nodded silently.
He wasn’t happy about it. But, if that’s the price to pay for the lack of inks and for his mission to find John’s family, he can’t do anything about.
His father gave him lots of money and told him that he should have a big amount in order to fit well. Besides, he had to pay his tuition and buy his things and gadgets.
When he was packed and ready, he visited Jo and bid him goodbye.
“Never act too much, Nathan. If ever you find her there, don’t be obsessed. Make her run after you. Don’t run too fast behind her. She’ll think you’re a psycho.” Jo said. “And, don’t act too magical around them. They can get suspicious. I’ll order a cellular phone to keep in touch. And yeah, the most important, blend in.”
“What if she isn’t there?” Nathan said, tugging at his duffel bag.
“That’s the test of you’re tracking skills, my friend. I’m sure you’ve just tracked her well enough in her dreams with the use of seven bottles of inks.” Jo said mockingly.
Nathan gave him a hard punch and flew out of Nariumph. After 7 hours, he arrived at Chanson.
Chanson was nice. It was clean, fresh, and it had many stores and high-rise apartment buildings. When he arrived it was midnight and he went randomly went inside one of the 5-star apartment buildings. With the big amount of money he carried with him, he instantly bought one of the fully-furnished apartments. He slept in and woke up lunch time the next day. He planned on buying things and touring around town that day. And while he was taking a shower, his wings slowly vanished and his back was very smooth.
He cursed loudly in the shower. It pissed him off not to have his wings. Aside from everything he values, he loves his wings so much that he considers it as his other half. Without his wings now, he wouldn’t be able to roam around the sky during night-time. He wouldn’t be able to have his freedom.
That is, if you call going to a city, freedom.
There’s only one thing he’s uncertain about.
What if he tracked Tina in a wrong manner and she wasn’t here?
He couldn’t be wrong. He could feel that Tina’s here. But what if he’s wrong? He could instead find John’s family. Who knows, his daughter or son might be enrolled here?
From what his father had said, John’s family moved out of the town opposite Nariumph and is now somewhere. That ‘somewhere’ could be here. And, Tina might also be here. That makes his job easier. No one said you couldn’t mix business with pleasure.
He tapped his fingers on the wooden desk.
“Here you go, Nathan Frank. This is your schedule for your senior year. Have a good day!” the girl said cheerfully. And she gave an unnecessary batting of eyelashes.
Good Lord.
He got the envelope from the girl and turned to walk through the door—clearly not having any interest in flings. Not to mention she’s school employee.
For now, he has other plans to do.
  1. Find Tina in this school.
  2. Blend in by making friends.
  3. Join the basketball team since he thinks that that’s what guys usually do around here. (That’s going to be Blend In Step 1)
  4. Act studiously. Not so much nerdy or that make’s him a loser.
  5. And lastly, find John’s family. Because after all, that’s one of the reasons he went here.
He opened the envelope and brought out his schedule together with the school map. His first class was Physical Education. He opened the door and headed towards the right direction. He adjusted the strap of his Nike Gym bag that he bought yesterday—the day he lost his wings—in town.
He tried to act casually when girls turned their heads around as he made his way to the gym. He turned around the corner and he instantaneously saw the huge gym doors.
He pushed them open. And there, it was the gym in chaos. There was a class of students sitting on the bleachers, watching other students play basketball. There were cheerleaders practicing their routines. There were guys huddling over something with their coach. And the people on the bleachers were cheering for the basketball players.
He approached the huddled group in one corner and tapped the shoulder of the coach.
“Good morning, Coach. I’m Nathan Frank.” He said with his outstretched hands.
The coach shook it. “I guess you’re the transferee student from another country. It’s glad to finally see you. I’m coach Murphy. Go in the locker room now and change into something more comfortable. PhysEd is not all about shirt and jeans!” he barked. “C’mon! Move now! Wait, do you even play basketball?”
Nathan hesitated. He never tried it but he saw it a few times on TV. It won’t hurt him if he tried his skills based on TV education.
At last, he nodded. “Yes, I do, coach.”
“Well, go! Change faster! Game starts in five minutes!”
I stared at the basketball players moving around the gym.
Well, lucky me, I was stuck here, watching the cheerleaders display their long legs and the guys impress the girl audiences.
We’re just going to do this for an hour since we don’t have any lesson yet for PhysEd.
Fay, my blond classmate, tugged on my shirt. “Look, he’s hot, right?” she pointed to a guy entering the gym. He looked tall, lean, and muscular. He had this blond hair and casual look. He was a new student, I guess. I never saw him in school.
“I heard he’s a senior. A couple of girls saw him in school this morning and they’ve eavesdropped in the registrar’s! The receptionist even batted her eyelashes at him!” Fay said, oblivious. “What a slut.”
Then, something in me kicked in.
I ran my hands through the pockets of my shorts.
The dream catcher isn’t with me.
Fay continued to rattle in my ear. But I heard nothing.
I stared at the guy. He was now talking to Coach Murphy. That gave me a full view of him since his whole body was angled in my direction.
“Shit.” I muttered.
He was very familiar.
I panicked. Where’s my dream catcher?
I rubbed my eyes, trying to wake myself up from this other dream.
But, instead, nothing was happening. Everything around me continued. People were chattering, playing around the gym.
No, this is a dream! This can’t be.
I took another look at him. He seemed real. Everything around me seemed real. I turned to face Fay and closed my eyes. When I opened them, she was still looking at me.
That’s just when I realized that there’s nothing happening because I wasn’t dreaming.
The guy from my dream was right in front of my eyes.
He materialized in my life out of nowhere.
And right now, as I sit on these bleachers and my heart races, I accept the undeniable truth.
That the guy in my dream is just a few meters away from me and is no dream at all.

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